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Current I don't understand how Tumblr RPing works. It boggles my mind. O.o


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I've always been meaning to ask: is it pronounced Who-Amee or Whoa-Me?

WHAT IF- and here me out for a moment... WHAT IF I told you, that it is simply 'Who Am I'?
@Lucky Straight vibin'

EDIT: ... In other words, I'm feeling fine lol
Alright, time to get something rolling here! Everyone's characters are one the right track! I don't have anything that is going to majorly change the characters, just some smaller points to bring things in line. Some of this stuff might be a bit nitpicky. At this moment, nobody who's posted a CS is denied! So that's great!




@Dark Cloud
Things will be of the doing tonight.

EDIT: Super enjoying the characters as they come in! I'll be giving my points out as well tonight!
@LSJ Rose Yuh
Well I'm happy to see this resolved upon coming home for the night. lol

Again, I'll get into detail on all of this on the weekend. I appreciate the patience! So far things are looking good!

EDIT: I'm gonna be quite quiet tonight and tomorrow. Slipped on ice as I was heading into work today and screwed my neck a bit. A headache and pinched nerve make me want to take it easy and avoid too much time in front of a screen.

EDIT EDIT: It's not a concussion
So I'm just working throughout the week and don't have much time currently. I'll get everything in gear for Friday and the weekend!
Well I'm off to work for the day. Just wanted to say I woke up to that face and had to take a moment to process what the hell was even going on.
@Whoami At least for the sake of having choices for Joan, are we going to include more types of creatures aside from the canon monsters/enemies? I'm fine if not, just curious if we'll expand on the world within the Spire.

I have many a plan for that. ;)
@Whoami I was wondering if Percival's relic could be an enchanted map of some kind or cartographer tools.

I'd be cool with a map that traces your path as you walk so you can always retrace if you end up at a dead end. Since time and space flow differently within the Spire, it isn't uncommon for its pathways to suddenly and inexplicably change, so having a map that will always retrace you to the last spot you marked on it would be useful.
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