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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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Here's a limmerick There once was a team out of Haven with an outlook as black as a raven they were meant to fight BANK but our hearts all but sank WHEN WE HEARD THAT THEY'D RUN HOME AND TURNED CRAVEN
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When you realize you gotta make an IC intro post and just '...'
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Big things are coming! Stay tuned ~
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Cordelia Whittaker

"Ms. Whittaker, as a result of your preliminary exam results, we have decided to place you on a team of five individual Ars Magi."

"I understand."

Cordelia examined each of her new individual teammates during the gala one at a time. She had heard of each of them in some capacity at one time or another. Yet, there were things about them that she found off-putting. Characteristics, personality traits she had not anticipated. There was Penny Grenoble, known for her intellect and ability to control an element as ambivalent and prevalent as electricity. By all accounts a known quantity on the battlefield. Yet here she was across from Cordelia, struggling with the formal attire afforded to them by this academy. And then there was the scarlet-haired girl who sat beside her. Perfectly in tune with what each of her teammates was feeling.

It was odd.

However, even as carefully as she plucked at the strings of her friends, laughing in rhythm with them, something was missing. Something that had once been there now wasn't, a wedge through which Cordelia could be planted and grow. She saw what was quite possibly a role to be played for these girls. Her comrades in arms. This was who she was now. This was how she could continue to serve.

“Please understand that this is not a punishment, nor a reward for your performance. This is simply where Nova Lux has determined you will be best suited in the coming weeks.”

"I understand.”

The band exploded from a lull. As if puppets on strings, everyone jumped from their chairs and erupted into conversation. Cordelia immediately felt herself seize up as she realized she was to get to know these very same girls through conversation. The sharing of opinions that Cordelia had never truly formed. Her mind instantly threw herself back to what she knew. Etiquette classes, the way someone impressed another through shared facsimiles, rather than words.

Cordelia stood up a beat after the rest of her table, immediately spewing a few niceties towards Penny as she made her way towards the Scarlet haired girl at the head of the table.

"Nicole Cognoscenti. Considered by many to be a leader among her peers, with a discerning eye and a lightness on her feet. It is my utmost pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Cordelia Whittaker, and I am to join this team. It would be my greatest honour that you afford me a dance,” Cordelia said. She dipped into a slight bow and held her hand towards her new companion.

In Secundi Lux 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Aoife stood outside of the room in which she’d been debriefed for some time before continuing on with what was life now. The small popsicle she'd swindled from support staff had mostly melted, as she finished it off with a big bite. She thought about how she’d answered the questions they asked. About how she felt, when dealing the finishing blows to the void they’d all fought. Amongst the ruins of what life once was, to take a stand on the side of existence itself.

Aoife shivered as she felt an inkling of that anticipation creep through her once more. Her grin turned acrid as she supressed a chuckle. It was all too much to bear, and yet.

“I’m excited to get another opportunity to prove myself to you all,” she had said. As if describing Everest as that small protrusion from the Earth near Kathmandu, or what once was.

“Ms. Stuurmgard, do you need anything?” A hall monitor doing his diligence asked of her. Aoife almost didn’t hear the words through the euphoric buzz that permeated her skull likes millions of swarming bees. She didn’t even really know what she responded with, other than the sentiment being largely, no.

Aoife buried the sensation, storing it for when she would need it. For now, it was time to eat.

The cafeteria bustled, no doubt some of the excitement was part in parcel to the actions of Aoife and her fellow Ars Magi. Aoife hopped along the line to procure food, a small drink and eventually locate a table with the mountainous woman and her fiery compatriot. Aoife smiled at them as she plopped down across form them, immediately digging in and speaking at the same time.

“I wanted to say,” she shoved some food into her mouth. “You guysh were ‘eally impressive,” she swallowed. “I think you would’ve got on alright even if I hadn’t come!”

Before long another girl came and sat at the table. Aoife recognized her as the girl who was most injured during the skirmish. It was too bad, Aoife thought. She looked as though she was managing it well, however.

Aoife heard the thanks offered to her and offered a toothy grin in return. “You’re quite welcome!”

“I saw your handiwork up close Chie; I think you could’ve handled that void all by yourself if you were pressed enough.” Aoife’s voice had taken a turn to the thoughtful, as she really seemed to believe what she was saying was true.

"Earlier, they told me I cleared my test. I'm... no, we're Ars Magi now. It's almost a little surreal how fast it all went." Chie remarked. "I'm still having trouble accepting it."

