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Man, Trioxin is more goddamn terrifying than I thought as far as quarantining it goes.
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The fact that roleplaying is also used to describe certain bouts of make believe during sex doesn't help matters either.


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I've been doing some thinking, and since it has become obvious that I no longer derive much enjoyment from RP, I will be leaving all of the one's I am presently in. Not sure when or if I'll come back to it on the Guild or in some other form in the future, but my mind's made up on the matter presently. Also, yes, I am reusing this message but it gets the job done. Granted, I know this shift might seem sudden, but to be entirely honest my interest in collaborative writing has been waning for a while now. It's just taken me this long to accept and do something about it. Anyway, apologies for leaving Edgar hanging like this, but many thanks for letting me participate. Best of luck with the roleplay.
Zyx paused midstride, snapping his fingers with an annoyed sigh as he looked back at Jesse.

"Shit, I hate to do this, but I just remembered I had a previous engagement that I need to see to. Listen, don't worry about the cult, I'll just take care of them further along in the timeline before I leave."

With that said a portal opened before Zyx, one that slid shut seconds after he stepped through.
I've been doing some thinking, and since it has become obvious that I no longer derive much enjoyment from RP, I will be leaving all of the one's I am presently in. Not sure when or if I'll come back to it on the Guild or in some other form in the future, but my mind's made up on the matter presently. So, I'll be dropping out of this one, but I'll write up a little outro for Zyx.
I've been doing some thinking, and since it has become obvious that I no longer derive much enjoyment from RP, I will be leaving all of the one's I am presently in. Not sure when or if I'll come back to it on the Guild or in some other form in the future, but my mind's made up on the matter presently. I do thank you for allowing me to participate in this one however, as I have enjoyed it thus far.

Xem, having taken his leave of the other gods at the summit of the mountain long ago, paid no mind to the work that was currently occurring several miles above. He was certain that, no matter what it might have been those strange little machines were building, it did not concern him. Instead, he moved further down the mount until he eventually arrived at its base. A featureless wall of rock situated the farthest away from any of the surrounding streams one could imagine, and thus the perfect location for him to establish his realm. Laying a decrepit hand against the dirt covered stone, Xem slowly began to shape the rock, melting in some places and extending it in others until it settled into a shape that met his needs. With that initial bout of landscaping done, the god of corruption strode onward into the lightless tunnel he had made, stopping only upon reaching an as of yet untouched wall. Extending his power Xem hollowed out the strata around him, creating a tiny pocket in the rock centered around a horrid throne that would serve as the focal point of his domain. Settling himself upon it he unleashed a corruptive wave that would see the transformation complete, the spatial dimensions of the interior warping and shifting to fit the design lingering in the recesses of his blighted mind.

Pestis was finished at long last.

Level: 3 (24/30)
Word Count: 275
Location: Edge of the Blue - Creature Beach
EXP: +1

Sephiroth knew her plan had been a long shot, and as such she was fully ready to accept the painful consequences that had resulted as it failed. As she lay there under relentless attack however, she didn't let her mind slip nor wander from its assigned task of finding her a way out of the current situation. Calmly, perhaps too calmly for one who was under attack, Sephiroth took note of how hard the leviathan was to rouse. She would need a stronger attack it seemed, and luckily she had just the thing in mind. First thing first however, she needed to get some of these fools off her back. Although her shadow was pinned, she struck out at those captors who dared approach, using the sheer length of her Masamune to its full advantage. These were not broad, wide swings by any stretch of the imagination though, rather they were a quick series of precisely aimed jabs and thrusts designed to keep her opponents at bay long enough for the bluish flame clutched in the palm of her free hand to blaze a pure white.

A tonal shift that marked the passage of Megaflare into Gigaflare.

While the distance was laughable, the blast radius was anything but, and Sephiroth was certain it would be able to overtake the leviathan even at this range. Hopefully, assuming luck was back on her side this time around, the beast would finally be roused from its slumber and come barreling into the fray. Smirking as she fended off the rotund man and strange doglike creature, she extended her hand toward the buried leviathan and let Gigaflare fly free...

