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currently rocking 5 hours of sleep, i know that might be a bountiful amount to some of you sleepless fucks. but im not gonna be RPing today lol
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monkaS i have recieved 666 likes 0-0 thats the satan number
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oops, accidentally broke another mod while trying to get this mod installed. I GIVE UP! I should have listened to Todd and just stuck to the Creation Club...
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just want to manually install a very simple fallout 4 mod and its just not working. DX DX DX. why not. pleaaase, lol. ive been at this on and off for like 6 months. now its a matter of personal pride


Call me: Zoey, Boey, or Zoey Boey
Pronouns: She/her
Homestate: Texas
Time Zone: Central Time
School/Work: Online college
Available: Usually
Available available?: No
Means of Production: Seized
Liberals: Owned
Sunglasses: On
Products: Consumed
Justice: Shining
Sex: Repulsive
Ace?: Pilot
Part 6: Never
Bread: Garlic
Water: Wet
Homework: Late
Giant rat: Making all of the rules
Spider: Manned
Grill: propane
Role: played
Taco trucks: On every corner
Ryu: Stanned

I'm Zoey Boey, previously known as Zoey White. I'm 20 years old, and I live in Texas, near Fort Worth. I've been RPing for a majority of my life but I've only discovered this website recently. It's my favorite site for sure and I plan to stick around for a while. I tend to post pretty frequently. I like to think I'm friendly and reasonable enough, but I guess everyone thinks that. I think I'm agreeable and I don't let my ego get caught up with stuff, but you know, that's what everyone thinks. I can get frustrated at stuff in real life and sometimes I feel like breaking something expensive but I usually just sit there and fume and try to get back to it and then fume some more until I give up, and that's basically why all my college grades are so garbage. But...I'm pretty chill most of the time. Because I think roleplaying is fun.

For roleplaying, I like sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes. Modern day stuff- really anything. If the concept speaks to me I usually try to join up. I try not to get ghost any of the RP's I'm in or quit due to lack of inspiration. Usually I don't do anime, with the exception of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which I enjoy greatly. I think I have a pretty good mastery over the english language, but when i'm ooc i tend to give all that up and type more like this.

i guess i figured since this was going to be my new bio i might as well try a little harder? but y'know, why, this is how i usually type anyway.

anyway i used to keep track of all of my rp's here but that was a pain in the ass. u dont need to know what rp's im in, only i need to know that. i also play a lot of video games, it's my main hobby. been doing that since i was like, 3 years old, literally, which is kind of nuts to think about. been playing games since before i could remember how to spell my own last name

you can call me zoey, or you can call me boey, or you can call me zoey boey. or come up with some cool hip new nickname off the top of your head to be extra hip and cool. anyway i guess thats it. i was tired of having nothing here so i'm going to keep this here for a while. it's a bio, right? might as well use it.

since i'm a self-indulgent ego maniac i'm going to write some more stuff about myself. me me me me

favorite movie- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

this is the best movie ever made. i've been a fan of Spider-Man ever since i wore my first pajamas which had the webhead on it. (edit: you can thank my mom for that. dont get me wrong i love some disney princesses but both of my parents turned me onto this superhero from the moment i was born, i don't even think they realised how much he would mean to me) he's the best superhero. he has the coolest powers, the coolest personality, and the coolest costumes. spider-man 2 on the ps1 was one of the first games i ever played. he's an inspiration to us all. i love him and any alternate versions of him, Spider-Gwen being a personal favorite ever since Spider-Verse came out though I had played as her before in some spidey games with alternate costumes. anyway, i've seen all the Spider-Man movies and this movie is a perfect meta-textual examination of the franchise as whole. as a character, as a story, and as merchandise. the heart and soul of spider-man. not to mention it's just fucking fantastic movie even if you aren't a mega-stan of spidey like i am. go see it.

i hope they dont fuck up the sequel, but to be honest the first one will always still be there. so even if the second one is bad we'll always have the first one.

favorite book- Crazy: A Father's Search through America's Mental Health Madness

this is a really important book. i was tempted to put some of my favorite fantasy or sci-fi or romance novels on here but Crazy is actually important. it's also one of the only books i've ever gone back and reread multiple times. it's a deeply tragic tale that not only strikes all of it's emotional beats but is also based 100% in fact. it's informative and an absolutely enthralling read. it really allowed me to see the cracks in the system that had previously been blind to my previously 14 year old self.

favorite tv show- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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secret text

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Hellooo, I am interested! I'm submitting another girl character, so...there's a chance this might be an unusual street gang. but that just makes us more special, right?

