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Current Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?
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I'd describe the season of fall to be calm, peaceful, comforting and a bit sad. During fall, the world is preparing to rest for a quiet, cold, and grey winter.
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The story lingers on.... but the version that is drawn is T̸W̸I̴S̵T̴E̸D̸
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Let's save the pitiful children, woah! Let's save the pitiful children, woah! Let's teach the pitiful children, who just haven't a clue! - The Pitiful Children from Be More Chill
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"It hurts the most when the person who have you the best memories... ends up being a memory." - Jiraiya from Naruto


Hi! I'm Winter Star... I'm pretty shy except in roleplay. I'm interested into mystery, fantasy, and horror roleplay and maybe the occasional anime roleplay

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I have sensory issues and can't handle heights for the reason because my sight gets overloaded with new info and causes my anxiety to hit the fight or flight button. Most I can handle constantly two stories. On occassion, four stories if I don't look out the window too much.
I had a dismemberment nightmare that lingers in my mind. I wouldn't wish such death upon my worse enemy after the nightmare.
There's a month gap between two chapters of a story I'm writing on AO3 because of how bad my procrastination got.
Riley shivered slightly before waking up, confused on why he was so cold. His eyes widened in terror as all he could see around him was pitch blackness. Riley opened his mouth to speak but was quickly interrupted by Virgil's echoey voice. "Hush my love. Don't be afraid for I am still here," Virgil's voice said softly. It felt like something brushed against Riley's face in a calm peaceful way. "You and I will be bound for an eternity," Virgil's voice said calmly, "Though unfortunately, you need to feel pain." Riley carefully reached out into the dark void as he tried to find Virgil. "Please don't be mad at me for what I am going to do," Virgil's voice said, holding back tears. Riley smiled gently and kept silent as the cold darkness practically engulfed him. He felt something grab tightly onto his outstretched arm and he held back cries of pain. "I'm sorry, I have to do this," Virgil's voice said as the grip on Riley's arm tightened. Riley started to feel warm blood drip from his arm and he winced slightly but didn't scream out. The grip on his arm loosened and a coldness rushed into his veins. The darkness vanished and Riley stared at Virgil who was sitting there with tear filled eyes. Riley carefully sat up and sighed, a pitch black smoke escaping his mouth with it. He hugged Virgil gently as Virgil broke down into tears.
I have synesthesia.
Not only do days of the week have personalities and color themes, but numbers do too. Music makes me see vivid colors and images, while smells link emotions and sound super strongly.

Now I'm intrigued on what colors Melanie Martinez songs are to you. I don't know why I immediately went to Melanie but I did.
I prefer Monster by Skillet. Also a catchy song.

Another good song. I like a lot of Skillet's music. My first Skillet song was Rise.
I'm obsessed with Monster by Dodie. Such a catchy song.
I always feel depressed when I realize how much a lot of the shows I watch have changed

Virgil hugged Riley tightly in his sleep. Riley groaned slightly, waking up. "Virgil? What's wrong?" Riley asked softly as Virgil started to cry in his sleep. Riley shook Virgil's shoulder and Virgil woke up bleary-eyed. "T-thank god it was just a nightmare. I wouldn't be able to handle it if you died," Virgil said meekly. Riley hugged his boyfriend tightly and looked up at him. "What happened in the nightmare?" Riley asked gently. Virgil sighed and wiped his eyes. "Angels were hunting us down and you put yourself between me and an angel's sword," Virgil explained softly, "Please don't actually sacrifice yourself like that, Riley, please." Riley dried some of Virgil's tears and smiled gently. "I promise I won't," Riley said before hugging Virgil again.
<Snipped quote by Penny>

I'm pretty far into the autistic spectrum (Syndrome of Asperger) and I hate needles

Hey, I'm also an aspie and hate needles. Official name of the phobia is trypaphobia if I remember correctly
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