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This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow!
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I still got it. :)


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Li Suyin

"OH goodie." Suyin cracked into a grin at the sight: just as she had been suspecting the whole thing to be a bust, a deranged figured emerged from the brush. She bore a stance ready for battle, prepared let loose the stones she had levitated along with her.

"Yuki-onna." Kyorinrin whispered to her. It was name Suyin was familiar with; she had read a brief bit of folklore explaining the snow spirit.

"Can it!" She spat at the Onryo's criticism. "You prey on the living when you should cross over."

At that, the fighting had begun. Yuki-onna formed icy spears from the fog, hurling them at the Hunters. Seeing Ukiko erect a barrier, Suyin made a beeline to stand behind her. As she listed to the side into the protected space, she lobbed a stone with a catapult-like arc at the spirit, aiming for it's torso. As the shards of ice passed by, she crossed to the other side of Ukiko's shield, firing the second stone in similar fashion.
Peering through the thin, wispy veil of the ethereal plane, Suying observed the movement of dozens of zombified people. Her eyes flowed in succession with each body as they one-by-one dropped, slumped among the trees. The progression of bodies falling limp lead her gaze closer to the heart of the clearing...

"There's a presence," Kyorinrin whispered.

"I'm aware." Suyin spoke dismissively, transfixed on the energy pulsating out from the clearing.

"Something powerful enough to ensnare so many people isn't to be trifled with." Kyorinrin rose up, looking out over Suyin's shoulder. "Tread carefully... remember that you have--"

"--Allies. Yeah yeah. I know." Cutting across her line of sight, Suyin caught Ukiko running into the clearing, towards the source of the curse. She looked back over her shoulder, catching Sora and Naoto out of the corner of her eye. "You're just in time," she said, smirking. "The Hunt is just getting started." She flourished her arms prompting two large stones to gravitate towards her. Kyorinrin emerged fully, stretched nearly six feet long, flying around Suyin as though acting as a shield. "Don't fall behind," Suyin shouted to the two newcomers as she too ran, stones hovering along in her wake, tracing Ukiko's steps into the clearing.
@Scribe of Thoth That could work. Are we allowed to pick outside of the list?


The above is a useful database that I stumbled upon while researching for my character. It's got a database or objects and info on the spirit said to inhabit them. It's a good springboard if you need ideas.
Click Clack! Click Clack! Click Clack!

Li Suyin bounced and josteled as the rough rumbling of the old subterranean train carried her through the tunnels beneath the outskirts of Agawa City. Lights in the train car swung in random, haphazard motions, buzzing, and flickering each time the train bumped even slightly along the unkempt and seldom used rails. Deaf to the metallic groans of the beater of a locomotive, Suyin fixated herself on the abandoned stations as they scrolled by in her window. "Almost there," she sung, nervously, as she read the weathered station signs, awaiting her stop. As a sign reading "Odawara Court" came and went in the passing of the train, she clenched her left hand, crunching a fresh newspaper clipping from a week earlier.

Finally, the conductors voice crackled over a staticy PA: "Last Stop, Old Takeda Station. End of the line." Suyin, not missing a beat, pulled at the run of wire over her head, signaling for a stop and deboard. Ten tense minutes later, the train screeched and ground to a halt. Suyin exited, a rather large, leather case slung over her shoulders like a backpack. Moments later, the train was turned around and gone, and Suyin was alone, save for one companion.

"That train was completely empty. And so is this station." A voice spoke softly, but grumpily, from inside if the case.

"I'm aware, Kyo. Barely anyone uses the old subway lines; not since the new magnet trains were built." Suyin surveiled the Desolate platform of Old Takeda Station. It was one of the oldest in Agawa, and thus, one of the least used in the wake of the subway becoming so obsolete. The trains there only ran by appointments, and the further to the city limits a person got, the more likely they were to get involved in shady ordeals. Suyin clenched more tightly to the newspaper clipping. "Show yourself," she called out, her voice reverberating through the tunnels.

Almost on command, the air grew thin, and the temperature dropped. Suyin shivered out a foggy breath. She was starting to sweat, her heart was pounding like a bass drum in her chest. Still, she broke into a grin. She turned at the sound of something slapping against the concrete platform. She saw it immediately: a grotesque figure, wreathed in shadow in the vague likeness of a person, climbing up to the platform from the track below. It writhed and shrieked as it came to its feet, spotting the young hunter and charging with no hesitation or forethought.

"Perfect." A light, purple glow consumed Suyin. In a flash of radiance, she changed form in a serene, violet and white clad figure. With the Onryo mere feet away from her, she extended her right arm, moving her hand in a forceful halt signal. As though hitting a wall, the Onryo stopped suddenly, and painfully. In another move of her hand, Suyin psychically grasped the Onyro. With a mighty effort, she threw her arm out toward the wall on the opposite side of the tracks; the entity followed suit, sailing across the tracks, slamming head first into the wall and falling to the ground.

Drawing heavy breaths, Suyin faced the injured spirit, staring scathingly into its lifeless face. Once more, she grabbed hold of the Onryo, this time, her psychokinetic power focused on the head. A second push, and its head crashed against the wall, splitting open on impact. Broken and defeated, the Onryo collapsed and withered into non-being. Sensing the work was done, Suyin reverted to her normal form, and made a hasty walk to the stairs to the street, dropping the clipping, which read: "Woman Pushed Into Train at Old Takeda Station."

"Are we feeling better now that that's done?" Kyorinrin, it's dragon-shaped head of scrolls poking out from around the case, spoke, scolding the hunter.

A vibration and a ping in Suyin's pocket cut off a response before it could be made. She pulled out her phone to a notification on the hunter group chat. "Something sus going down over in the woods. That's not too far from here." She pointed to the treeline about one hundred yards away. "Sounds like there'll be plenty to go around." She was already running towards the woods as she sent her reply to Ukiko: "I'm nearby. On my way; this'll be cathartic."

"While I'm pleased to know that you're taking your role here seriously, must express my concern for your-" Kyorinrin started as Suyin trudged deeper into the brush towards an ethereal light a short way ahead.

"Quiet, Kyo." She hushed her Tsukumogami, and transformed as she approached Ukiko. "I'm here. Let's do this." She stood next to Ukiko, but a few feet away, glaring at the huddle of shadowed forms standing out in the small clearing before them.
Alright. Here she is. Couldn't pick between regular appearance images so I figured I'll say at some point she gets a makeover. Lol. Did a bit if research into the subject of Tsukumogami. Found an interesting source of lore and a database (which was where I got the name for the Scrolls from; decided to roll with that name since it had the lore attached to it). Anything I need to adjust, or if I completely missed the point, let me know. Just hoping no one beat me to the punch on this concept.

Accidentally posted on the character thread.

Will have my sheet up tonight; last couple of days got hectic.
I apologize for the delay on my end. Last few days got hectic.
Scheduling myself to have my character ready by this weekend's end.
@Wayward Hmm I heard of a scroll tsukumogami associated with wisdom, the Kyobun-sensei. That'd be a good fit for psychic stuff.

@Scribe of Thoth Nice! Ungaikyo, one of the classic tsukumogami. Looking forward to seeing what everyone picks!

Awesome. Working on my character.
Color me interested. I've been binge watching docudramas about haunting and I'm 100% in the mood for something like this. What kind of Tsukumogami would you reckon be associated with general telekinetic abilities?
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