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Decided to toss up a post rather than stall it out.
Location: Queens - New York City
Multiversal Mayhem #1.03: Monster Party

Interaction(s): Falcon @Sep

Spider-Man stood in his prototype armor, windmilling his arms as he got used to the added weight. ”Definitely going to need to work on the exoskeleton. Need to cut down the weight and redistribute it better. In the meantime… cycle through the armaments real quick..” He watched as a small icon in the corner of his HUD flashed between a small pellet, a lightning symbol, and a fire extinguisher. He felt, underneath the armor, the built in magazines quickly rotate and switch in place. He nodded and looked out over the carnage taking place throughout the city… his city. He held his left wrist out in front of himself, and a small translucent keyboard appeared in his HUD. After quickly typing in a URL, he pulled up a couple of social media feeds and began cycling through the data. He had done his best to ignore everything going on to try and hunt down the source of these portals up until now, and that building dread was eating him alive.

With a few filters and tags sorted through, Peter scrolled through a living memorial of the day’s events. He watched a T-Rex in Times Square was kicked into the air by an ally presumed dead years ago, before joining the She-Hulk and Clint to deal major damage to the Dominators that haunted New York a decade before. He watched the Dominator’s warship shackled and thrown by a Green Lantern and a… purple lantern maybe? It was always hard to keep up with them these days. The most shocking sight, however, was a single picture of a familiar black vest with a white skull painted on. A vest Peter was hoping to never see in town again, but something he would have to deal with later. Castle was surely having a field day, but if there was any day to see the vigilante, this was the best one. Last, but not least, though, was a certain boy in red and blue. He lived up to the hype, and looked like a natural. Stronger and faster than Spider-Man ever was, but Superboy's youth and charm reminded Pete of what it was like being the Avengers poster-child back in the day.

Peter stopped scrolling through the feed, turning his eyes away for a moment as a small blue circle appeared in his vision from down below the Helicarrier. His ride was coming. But as Peter’s eyes drifted back to the feed before closing it, he froze. A quick video was autoplaying without sound. Someone in white had some sort of white rope lashed against a Chitauri weapon, pulling him close. But the fighting style is what had made Peter pause. She ducked under plasma fire as if on instinct, and used momentum and strength to incapacitate the two aliens. And that was only the beginning. He quickly followed the thread, and saw other videos. Web swinging, running into a burning building, crawling on walls… it was like he was watching a tape of himself. For the first time, there was someone else just like them. And instinctually, Peter could feel his muscles tense as he recognized some of the buildings in Brooklyn. He had so many questions…

The blue circle had drawn close, and Peter could see the familiar winged hero swooping up towards him. Spider-Man shook his head, closed out of his internet browser, and jumped off the edge of the Helicarrier. As he fell past the Falcon, he fired two quick weblines up towards Falcon’s chest, manuevering to wrap the webs underneath his arms to create a sort of harness to hang from. ”What, did we run out of Quinjets already? Don’t tell me they cut the Avengers budget again.”

Falcon shook his head, swooping downwards to pick up speed as the pair headed towards Queens. "You've just been upgraded to First Class on Falcon Air, Spider-Man, nonstop to Queens."

Peter chuckled quietly to himself as he relaxed in his makeshift harness. This wasn't the first or last time he's had to hitch a ride on the birds and stripes, and he instead spent this time focusing on the chaos below. Kroloteans weren't particularly dangerous looking, but their overabundance in the borough was enough to make Peter's head spin. The little green aliens seemed to be causing as much chaos as possible, with very little goal or drive from up here. And as much as Peter wanted to do what he was best at, he could see Xavier's boy and girl scouts evacuating people in a relatively organized manner. The next generation was stepping in, it seemed. Within moments it seemed, the two Avengers swooped into a residential area.