Aoife carefully considered what the other Ars Magi was saying, but she couldn’t really relate. As soon as Aoife had begun her first transformation, everything in the universe seemed to shift ever so slightly into place. It all made sense to her. The thought of none of this making any sense was troubling, even to a rather carefree spirit such as herself.

She cleared her throat, her demeanor once more shifting. “Think of it like this. If you weren’t right for this role, you’d be dead, not sore,” she untactfully offered. “If you’re still having reservations, I’d consider speaking to a professional about it, you’ll only get yourself and others hurt by hesitating.” Aoife’s gaze trailed across Chie’s form before the seriousness drained from her expression entirely and she went back to scarfing down her meal. “We’ll be dealing wif wursh than that!” she excitedly remarked, mouth still full.

Aoife watched the final blows dealt to the void with her pulse in her throat. Begging her to take further action where none was needed. A crystalline blossom of ice spindling outwards where the figure had once stood. A calmness began to wash over her as she settled into a mindset of a job well done. The water carefully let her down, loosely sloshing in the shape of a hand of a deity, carefully lowering Adam back to his mortal coil.

Through her control of the water, while it passed over her form it did not cling or linger. She remained perfectly dry as her feet made contact with cement once more and she regarded her new comrades. She felt more and more of personality wash over her. Returning in waves as her bloodlust and adrenaline slowly left her mind.

A mountain of a girl landed hard, impacting the ground and sending vaporized ice scattering around them as Aoife threw up her hands to cover herself from the oncoming ice.

The monster was entirely gone now. Nothing remaining but the still dangerously high Nox levels and her fellow Ars Magia.

The green-haired girl gripped her knees, seemingly winded after falling so far onto the frozen structure, Aoife could understand that. Before long, however, she was joined by another girl with light lilac hair that cascaded perfectly across her back.

Unlike the girl before her, this one landed with the grace of a maestro calling for the end of a performance. An Olympic dismount, as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and regarded Aoife directly. Her charisma washed over Aoife, as she looked on at the girl now scanning her up and down.


Something of an unimpressed scoff, though the source of that ire was nearly implacable. Whether it was her mint-coloured partner, or the new arrival, no one could say. Finally, their eyes landed on one another. They took a moment to regard each other before once more the lilac lady spoke.

"You. Who are you? Up, devushka, you're making us look bad."

Aoife looked behind her, as if she wasn’t expecting to be spoken to before coming to the conclusion that this conversation was indeed meant for her.

She nodded, as if to acknowledge the fairness of the question. Her hands unconsciously sunk into her outfit, retrieving a small lollipop, which quickly found its way into her mouth. Her lips peeled back into a toothy grin, clenching around the treat which stuck out from her mouth.

“Hey! My name is Aoife Sturmgaard, Nice to meet you two babes!” The somewhat severe voice that she spoke in prior when they were in combat had vanished, giving way to an extremely casual, if not overly familiar, demeanor.

Had you asked Aoife Sturmgaard one week ago how she felt about active combat against a Void, she'd have fumbled over some optimistic verbiage before landing on something to the effect of 'we'll do our best'. She was an extrovert, charismatic, quick on her feet. Some had called her a natural born leader. However, one knows when they are outclassed and the human knowledge of mortality was a damning one. Yet, as she and another Ars Magi made their way to the Palmyra Military Exercise Zone her heart was thrumming in anticipation. She wanted to speak to the blonde lightning user beside her, but her mind couldn't focus on words or niceties. It thought only of combat, about winning.

She had to steady herself as she was nearly bowled over by a sudden tremor beneath her feet as a shockwave erupted past her and Noel. the unnerving sound of concrete shorn from structures and glass being pulverized through sheer velocity rung loudly in the freshly minted Ars Magi's ears. She felt a sensation creep from her fingertips across her spine, but it was not fear nor a flight response from her body. It may've been just a week ago, but now, something had irrevocably changed in her. This gem that had been housed within her. She could feel it pulse in time with her heart. Aoife looked to the girl to her right, one arm steadying herself against the alleyway.

They made it to the exit and began to witness the beginning of what would likely be a short conflict, no matter the victor. She laid eyes on it, finally. This was C-Class. The Void bore a slender figure, so seemingly fragile that it caused Aoife's blood to boil in anger. It should be easy to crush it, to snap it, to sunder the beast.

The Void generated a black sphere no larger than a basketball, condensed in a way that made it look like a star before its capitulation to oblivion. It launched a volley of them upwards towards the observation tower that it was facing. Aoife braced herself for their impact, but not fast enough. A verdant-haired maiden of imposing stature loosed a slab of concrete with a single kick colliding with the ball and brilliantly erupting. The sound of the eruption itself marveled Aoife, it excited her. Two more cracks rung out not a moment later and erupted into another volley of these projectiles before Aoife was even able to parse their existence. Lilac light burst from the sky as another explosion carried a girl further, to the roof of a different building before disappearing past its lip. Two cracks followed and the Void stumbled backwards, barely catching itself.

