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how dare Hans put you in with the same ilk as that lowly shield? Also, if the spear guy would have stayed I think your coordinated attacks would have been deadly @Whoami. Can you imagine two spears working in concert?

Oh if he stuck around, the damage would have been B I B L I C A L
@Lucky Joan looks good! I like her! She is APPROVED! You may move her to the characters tab.

EDIT: And yes you are free to make up relics, blessings, and curses so long as they aren't ludicrously overpowered.
I should also add that beastfolk are acceptable too.
Do we have to be human?

I'd allow humanoid. I know Slay the Spire has a construct automaton for a character, but I'm really wanting to hammer home character interaction here. So humanoid is the limit.

EDIT: I'd allow beastfolk as well.
Are you still accepting people for this? I have so much time in StS and Monster Train (hey, maybe that'll be your next RP) and I've never considered RP for it.

You're welcome to get a CS going!
As I was saying, I'm sure Marcino would know about her wings. You didn't have to edit the part about him calling her broken out! :P

But it's fine lol, I'm sure they'll find out eventually hahaha
@Tellukka @Dog @Dark Cloud @ERode

OOC is up! I hope to see some characters soon!
Click the picture for some theme music

"Wake up, climber... I brought you back. You don't know me, nor do you even know yourself. I am Neow, an ancient being. You've been here for too long, so now I offer you a chance. The exit sits at the very top of the Spire. If you truly wish to be free then you must ascend through the Beyond. But beware... The Spire does not want you to leave. It feeds off of your captivity. The Spire is alive, you see... And the only hope you have for escaping is killing the Heart of the Spire that guards the exit. Go forth and..."

Welcome to the roleplay adaptation of the hit roguelike card game 'Slay the Spire'! In this RP, we are doing away with both the roguelike aspect, and the card aspect (for obvious reasons), and instead going for a purely character driven story of a small band of climbers working together to escape the eternal torment of the Spire. This RP, while staying true to the wackiness of the original Slay the Spire, will feature darker themes, horror aspects, and abstract concepts given shape as the heights of the Spire warp reality and time within it.

We all begin in the depths of the Exordium, the hellish network of tunnels and fiery chasms at the base of the Spire. As time flows differently within the Spire, we've all been trapped inside of it for an unknown amount of time. Perhaps two thousand years have passed outside, while only two have passed inside. Maybe it has been four hundred years for you, but a day beyond the walls of the Spire. Since you first arrived, the Great Neow has instructed you to climb the Spire to escape. The climb is treacherous. Neow has said that only four heroes have ever managed to successfully escape the Spire in the past. Will you be the fifth? Of course, failure comes at a heavy cost. If you die, you are resurrected back in the Exordium with no memories of your previous attempts or even of your own personal self. As you climb, faint glimmers of your memories return in the form of muscle memory. You remember the skills that your body has honed over the untold years that you've spent trying to escape the Spire.

But something has shifted in the Spire. Perhaps Neow is bending the rules. Or the Spire itself seeks something new. But for the first time, more than one climber has been resurrected simultaneously. Things in the Spire have begun to change. The wildlife within it have become more aggressive. The Cult of the Awakened is sacrificing more victims. And creatures from the Beyond are starting to trickle down into the lower levels of the Spire.

Please be sure to have your character APPROVED by the GM before placing them in the characters tab. If your character is turned down, do not take it to heart! I will gladly work with you and point out the things that are stopping the character from entering the RP. I thoroughly read through the character sheets and will often give a detailed critique on the character, as well as suggest ways that it can be rectified. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure everyone gets into the RP at the end of the day, even if it takes a few attempts to get the character in the best place to fit in with the cast and the setting.
I thought your character displayed them more openly. I can edit my comment about the wings if they aren't. I'm going off the assumptions that they would've been noticeable in terms of injury.

Ahh no, the wings have recovered and look fine. It is the bones that are badly damaged still and are refusing to heal. She can move her wings a bit, but she can't fully extend them bear weight on them without feeling pain.
I don't think Auriel ever told them about her wings >.> The question was never asked by them lol

That said, I'm sure that with somebody as famous as her, word would have gotten out after she returned from battle gravely injured and her wings tattered. It'd make sense that Marcino would know. Perhaps his comment is enough to spur the heroes into inquiring further?
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