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I was checking everyone’s sheets; the last person who was still level three finally hit level 4 properly. That is all I meant.

Alright. I was just making sure, because I did think it would be a bit odd if we suddenly hit Level 5 during our downtime xP
Alright, posted. Sorry if it's a bit shorter than usual.

Vigil blinked in bemusement as he watched the exchange between Gen and U'Nunlo, before glancing back towards Regis. "She is right to be afraid," he said. "These are... dangerous times for all of us. We have, err, no idea what we're going to encounter, once we leave the palace." He tilted his head to the side. "I have been meaning to ask... your parents... they're not, err, with you anymore, yes?" He made sure to phrase that as gently as he could, not wanting to upset the cub. "Have you, err, had anyone to train you in combat? What about hunting or, err, navigating the wilderness? You did not, erm, seem too harmed by the Tralaya, so I assume you have some, err, experience in defending yourself."
alrighty everyone has levelled up! If the party is ready to move forward, just let me know and I'll transition to the next scenes 'on the road'. I'm awaiting intended destination and 'travel speed', as well as if folks need anything else from the scenes we've started.

Wait, I do plan to post Vigil's response. Sorry, been juggling a bunch of stuff ^^;

Also, when you say we levelled up, are you saying we're all level 5 now? I'm a little confused.
Though now that I think about it, it's kind of strange that the Trickster gets a -1 to Cunning, I would have thought Cunning would have been their 0 stat rather than Courage.

This was exactly my thought as well when I was first reading through the various playbooks. There are a couple of stat choices that did have me scratching my head. Like, why does the Nature Adept, someone who is stated to feel out of place around other dragons, have a +1 to Charm? Why does the Seer have a -1 to Cunning, when so much of their identity revolves around hidden knowledge? Then again, when you only have three stats to work with, your combinations for each playbook are limited so *shrug*
Yeah, I'm okay.
Just tired from work. ^^"

I'll get a post up here soon.

Alright, okay. Just wanted to check in.
@Guardian Angel Haruki Everything alright? You've been really quiet for the last couple of days.
Skobeloff looked on in fascination as Garrock began fussing over Shieldwing despite saying that he didn't care if they were injured. The sight brought to mind a word the fox-like fairies that taught him how to be a Trickster used to describe someone who externally appeared harsh and irritable but on the inside was much more caring than they appeared. 'Soon-deer' they called it... Or perhaps it was 'sunder-ray'...

OMG Rush xD

Skobeloff plays the Long Game. He rolls a 10 and chooses to create an opportunity and seize a resource.

I'm not sure if this is exactly how this move is supposed to be utilized - like I don't know if it can be your allies' failures or it can only be your own - but I'll allow it 'cause it's fun.

Liking Skobeloff so far. He really is living up to be a trickster xD
So I've learnt a valuable lesson today: don't try and sneak new moves into the OOC before they're ready to come up in game, thinking no one will notice. Rush apparently sees all xD
Out of curiosity, how exactly darkness affect someone's ability to successfully navigate the wilderness?


I had just finished that custom move and I was going to reveal it when ya'll entered the rainforest xD

Oh well, I might as well address it now. So as you noticed, the darkness track is tied to your emotions (Anger, Fear, Shame, Doubt). If you had more than three marked, than you're in a very... negative headspace, I guess? Which means you're not thinking clearly when you're trying to navigate an area. If you have no darkness mark, I imagine your mind is fairly clear and less plagued by negative thoughts.
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