The blonde opened her mouth to say something, an excuse to be sure. "It's alright, I feel it too." It was all Aoife could do to hear her own voice over the blood and adrenaline pounding in her ears. Noel nodded to her and leapt, a burst of electricity lapping at her heels as she did. Aoife marveled at the girl, firing herself like a bullet from a gun, she impacted hard against the creature, knocking it further off balance as it begun to reel back toward her.

Time slowed to a crawl as the girl heard her name echo across the desolate city-scape, into the ears of the other Ars Magi. For the first time since becoming an Ars Magi, Aoife felt purpose clarify, and intent crystallize unto her soul. She felt her body pulled towards the void, being spurred on and catching glances from each of the other girls. This was her chance to prove who she was, that when she arrived on the battlefield, the tide would change.

Aoife closed her eyes as he legs continued to carry her forward. She stretched her arms out towards the void, feeling the pull of the tide in the pit of her stomach. She could feel the cosmic ocean this planet was adrift in all around her. Her ears filled with the sounds of the tide as she leapt into the air, gracefully caught by water she conjured around her. The water bore with it the stars themselves under its waves as it spiraled around her waist lifting her further and further into the air. But this impressive show of force was unnecessary. Aoife's hand glided across the water by her waist, plucking a strand of it like a seamstress would a thread. The thin chord of pure water danced along her fingertips as she continued to climb. The water playfully danced around her as she finally found it.

There you are. For the briefest moment she felt as though the Armagus implanted within her resonated with her, as if it acknowledged her intent.

Aoife's eyes slowly opened, meeting the void before her with the gaze of a conqueror. "Fear me, fiend." Her words were nearly silent, but the look on her face spoke volumes. Her visage filled with ire that would put the fear of the divine upon a mortal. She bore her gladius in one hand, a brilliant silver blade with an azure ribbon dangling and dancing with the water below her. She continued to rise, and would until she could take her rightful seat upon the heavens. But, for now, that creature mocked her and her fellow Ars Magi by still standing. She could feel the pride and divine right coursing through her veins, it might've worried Aoife, had she not been so singularly focused.

The water she contorted into a singular thread spun violently into itself, condensing into a jet stream with enough pressure to carve a diamond. She could feel its power radiate through her hand and up her torso, releasing at the base of her neck. It gave her chills. She felt as though she had become the very waves that crushed sailors against the cliffs. Aoife couldn't help but smile with glee at what she was about to do.

Her fingers danced in a brief formation for only an instant before the thread of water that she'd pulled from the typhoon propping her up lanced outwards like a whip toward the creature, striking with a crack as she aimed it to land a blow on its knee. "Creature," this time she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. "We are the Ars Magi. Kneel."

Hey there! I think @Krayzikk or @HereComesTheSnow mentioned me, but I heard there was an open spot and I thought I’d try my hand at applying for it. So if you’d allow it here’s my bid:

Hope you're all doing well, see some of you at the continuation, one day.

Marcella Aveline Bonaparte II

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Marcy’s expression was perhaps a confusing one, as she regarded Dallas chewing on every aspect of the question. At first, he did what he was born to do, turn a question into an Oscar-award worthy monologue detailing such normalcies as dealing ADHD medication in a popular coffee chain bathroom. But when Marcy watched his cobalt-blue eyes roll up to the back of his head as she realized he’d have to give a genuine answer for her to be satisfied a smile crept upon her lips.

The fork collided with her nose, but didn’t leave before she could give it a quick peck. She purposefully looked at the fork rather than Dallas and mouthed ‘call me’ to it before letting her eyes roll back over to Apollo’s spitting image sitting across from her.

“Who, me?” She asked, a faux-shocked expression happily adorned by her. “The highlight of my year, three references? My, my. So many choices? Who wouldn’t hotly anticipate our annual drive-in date night? But then, perhaps we’ll be so lucky as to see Rhea get drunk enough to do karaoke to the Canadian national anthem for a fourth straight year? I suppose you’d also be obligated to put in some kind of bid towards Jonas’ big fight of the year. The one he really goes all out in. You know just gives it his all? But highlight?” Her tongue clicked as she purposefully averted her gaze, staring down at her now empty plate. She returned to meet Dal’s gaze after a heartbreakingly long five seconds. “I don’t know, what’re you up to in twenty minutes?”
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