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Fell, she/they, English, currently obsessed with DnD and other ttrpgs. I do art sometimes.

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Imagine a re-enactment of the Wizard of Oz where Misty is the Wizard, and the other three PCs plus Trinity are Dorothy and her companions xD

(I was sorely tempted to have Kendra make a joke about being 'off to see the wizard' but couldn't figure out where to fit it in xP)
Misty's just trying her best and then three randos show up at her sanctuary asking for her help: one's already dead, one's in a deal with a demon and one looks perpetually done with everything xP
If you intend to have Kendra head off to see Misty right away, go ahead and Hit the Streets with Power please.

Got a 7 and I choose "Whoever you're going to is juggling their own problems".
I do see that now you mention it. Which is funny considering how sea turtles aren't what you'd call nurturing when it comes to their young.

Yeah, it is ironic, I should have considered that xP I guess I just wanted to use a very gentle-looking reptile as inspiration for her.
Fogdance kinda looks like a dinosaur.

I actually took inspiration from a sea turtle for Fogdance, but yeah, I can see how you might also get dinosaur from that xP
Also, thought I'd share this with you. Here's some quick, unshaded portraits of Tamba, Pleexem, Fogdance and Garrock. Dragons are pretty complicated, so it will take me a while before I'm able to get full and detailed ref sheets for these guys, but hopefully these give you at least some idea of what these guys look like:
Oh wow, really? That seems...strange to me, but I suppose I'll take it? xD

Yeah, it is a bit weird. Most Powered By The Apocalyse games use this system, and it's explained as your characters learning and growing from their mistakes.

... which, considering levelling up in this game is tied to your character aging, makes this very literal in the case of dragons. xP
@Digizel Btw, Digi, whenever you roll a miss, you get 1 EXP. Because you rolled a miss before, you now have 1 EXP.
Good to see that Brutrumukk's influence hasn't stopped at Jub's racial dysphoria.

Listen, it's still early days. Small steps xP
I am also ready to move on.

Also Kendra is definitely wondering if ghosts can read minds right now xP
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