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2 mos ago
Current Many apologies for very slow replies, currently not doing too well mentally and inspiration wise, so replies are slow. Please bare with me.
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3 mos ago
Many apologies for no replies, needed a longer break than I thought. Will try and reply when I can :)
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3 mos ago
Apologies for no replies the last week or so. Trying to get my inspiration back. Will attempt to send a few replies today before I'll be working the week-end. Thank you for bearing with me. :)
4 mos ago
Slow Replies, Bare with me. Going through bit of a creative block.
4 mos ago
Caught up on what I can for today. Please bare with me as always. Replies will always be worked on during my days off :) Happy Weekend


WolfLover here, I am 26 year of female writer. Has been writing for over 5 years, so has lots of experience in the roleplaying/writing field :) I live in the Uk.
My interest check for anyone interested :)
I work as a support worker/carer, and that requires long hours. Usually, I'll be at work all day (14/15 hour shifts), so due to my work schedule. I can only properly reply to rps on my days off. So many apologies to everyone, but replies will always be slow on my behalf due to real life commitments. Hope you can all understand :)

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peaceful civilian, that offers help to those in need.

Seeing his reaction changing, Rosalind could tell that he didn't like what she had said. But was trying to keep calm in her presence. She bit the inside of her cheek slightly after she finished speaking. Letting the King himself say his peace on the matter that was being discussed. "I am sure there is. There's more to every single person my lord." Rosalind didn't disagree, that she didn't know him fully. And she was sure, that there was more to him than meets the eye. "But that doesn't stop me from seeing few similarities my lord." she added politely. But if she gathered things correctly, from his personality so far. He was too stubborn to admit to any similarities, that were spotted by herself to her father. Maybe in time, he might come to see them.

No she wasn't trying to scare him off. But she was concerned about how his people might end up if he kept treating them like her father treated his people. It wouldn't end well for anybody. That much she knew.

Rosalind nodded respectfully as he spoke about his home. "I have never denied as such, my lord." The Princess spoke truthfully. She was sure, that his people had witnessed a lot. More than she had seen tonight.

The Princess silenced herself, seeing he seemed a bit offended that she was concerned about him. It didn't seem like their rough patch was mending it self any time soon, with their opposing personalities. Was she wrong to give him a chance and hope, they might see eye to eye? Or should she just let it be? Rosalind wasn't sure in that moment, if she was being honest with herself. But as he seemed to accept her weird request, she nodded lightly. "Thank you, my lord." Rosalind was thankful, that he would allow her to send word to her parents. It came as a relief to her.
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