Peter quickly reached to his utility belt and tapped a small switch, and the webbing harness he had created dissolved in moments. He fell into a backflip before three point landing in the middle of the cozy development, while Falcon folded in his wings and came to a running landing. Peter's eyes hovered over the area, and he gave Falcon a nod. "Lots of little green men in the area, but it looks like most civilians were evacuated. I'm going to sweep the area, just to make sure everyone got out. You should get back in the sky and see if you can trace where the signal is coming from. This should be tuned in to the right frequency." Peter pulled a small handheld meter with a few antennas on the end from his belt, tossing it to Falcon before turning his attention back towards the Kroloteans nearby.

Two Kroloteans peeked their heads around the corner of an old sedan parked on the street, lifting their claws and bearing their teeth before dashing out towards Peter’s back. As he felt the familiar tingle along his spine, Spider-Man vaulted into the air and fired off two burst of webbing, slamming the two aliens into the ground and restraining them. This, unfortunately, only seemed to embolden their allies. Five began rushing in from various directions, and Peter just smiled as he fired a webline at one of them. It looked confused, and then began to shriek in fear as Spider-Man hoisted the alien into the air and swung himself around. The captured alien was used as both a hammer and shot-put as it collided with the heads of four of its own kind, before being let loose to fly into the wall of a home. And yet, more and more seemed to be scampering out from the backyards of the nearby houses. Peter reached up to his left wrist and made a quick swiping motion, and the small display on the bottom left of his HUD switched from a clip-art icon of a web to a small pellet.

”I know you all travelled a long way to get an autograph. Hopefully you’ll settle for a little souvenir.”
Got a post in the works, getting a little help from Sep for some dialogue. Post is taking a bit longer cause I've been dealing with a rash of migraines this past week, but I'm hoping to have the next installment up by the end of the week.
Location: The Liberty - New York City
Multiversal Mayhem #1.02: Cracking the Code

Interaction(s): None

Twenty thousand miles above Earth’s orbit, Oculus 12 was a rather unassuming satellite that served a singular purpose: surveillance. While some of the other SHIELD satellites were focused on observing space for incoming threats and others created a network of cameras that could scan most of the planet in real time, the Oculus 12’s eyes were focused on some of those hunks of junk floating over everyone’s heads. It was a spy satellite, in that it was designed to spy on the other satellites hovering over the Eastern seaboard. As a certain scientist in Queens spilled coffee over his keyboard, the Oculus 12’s cameras picked up an anomalous event originating from a Wayne Enterprises satellite in geosynchronous orbit. The anomaly: a sudden, unplanned repositioning of its relay.

Spider-Man almost missed the clues as he was cycling through the dozens of anomalies generated by the movement of debris through middle to low earth orbit. It wasn’t until Peter was just about to click away that he saw a small beam of light emit from the satellite. His eyes scanned the time stamp, and a separate frame-by-frame traffic camera showed on an adjacent screen showed a perfect chronological match to the opening of the first portal. With a few swiping motions, a holographic display of the Wayne Enterprise satellite and the Earth showed a trajectory match of the relay to the opening of the first portal. It had taken time, but it was a clear match.

Peter nodded, and quickly swiped the holographic display away as he began furiously typing into his terminal. The security on the Wayne satellite was surprisingly sophisticated, enough that trying to hack in remotely even from the Liberty was going to take far too long. The Avenger grit his teeth as he stood up from his chair, pacing furiously. ”Come on, Peter… troubleshoot it. We can’t control the satellite… but someone else can.” Spider-Man’s lenses narrowed as he turned his gaze back towards the monitors. ”We can use the same signal to kill the command. We just need to find the signal.”

Within moments, Peter had filtered out the majority of satellite data. Out of what was left, only one source consisting of a high volume of data was coming from somewhere unexpected: Queens. The computer estimated a location in a residential block in Queens, which was enough of a lead for Spidey as he turned around, quickly sprinting out of the lab. He reached up and tapped the communicator in his ear.

