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Current Or to meet a deadline.
13 hrs ago
Shame I can't read Greek.
13 hrs ago
Alright then dumbasses. I'm going to go back to waiting on these VMs so I can take the lab I'm supposed to do.
13 hrs ago
What should I do if I hate everyone equally, and also why does Brave save my status posts like it's some kind of login field?
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15 hrs ago
Ah, now that is understandable.


Judge [people] not by what they are, but by what they strive to become.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Ah, well I couldn't recall.

Turns out blitzing 44 activities in a CompTIA course burns out one's memory.
Well I know he can't exactly beat Aizen, so maybe he just kind of finds a way to wander out of there or something. I dunno.
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What happened to your hollow btw?

Honestly, I forgot and then remembered but wasn't really sure on where to take him.
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Do eldritch creatures often speak comprehensibly?

When not having their words twisted by a racist man with a million phobias and lack of scientific knowledge, yes.

I think it seems interesting. I guess the one question I'd have is how you're going to interact with others using this character.

Unsure, but eldritch doesn't necessarily mean evil. It could easily start working with other entities as a disposal service of sorts, its payment the realities it eats. Plus it still has its traitorous spawn.
Also, here's some notes on humanity from the universe the Elder God starts out in.

I've decided the void touched element should be titanium, since I figure that'd be used quite a bit in futuristic construction.
Now that's its powers, size, and such. It does have two drawbacks I'll list in a bit
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Link isn’t working for me for some reason. Quick summary?

Odd. Well basically an Elder God who gets stronger as it eats things, larger too, and who can only truly be killed by having its essence consumed by another Elder God such as Nyarlethotep. Has some other abilities too that I'll try to list here, but that's the gist of it. Oh, its essence can also be trapped in a black hole if it's not careful.
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