Level 5: 50/50
Location: The Maw: The Depths
Word Count: 586
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Level 6 : 01/60

"You are seriously a killer with that fan, Nadia-san." Sakura said as she trailed along. Nadia pushed and pulled the various walkways with her fan and used the levers to open up a path Sakura and the others could more easily follow.

Fake it till you make it- Sakura was finding her confidence bolstered. She could make these jumps! All she needed to do was believe in herself. Fear and insecurity was holding her back. Even if she was a little kid she could still be a hero. But this hunger was seriously annoying.

"Bah. Bah! I'm not hungry. I've gone weeks without food." Sakura bragged, as if to intimidate the stabbing sensation in her belly into submission. It didn't work. The catwalks shook and groaned, complaining about being used after going undisturbed for who knows how long.

"Just a little bit more, Mr. Walkway. Just bear with us." She soothed the inanimateo object as best she could, trying not to focus too hard on the death drop beneath her. Well, she might survive the fall into the water if she landed on her feet. How durable her child body was, she wasn't sure. Either way she wasn't risking it.

A few well-timed jumps later, and Sakura's confidence in herself was reward. "Yatta! We did it!" She breathed out, relieved. "Onto Phase Two."

Once they were inside, they met a creepy looking robot guy. But it wasn't the worst robot she'd ever seen, and maybe he only looked creepy because he was hurt. People also looked pretty nasty when they were scrambled like eggs. The robot seemed convinced he was a human. As far as Sakura knew, she had no reason to disbelieve him.

"Well. Maybe he comes from a planet of robots that call themselves human." Sakura said as everyone gathered up. "And he's alive, and talking, so he's basically just a metal human. And he's all Galeemified up, probably, so he's confused as to what's going on, right? From the way he's acting he's not teamed up with that awful woman and her snake demons." Sakura looked at Mirage, concerned. He still had no idea what she was talking about.

Sakura tapped her chest and summoned forth a friendly little Friend Heart. She gave a look at Mirage who was explaining the situation. If they tried to open the door, Carl would get hurt, or worse.

"We'll have to figure out another way. Carl-san is somebody in need, trapped on this boat just like us." Sakura concluded with finality. "Maybe Carl-san himself could help us! He seems to know his way around, at least this area."

With that, Friend Heart held in both hands, she began to approach Carl Semkin. "Hello, Carl-san! My name's Sakura. The reason a bunch of kids are here is because something really weird happened and everything got all scrambled up. We're actually on a big boat right now, and we need to get out. But if we try to open the door, we might hurt you. So we're working on a work-around!" Sakura had approached Carl Semkin so that she was right next to his claw hand. She held the Friend Heart out between he and her.

"Mind if I give you this? It'll fix you right up, Carl-san." She smiled. "It's magical." While she said this with utmost earnesty and sincerity, she also probably looked like a weird lost child with an over-active imagination.

Level 5: 49/50
Location: The Maw: The Depths
Word Count: 732
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Level 5 : 50/50 LEVEL UP PENDING

"Meowst valuable player- teehee." Sakura giggled. It was also a point of pride for her that her English was good enough to understand almost all of the puns some of her teammates were making non-stop. Mirage and Nadia in particular were the dynamic duo of puns.

They managed to clear the obstacles and Sakura was not very pleased with what she saw on the other side. "This ship is so big it has its own place for sea monsters. Great. Doesn't that defeat the entire point of a ship you use to escape sea monsters?" The brunette leaned over the railing of their platform and peered into the murky depths. Her shoes and socks were getting wet. But she didn't exactly want to take them off and risk getting impaled by a rusty nail. "Maybe your super fast swimming could still come in handy, Bella-san and Rika-chan. But let's hope no one falls in so we don't have to find out."