”Spider-Man to Avengers… I’ve got a location on the source of the portals. I’m ready to move in and secure it, but could use a ride from the Liberty and some backup. In order to close the portals, we’re going to need data from them so we can try to reverse what made them. If all goes well… pizza is on me tonight.”

Peter leaped up a couple flights of stairs, sliding and diving past SHIELD personnel as he made his way quickly to the Avengers briefing room. Along the back wall of the room were several large lockers, meant to house any spare Avengers gear before or after deployment. Peter moved up to his locker, removing his mask to allow the lock to scan his face. ”I know you’re a prototype… but it looks like we're skipping the testing phase.” With a few clicks, the locker swung open to reveal a red, white, and black suit.
<Snipped quote by Pirouette>

Wow. Way to go Super-dick.

As if Carol would have been any different 10 years ago.
just to let you guys know, my plan is for Janet to scan all three portals and find the loser scientist guy's machine in his house and then shut off the portals. But she'll need support to do it. I hope that sounds fun, someone else can come up with something I just thought it'd be a neat objective.

Had a post nearly done of Spider-Man doing something similar, specifically locating the source of the transmission from on board the Liberty. A way to work both plans together could be this: Janet and the Manhattan team need to get readings of the portals for Janet figure out the "kill code" for the portals. At the same time, Spider-Man and whoever is available need to find and secure Chilton's home to broadcast the kill code to the Wayne Enterprises satellite.

It would establish a two-pronged approach to closing the portals, so two teams of heroes at least can work at the same time on different steps of the end goal.

I'll have that rewrite done sometime late tonight or early tomorrow if that works for what people had in mind.
“I can’t keep doing this, Pete. May and I have called every hospital in New York... The Bugle even reached out...”

A fifteen second pause followed. Peter rested his head against his wall as he sat in his own bed, his whole body aching for more rest. But he just listened as MJ’s exhausted voice continued. “You need to update your emergency contacts. Don’t bother trying to reschedule brunch-”

Peter lowered his phone from his ear, effectively cutting off MJ’s final words as he squeezed the lock button and tossed his cell phone a couple feet onto his desk. He had already listened to the voicemail twice. He couldn’t bear to listen to it a third. He rolled his legs off the side of the bed as he rubbed the back of his neck. He twisted his torso to stretch, feeling the stiffness in his chest. Even with a healing factor, he wasn’t back to full strength. He needed to get back in touch with SHIELD, see if they had any leads on where Doc Ock and the others went into hiding. Police reports showed a few blown transformers in West Harlem on the same day, and Peter had a sneaking suspicion that meant Electro rounded out the cabal of spider-haters at five. Even if he couldn’t put on the suit, he needed to keep working. It was only a matter of time before…

Above the city, the Wayne Enterprises satellite complied with the commands of David's program. Altering its angle, the orbiting relay targeted the city below and began to emit three pulses towards the city below. High above Manhattan, a portal began to take shape just as it had moments ago in Chilton's 'lab'. The horrifying screech of a Dominators ship echoed above Times Square as it emerged from the portal only to be drowned out by the roar of a very much not extinct tyrannosaurus rushing towards the bustling crowds.

A second pulse illuminated the nearby horizon as a second portal opened above Brooklyn. An unearthly roar echoed across the skyline as a giant worm-like beast flew through. Armour was grafted onto its body and as it neared the city, pods departed from its side revealing another alien race within. Descending upon Brooklyn, the aliens began to fire indiscriminately. Above the borough, the portal closed again, before opening in the distance.

Above Queens, a third portal opened. Screams filled the air, but not from the city below but instead the sky above as numerous, small, green goblin-like aliens were dropped to the city below. Panic engulfed New York as the portals continued to open and close above the city, hostiles and friendlies alike from different times and universes descended upon New York all while Chilton watched with horror from the window of his home. Watching the goblin-like aliens run through his yard, David ran back towards the closet.

There was no way he was sticking around here to see how this all ended.

