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Room for one more? I'm thinking to play a kind of spellsword. Not sure about the specifics, though. Also, what would you say to Half characters, like Half-Elves, Half-Dwarves, etc?
This story seems more about your own character, but what's in it for anyone else?
Hm, this could be interesting. Is this going to be a historical rp? I have a couple characters I could use for this sort of thing.
I think something like this should go in the 1x1 requests
Admittedly, I was wondering if this was ever going to get off the ground. We can give it a shot. It'd help keep things moving, but I'll admit, my focus is kinda scattered.
@WanderingDragon Which part? Not being on discord?

I meant the keyblade design
@Renny Hm. Never thought to actually do that myself.
Los Bandidos

Hood Heroes

I don't see why not
Oh, one more thing. What about progression? Will there be room for our characters to develop their abilities, gain keychains for their Keyblades, etc?
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