Peach gave everyone a low-down of what she found on a nearby map. Now, they're plan was to get to an elevator. Go over the walkways, get to the Command Center, then Submersible area, then find a Submarine. Go down, drain the depths, and then the elevator will be free to use.

Mirage lead the way, using the helpful darts to ascened to the above walkways. Mirage tried to see a silver lining in them being kids. "Eeehh...yeah, sure, okay. I mean, if we were adults like, all of us would have way more skills and abilities and magic...but, no, I see your point! Let's look at it that way." Mirage was a friendly guy. Too bad he was still Galeemified. They'd have to sort that out sooner or later, that stuff messes with a persons mind in unpredictable ways. Sakura looked over at a kid she didn't exactly recognize, who was voicing his concerns in a very weird voice. Was that old school English? When he talked before, it was kind of hard for her to understand...who else talked like that? Doing some quick mental maths, she figured this must be the Frog Knight. Guess he wasn't always a frog.

"It might be dangerous. But we have to get outta here so we can, y'know, save the world! All the worlds. We won't be kids forever. Heck. Give it ten years- I'll be super powerful again, just you wait. You've never met a 15 year old tougher than I was!" Sakura giggled, joking. She slapped the sides of her head, shaking some nervous energy out of her wrists and legs.

"Okay. I'll go next! I got this. Go Blue Team." An off-handed peace sign. Sakura was trying to feel herself out a little bit. She may be in tiny tot but surely her parkour skills were still in there somewhere? At least this time if she fell, it was only into water. Someone would be able to save her if she fell, probably. But she wasn't going to fall! So it wasn't a problem.

One jump and climb at a time, she made her way up to where Mirage was. Her progress was a bit slower than his and she felt herself be a bit embarassed by all the eyes on her. She jumped up and grabbed the edge, a sharp thrill of panic and fear travelling up her spine as she felt her little legs dangle over the large drop. But once Mirage lended her a helping hand she pulled herself up. She rolled onto her back and then clambered to her feet on the suspended railway.

"Okay, okay great!" Sakura said, nodding, slapping Mirage on the shoulder. She rubbed her finger under her nose for a moment and then clapped her hands together. "Easy. Easy as pie!" Her heart was racing but, overall, she was feeling good. "I jump around everywhere. All the time. I can jump 10 feet in the air from standing, huh! This is easy as pie."

Sakura held onto the railing and began to walk forward, psyching herself up. "I'm not nervous or scared anymore, I got this. It's just a platforming section, that's all!" She'd go until she had to start making more jumps, in which case she would wait for the more agile or capable members of the group to catch up.
Amy Rose

"Do these shoes come in Hedgehog size?" Amy asked, holding up a pair of pink and white sneakers.

"I beg your pardon?" The cashier asked after a moment. Amy frowned. "Ah, forget it. I'll just stick to the Hedgehog clothing stores. But be sure to give my thanks to the shoe maker for me! These are very pretty sneakers."

"I will, ma'am." The cashier replied not wanting to spoil the girls illusion of how shoe stores worked in the modern era.

"Do you like my bracelets?" She reached up and indicated the golden ring around her wrists.

"Sure do." The cashier responded.

"You don't think they're tacky or anything?" She asked. "What's your name?" Another question, before the previous one could be answered. "It's Jane."

"Hi, Jane! Do you want to get your fortune read?" From somewhere, the pink Hedgehog had produced a deck of fortune cards.

"Um..." She chuckled nervously.

"The Moon Reveeersed..." Amy said mystically, placing the card on the table. It was an image of a sad looking moon, looking over a blue-lit grassy field framed by two ancient twoers. "This represents stability, but stagnation. Easy times are ahead for you, Ms. Jane. You're walking down an easy path, but is it the one you want to follow?"

"I don't really-"

"For the middle card- The Knight of Cups- also reversed." An image of a Mobian knight on a horse, holding an empty gauntlet. "Hmm. Are you feeling jealous? This indicates you feel frustrated that you aren't being given the chance you deserve. That, to me, says that the easy path isn't the one you want to walk." Amy mused. Her gloved hand reached for the third and final card of the reading. Jane blinked, mouth falling open a bit.