Location: Lower East Side, Manhattan - New York City
Multiversal Mayhem #1.01: You won’t even show up

Interaction(s): None
Previously: None

Spider-Man launched out of his Lower East Side Apartment as he watched large portals open up in the sky above. His heart sank as he saw the all too familiar Dominator ship in the sky overhead. He fired off a webline and let his momentum carry him up above the neighboring rooftop, giving him a glimpse of the portals opening up elsewhere around the city. He swallowed a gasp, and tapped his ear over his mask to tune into the police scanners.

“We’ve got Dominators over Central Park. We need units to evac-”

“-An alien… whale is flying above Brooklyn-”

“-Little Green Men in Queens, I repeat-”

“Officer Mahoney is reporting a dinosaur in Times Square, I repeat, a dinosaur in Times Square.”

Spider-Man swung up and planted himself against the side of the Empire State Building, turning his gaze slowly turning due North as he heard a screeching roar echo through Manhattan. He turned his gaze up towards the Dominator ship, and then back down towards Times Square. His gaze turned upwards to look at the Liberty in all its glory, weapons hot and ready to face down the Dominator ship. He looked out at the city as hundreds of thousands of voices cried out in fear, only some of them reaching Peter’s ears. And as he watched quinjets mobilizing out of the helicarrier and three portals open over New York, he tapped the comlink in his ear.

”Kelso, I need a pickup to Liberty. Pinging my location.”

Within only moments, a familiar jet came swooping in with the bay door open long enough for Spider-Man to jump in, pressing a button to let it close behind him. He walked up towards the cockpit, nodding towards the pilot as she shook her head. ”It’s not like you to run to safety.”

”I’m not… the Liberty just happens to have the equipment I need to figure out who’s making these portals. I’m not just a pretty face.” He tried to give a reassuring nod, and taking relief as Kelso didn't ask any more questions. He couldn't lie a second time.

The quinjet quickly flew up to the deck of the Helicarrier, and Peter darted out of the back of the jet and immediately down a service stairwell in the ship, jumping down the middle of the stairwell to skip a few floors. He quickly fired off a net of webbing to catch himself, and slipped through the door into one of the middle floors of the ship. His torn costume caught a couple confused looks as Spider-Man rushed past various SHIELD personnel as he slipped into Laboratory Beta. A few scientists were busy securing their work in anticipation of hostile engagement. But right now, they didn’t matter. What did matter was the supercomputer at the far end of the lab, which Peter was dashing towards. He sat down in the primary operator’s station and quickly began tapping away at the keyboard, the holographic display buzzing to life.

Peter started with the obvious: satellite imagery and traffic footage from a variety of angles with vantage points of the skies over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Peter’s eyes darted over the various camera feeds, watching them all play on loop of the same minute of footage as he tapped the best angles in the holographic display, letting them pop out until he had six clear views of the anomalous event’s origin. He watched as images clearly showed beams of energy firing down into the atmosphere above New York, and sighed as he cracked his knuckles. “Alright… now comes the fun part.”
@Lord Wraith
Hey so, can you add Cindy to the Driving character tab. I still don't think she is on the character list ;-;

Set me up with a person falling from the building or something? I can swoop in.

Running with the Spider-Man has been missing since your last post, so hopefully you are okay with that?

Works for me.
Also, I just have one thing to add in regards to the IC post:

Holiday rush has had me slammed, and my free time has been spent on personal projects and workshops. Sorry I didn't give any warning for my disappearance. I took a week break from work and socials, and then everything went to hell and over a month has passed in the blink of an eye.

Honestly... I'm not sure if I can commit to anything here definitively. My momentum got crushed with the webhead, and TM never really got settled into any storyline. I might have some free time coming up to work on things, especially if there's an event coming.

However, if anyone wants to step in to write Spider-Man or Taskmaster, please take them. I don't want to hog Spidey in a game like this if some life is getting poured back into this thing, especially when I can't commit to a reliable posting schedule.
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