Level: 3 (23/30)
Word Count: 468
Location: Edge of the Blue - Creature Beach
EXP: +1

Sephiroth weighed her chances carefully as she and her captors strode out into the open air. She was currently surrounded, with only her Masamune that they didn't know she still had on account of her ability to summon and dispel it at will, and her magic. Which, while powerful, would undoubtedly take far too long to actually cast. Especially with the distance being measured in feet between them all, rather than yards, the latter of which she desperately needed for in order to mount any sort of effective offense. Still, she knew her time was short. Knew she didn't have the luxury, time, or - as much as she hated to admit it - power to engage these creatures on her own terms. Thus Sephiroth realized that she would have to make a rather chancy break for it, try to run for the leviathan perhaps and provoke it enough so that it would attack her captors and distract them long enough for her to get away. But this was, as she already knew, an extremely risky move. She remembered that her window of opportunity would not last long however, in actuality it was swiftly coming to a close, and the more time she wasted deliberating the matter was less time spent actually doing something to escape.

Sephiroth needed to decide, and she needed to decide now.

Letting out an exasperated sigh and readying herself for what was about to come, Sephiroth finally made her move. Dropping into a temporary crouch she leapt upwards, deciding to take a page from Cia's book just this once, despite how much the trollop had annoyed her while she was still alive. The dark sorceresses tactics had been devastatingly effective against him and the others in the restaurant on that day after all, and she didn't doubt their potential for usefulness here. Besides, her goal was not to kill them per se - although she probably would eventually - rather it was to give herself the opportunity to retreat to the leviathan in the first place. As she reached her apex in the midday sky, Sephiroth summoned up orbs of darkness in either hand, and began hurling them down at her captors below. She did this long enough to create just the tinniest bit of smokescreen before swiftly ceasing as she begin to feel herself fall. Assuming the rest of her plan went off without a hitch, she would have used just enough momentum to land well out of reach of her escort party, whereupon she would charge the leviathan head on with her Masamune in hand. From here she'd provoke it into attacking before leaping over and past it at the last moment, hoping it would go after her pursuers in its rage and not her, therefore buying her more than enough time to get away.
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Earth - Coral City

~Bradshaw Manor~

"This is the place right?" Edgar asked, one hand stuffed into the pocket of his coat while the other rested on the Bluetooth earpiece he currently wore, the two of them having adopted the method of communication a few months after they'd started working together as it had proven to be fairly reliable. Most of the time anyway.

"Yup," Sophia, who was currently stuffing her face with pretzels in the back of the unmarked white van they'd used to get here, replied. "I almost thought the guy was bullshitting until he DM'd me screenshots of the property deed and bill of sale."

Edgar nodded slowly as he began to make his way up to the house, "Okay, so who are we dealing with?"

"Our client's name is Alexander Bradshaw," she said, a series of loud crunches and lip smacks following mere seconds after the words had left her mouth. "Apparently he's one of the latest in a long, but totally respectable, line of wealthy dipshits. Ones who ah, just couldn't help but dabble in the dark arts several generations back it seems."

There was a pause followed by more crunching.

"His wife's hot though. It's a shame she has to live with a guy who's got an ego the size of Coral City, but eh, what can ya do?"

The crunching abruptly stopped, although it was quickly followed up by the obnoxiously loud sound of Coki-Cola being slurped up through a straw.

"Money's money I suppose," Edgar muttered, massaging his forehead.

"Exactly! Anyway, the illustrious Mr. Bradshaw told me that he was having quite a few problems with one of his ancestors. Something along the lines of, 'The rat bastard is supposed to be dead, and I'll be ruined if certain people find out he isn't! So, would you and your boss kindly go down into our family crypt and rattle his bones until he isn't bound to this mortal coil anymore?' That kind of thing."

Edgar grunted, eyes drifting across the scenery lazily from under the brim of his hat as he made his way further up the path. Briefly he wondered just how much shady shit had been done just to secure this kind of status and power throughout the years, as the further back a well-off family went, the higher its tendency to dip its toes into ethically dubious ventures. Or inbreed, since preserving the "purity" of one's bloodline used to be all the rage. A moment or two later however, and he'd quickly dismissed that thought. The man he was going to meet was just another client, unknowable sins of his forebears aside, and Wright was determined to treat him as such even if that meant stomaching that bastard's massive ego. Edgar's own family was bound by word and blood to protect this world after all, and he'd sooner die than fail to see that responsibility fulfilled.