"The end card: Patience. Seven of Pentacles." An image of a farmer, waiting for a bush full of pentacle symbols to bloom. "This symbolizes, of course, patience! Chillax, take it slow. Your opportunity will come. So, in summary, you're walking down an easy, content road, but maybe you're frustrated about it. The cards say your moment to shine will come soon, you just have to wait."

Jane blinked at Amy. "But...I'm tired of waiting. I really think I could open my own fashion line! I want to do something with my life!"

"They don't call it a test of patience for nothin'. Jane, Jane. My new friend Jane! Take it easy! You're got a good job, you've got good friends: but I and the cards think you should wait on opening up that fashion shop." Amy collected the tarot cards, shuffled them, and placed them vaguely behind her back where they vanished for view. Jane shook her head. "I- I don't know..."

"And you wanna know somethin' else? Since we're friends now I'll let you in on something." Amy placed her gloved hands on the counter and stood on her tippy toes. Her large emerald eyes stared deep into Jane's. "I've been having visions."


"Visions." Amy said with grave sincertiy. "And omens. I've seen signs in the clouds, in the shape of flowers and in the patterns of toasted bread. Something is coming. A calamity. A stopped flow of magma, ready to burst and become lava. The sun must rise, but so too must it set. And Jane, the light is getting very, very, low." Amy stood up on her tippy toes, eyes wide. Jane instinctively took a step back.

Amy rocked back on her heels. "Well! Anyway! I'll see you around, Jane! You're hair is SO pretty, by the way! I love the color! But have you tried dying it pink instead of blue?" Amy giggled, running a finger through her pink bangs. "That was a joke- blue is definitely your color, sister. Buh-bye!" Amy turned, began humming a little tune, and skipped right out the door, leaving Jane to her crisis.

Amy Rose stepped into the sun and breathed in the air of the City. They'd saved the world a year ago. And Amy knew, in her heart of hearts and heart of cards, they would have to save it again. And they would! Her destiny was already written. The City was a vibrant place, and the shoe store Amy was infront of was ontop of a hill. She looked to the left and saw a blue and a yellow blur cross across an intersection. Amy stomped her foot.

"Wha-! Why don't they ever invite me?!" Amy shouted. It wasn't just a question to the air, she made pointed eye-contact with a random passerby and asked him the question. The man flinched and tried to continue on with his phone conversation.

"Why am I always the third wheel between Sonic and Tails? I'm pretty much his girlfriend basically virtually practically! Tails is just a little kid! Shouldn't he be in school or something?!" Amy crossed her arms, tapping her shoe.

"Tails is really nice though." Amy admitted. "And Sonic is definitely allowed to hang out with his friends! Especially someone who's as positive an influence on him as Tails. I mean, without that genius kid, who knows if Eggman would have been defeated! All right, I'll say it. You were right, and I was wrong. Sonic and Tails do make a pretty good team and I don't have a right to all of his time." Amy nodded, smiling. Who was she talking too? It didn't matter.

Amy sighed. "'s been awhile since I've gotten to hang out with anyone..." She mumbled, scuffing her heel on the sidewalk. A melancholic moment passed.

Amy gasped, spotting something. "Hey! You! What kind of dog is that? They're so cuuute! Can I pet it?" She zoomed across the street.

Level 5: 38/50
Location: The Maw: The Belly --> New Area
Word Count: 604
Points Gained: 1 +10!
New EXP Balance--- Level 5 : 49/50

Kasugano Sakura watched in awe as some of her tiny friends saw fit to battle this thing. They were actually managing to hold it off, too. And Blazermate cleared their exit with a "Super sick dropkick!" Sakura shouted, her voice joining the cacophany of metallic destruction that followed.

Sakura was pushed into action, pulling herself from her cozy corner and doing her best to help pull her friends up. Especially Link, the pair of them having bonded over their pillow-hopping, at least in Sakura's mind.

"We're almost out, almost out!" Sakura said both to herself and her teammates.

Nadia was going to her fan to get everybody up. "All right- just be careful, Nadia-san!" Then she jumped and was pushed to safety, tumbling unsteadily to a stop.

