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2 yrs ago
Current Man I don't update this thing enough...
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5 yrs ago
Responses are going to be slow for a while. Sorry. Just a lot of stuff going on.
5 yrs ago
Tacos. Tacos are what's on my mind. Thanks for asking.
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5 yrs ago
Just moved to Utah so looking for some friends.
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I'm open to a lot of ideas though I prefer to avoid fandoms unless it's the right one. I can do male, and female characters. Mature content is cool as long as there's a reason. PM me if you're interested.
Steampunk type of WWII era world. A massive war has embroiled the lands of Calpia and Ellus. Things have gotten so bad that both sides have started to conscript women and children as young as 14 to fight. PM me if you're interested.
Also may be better to pm me.
I'll role play just about anything if I'm interested in it. I prefer to do guys but if a girl is needed I'll go for it.
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