At length however, he'd finally arrived at the manor proper, stepping out from the shaded path and onto a well-manicured lawn, the center of which was split by a small yet quaint looking cobblestone road.

"Alright Sophia," he said quietly. "I'm at the house."

Sophia nodded as she set her bag of pretzels aside and snatched up her cola instead. As good as they were, their salt content had turned her mouth into a desert with less moisture in it than an old folks home.

"Okay," she said, pausing to take a much needed sip of the fizzy beverage. "He said to knock on the door two times and ring the buzzer once."

Nodding, Edgar approached the door and did just that. Two knocks were rattled off, and the buzzer buzzed. An almost ritualistic combination of events that resulted in Bradshaw himself appearing a minute or two later. The man, much to Edgar's surprise, was not dressed opulently as he had expected, being dressed in a faded old T-shirt and jeans. Alexander wasn't that old either, appearing to be in his early-to-mid thirties. Despite this clash of reality with expectation however, there was one thing Alexander's body language made very clear, that being he was anything but humble. Even now as they met one another face to face Edgar could see it. The disdain and calculating coldness that seeped from the man's emerald eyes mingled with the smile that didn't quite reach them to create the most nauseating atmosphere. Still, pleasantries were observed, and Alexander extended his hand for a shake.

Taking it into his own, Edgar gave it a firm pump or two.

"Good afternoon Mr. Wright," Alexander said, the easygoing yet utterly deceptive smile never leaving his face. "I take it your assistant notified you of what I need done?"

Edgar replied with a curt nod.

"Yeah. She said you needed an ancestor of yours needed to be put to rest?"

Alexander scoffed.

"I hope not everyone under you employ is so incompetent when it comes to conveying detail. Putting it simply, I need an ancestor put down. One who turned himself into a lich to be exact, and one who is presently spending his undeath on my estate."

He crossed his arms over his chest.

"You can see how bad such a thing might look should word of it ever get out, yes?"

Edgar ground his teeth, Bradshaw's remark about Sophia's attention to detail or lack thereof not going unnoticed. Still, its snide inaccuracy notwithstanding, he managed to keep his cool.

"Yeah, I can see how that might be bad for your reputation."

'This guy really is an asshole,' he mused.

"So... where's he at? Your ancestor that is."

Moving out of the doorway and down the steps, Alexander indicated a path leading deeper into the property's heavily forested eastern side.

"That path will take you to the family mausoleum. Also, you'll need this."

Bradshaw passed Edgar a yellow slip of paper with words scrawled on one side.

"It's the incantation to temporarily deactivate the wards surrounding the entrance to the crypt. You'll need to speak it twice, once when you enter and once when you're about to leave, understand?"


"Good, now-"

Alexander was cut off midsentence as a feminine voice called for him from the depths of the sprawling house. Letting out a dramatic sigh, he turned to leave with an apologetic nod.

"My apologies, but I must be going now. Marital duties and all. I trust you will be able to carry out this investigation and... removal without my continued oversight?"

Edgar tipped his hat.

"Of course."

"Excellent. I'll leave you to your work."

With that Alexander jogged back up the path and disappeared inside the house, the door clicking shut behind him. Once he was well out of earshot, Sophia's voice exploded over the earpiece.

"Marital duties my ass! That pompous dick probably has to pay his own wife just to sleep in the same room!"

Edgar, having wisely taken the device out of his ear before this miniature tirade, winced slightly before cautiously sticking it back in.

"You good?"

Sophia sat in the back of the van, her breathing heavy. After a moment or two though, she managed to regain her composure. Slumping back in her seat, she stuffed another handful of pretzels into her mouth with a frustrated sigh.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm good."

Wright nodded, sliding the paper into his pocket before pulling out his gun and striding off down the eastern path.

"Good. Now let’s go kill that son of a lich."

Sophia physically cringed at what was coming out of her earpiece.



"Please don't make jokes like that ever again."
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