"The streamers! Get her up!" Sakura practically shrieked. Nadia used her agility and quickly thinking to latch onto the streamer using her fan. The little brunette held on as tight as she could, but no doubt the heavy lifting was being done by some of the others.

"We're good! Let's get the heck out of here!" And they did, running down into the vents. Her purple shoots pattered along the vents, her arms stretched out infront of her and to her sides.

Sakura came to a stop along with the others, putting her hands on her knees and panting heavily. "Phew...that was a bit close." She said, a small laugh in her voice. It quickly grew into a bigger laugh. Despite herself, she hopped up and down in victory.

"We're alive, Mirage! We did it...we did iiit! Oh, we're the best!" With some tears in her eyes and a grin on her face she gave anyone who was willing- or even just particularly vulnerable a hug. Or, a high five. Bella, Geralt, Cadet, Link, even bitty Bowser; No one was safe. High fives and consolations especially, for Nadia. "You're the MVP, Nadia. I owe you...e to, something. I'll figure it out." She smiled, closing her eyes and rubbing the back of her head. This was her own little celebration of team work and being alive.

She'd been so caught up she hadn't noticed her stomach rumbling. Sakura frowned and then listened into Kamek's helpful reminder. "...I hate this stupid ship." She complained. "Being hungry? And not being allowed to eat?" Her face fell. "Just feed me to the junk monster, are you kiddin'!" She pouted, kicking the ground.

"Let's go. You're right, Junior. That lady and her stupid cheating demon snake kites are gonna get smoked. I'm gonna smack 'em around in the runback, just you wait." She huffed, punching her fist into her palm. "Now...I guess we gotta go back to being quiet." She looked around the big room.

"No where to go but forward. At least we're on steady ground." She hopped up and down again before continuing onwards. She reached the big door and pressed her ear up against it. "Sounds like water." She whispered to the others. "Let's move these furniture and boxes and stuff out of the way." Instinctually she pushed on it with one hand. This obstacle would be no problem for 18 year old Sakura. For 4 year old Sakura? It barely moved. She leaned up against it and pushed as hard as she could for a few seconds, grunting from the effort. She only ended up pushing her own body backwards. Grumbling to herself she let what little strength she had be lent to the coordinated effort of getting through the door.

oops. i meant tomooorrow. tomorrow tomorrow. I'm gonna have Amy be in the city where Sonic and Tails were
So. It was option B. Time to smash some undead. Nuri pulled down the face plate of her helmet, concealing her facial expressions entirely. Now she was a weapon of the Goddess. The warm glow of her longsword spread to the plume of her helmet. "Let us grant them the final mercy."

With that, she flipped her longsword upside down. Now, she was holding it entirely by the blade. Her grip on it's edge was sturdy in her gauntlets. The guard and handle of the longsword had been fashioned into a piercing bludgeon, perfect for cracking open skulls. In her experience, slashing attacks like the one Neffy was sending their way weren't very effective. There was no blood to draw, no tendons to slice. Only pure bodily harm to bones could put skeletons down. But this sword technique was called the Murder Stroke, and it would do these skeletons in nicely.

"Stick together! Watch your backs!" With that she jogged forward, taking the lead. She approached the first shield skeleton and swung her blunt weapon at its head several times, pushing past its defences to crush its skull. "Hah!" Now she was in the thick of it, ready to fight.
@Byrd Man Hey there GM!

I worked on my Harley sheet over the course of a couple days and a couple of abilities I had in mind, slipped my mind. Can I run some changes by you, if that's okay?

One of them is Resistant to Poison and Toxin: A mixture of being dunked in acid to make her skin white and also a benefit of her 'friendship' with Poison Ivy has made her immune system and skin resistant to acid and poison.

And the other is PhD in Psychology: Harley went to medical school and is a Psychologist. Not only is she crazy, but she's basically fully cognizant of how and why. And with enough time and conversation she can get a good read on other people's "major malfunctions" too.

I should also probably add something in there about playing up her Jewishness and her Brooklynlyness because I think those are very endearing and good traits about her.
I'll write a post tomorrow!
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