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So similar to the previous plot happy couple. One a computer programmer the other a supermodel. Seems like a perfect life! YC while doing a contract learns that MC is also an rival assassin! But not in the same style she is. He is more of a cyber assassin. He uses technology either to take someone down publically revealing details of their life they wish to remain hidden. Or makes it easier for other assassins to take the targtet down. But also works for a rival group. Now she is plagued with a choice, to confront her true love, protect him from her friends in the guild, or convince him to join her.
More ideas are coming! Stay tuned
Under the Sea Redux
Forever MC or YC were drawn to the sea. As if they were seeking something there for them. What was it that drove them there? While sailing, there is a horrible storm. Causing them to crash. They soon wake up fine! But theyre underwater, they see someone. A Mer-person who saved them(think typical atlanteans from Aquaman) Telling them its rare they save a landdweller. Until they explain they saved them because Poseidon marked them.
-A little more plot then smut, still wouldnt mind the smut
Thank you for the continued interest everyone!
More ideas are coming
Working on some more ideas
Please stay patient, and also share your own ^.^
Surprise engagement Redux!
Similar to the first surprise engagement story. Boy finds ring, inside ring is a girl who was put in there by her relatives for being too rebellious. Unlike the first plot she isnt happy to be engaged. Angrily slapping her 'fiance' when they first meet. Letting him know that no man shall have her! Though because of the magic, theyre bound to one another. heart and soul. It will also go deeper into her family who happen to be demigods!
More stories are coming stay tuned!
Stay patient as more ideas are coming
Just How Far Will you go

There has been a gang war for years. Between the Ravens and Spiders. Both run Angel City and have been at war for years now. The gang wars have gotten bloody, many people died. The Girlfriend of one of them has gotten sick of the fighting. She offers herself to the rival leader for 6 months. In hopes to learn more about the gang and bring peace. What she didnt expect was something more to come
-This can go in numerous ways and pretty excited about it
Looking to do Dracula's daughter, and Blood red roses
More plots are coming though
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