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Current I don't understand how Tumblr RPing works. It boggles my mind. O.o


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My likely return date will be the 29th!!
I'm sorry for not posting after I said I would! I've been feeling a pretty hardcore case of writer's block v.v I will try to get through it and get a post up for you guys today. As a reminder, I'm leaving for the field tomorrow morning so I'll be off the radar until June 7th at the latest (could be back as early as May 26th though). I'll have the occasional opportunity to have my phone in the field so I wont be entirely out of touch, but I definitely wont have time to post while I'm out there.

Again sorry for the procrastination everyone! I'm still very much in for this RP!
Oh my I totally didn't realize it was my turn to post! Woops! I'll try to get one up in the near future!
So heads up! On April 19th, the military will be deploying me to the field for a large scale training exercise. I'll be gone from 19 April to anywhere from 26 May - 7 June. I'm not gonna be able to post at all during that time, but I'm definitely not out for the count! So we'd probably be best to either put the RP on hiatus during that time, or Auriel can split off for that time and you guys can keep going until I make my return!
@Whoami would Auriel know some spells she could have taught Fer? lol

She could probably teach the two of them some healing spells. But a lot of her healing and magic comes from her divine gift. She seems to be genuinely blessed with a holy gift.


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Auriel had finished signing the book out from the library. She had no intention of returning it, lest the Church discover its contents and destroy it as well. Auriel had seen the corruption in the Church of the Four, and it worried her. Now that she was uncovering more of the truth behind their actions, would she become a liability to them and their agenda? Auriel kept quiet as she turned back toward the library. Then she heard the armoured bootsteps of a knight approaching her. He notified her that the heroes had come for her, and before Auriel could even take a moment to gather her wits, the knight was taking her to the exit of the Cathedral. It was clear that despite her rank and stature within the Church's hierarchy, she wasn't as welcomed there as she had originally thought.

Auriel stepped out the large front doors of the Cathedral and immediately saw the two heroes. She smiled and made her way down the marble steps to greet them. She hear Cole explain the plan, "We're going back out? Are we sure we can do this before the first wave comes?" She stopped herself and nodded obediently to Cole, "Very well. I don't need any supplies, I'm still quite well stocked from our last foray into the countryside."

She looked to Fer and smiled again, chuckling at his lightheartedness. It was something she could appreciate even as the pressure of their task loomed ever more oppressively over them. She nodded to him, "You have nothing to fear! So long as I am fighting by your side, no harm will come to either of you."

Am I seeing a ghost? O.o

*rubs eyes*

Things came up this weekend which took my attention away. I will try to get something out tonight, but in failing that, progress will continue tomorrow.
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