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The following evening had been a solitary, if restless one. Not helped by those noisy Dwarves drinking and cheering. Were they not aware they'd be heading to battle tomorrow? Or, may be they were, and the drinks was to ease their nerves. Some merriment before the trials that were to come.

And so, a restless mind drifted home. Back to the summer festival where drink and merriment were in great supply. Those nights saw young men scouring the streets for a young lady to dance with. Though, many hoped to do more than just dance in the streets. There was a lass he clasped hands with, there; a lithe, but shapely maiden with brunette locks that fell to the small of her back, and eyes that shimmered like the night's sky. It was a good memory, even if he'd never seen her since; the lass was from out of town, the festival and occasion to see relatives.

Thalion wondered what she was doing now. He wondered why he'd wonder such a thing. There were more pressing matters to concern himself with. And yet, the memory of a carefree night, with a belly of wine and the company and a friendly girl, put him at ease. Then finally, did he sleep.

The following morning, the young Half-Elf was slow to awaken. He merely had time to strap on that shepherd's axe before he was summoned to hear the announcements. He recognized the Half-Elf speaking; Oda Hideyoshi, the should be leader of Kogani. Why would someone as capable and believed as him turn down the crown? But, as much as he should pay attention, the lack of proper rest made much of the announcement go by in the blur.

"... But with the help of our mages, we can safely enter Gabaras... with these."

The glow of that crystal snapped Thalion back to the present. That looked familiar... Where had he read about crystals of that caliber? And there were several more of then? Well, he shouldn't put it passed a government entity to be able to acquire rare and expensive resourc-

"... But there is a catch... when an area of Gabaras is 'cured' from the reality distortions its citizens will appear out of thin air and begin attacking."

Thalion felt his jaw clench.

Don't you understand, Thalion? Those days art done! The heroes you study and idolize are gone; buried and forgotten! 'Tis an age of avaris, of hubris now! And that is why you must pity them not! Sympathize with them not! All who stand against this sacred mission, all who do not join our sacred mission are enemies!

When Master Elashor said this, it was as if he were a different person. Was that what was happening here? It didn't matter if these people were civilians. If they attacked, they were the enemy. And the enemy was to be killed.

It became more apparent joining this mission was a fools errand! He can't be apart of this! He had to- No, the card would track him if he tried to leave. Thalion shook his head and tried to focus. Surely these people don't mean to actually harm the civilians; this was a rescue mission, after all!

When it was time to get moving, Thalion followed his group to their cart. he sat in a corner, his face away from the others, trying to blend in. Then a song broke out from one of the Dwarves, and he caught his foot tapping, despite his predicament. It'd be nice to share a song. But, a fugitive doesn't sing.

Still, when they were unloaded and lead into their tent, they were met by one of the commanders and a holy woman, of all people. Still, much else seemed lost on Thalion, his troubled mind spinning again.

"We're not going to hurt those people are we?" He realized too late he had said too loud.

He would be quick, Thalion decided, and walked towards what seemed like a fence. It went up to his shoulder, and beyond it he could see a mage lobbing spells at soldiers in a formation. For a moment, the aspiring Duskblade forgot himself, observing the session. The spells were low intensity, more spectacle than substance. Each time the mage lobbed a fireball, the soldiers would form up, their tower shields forming a wall. Each time, the fireball would shatter into sparks against the shields. Afterward, another mage would busily snuff out the embers before they became full on fires.

"Can I help you?"

Thalion blinked back to himself, looking a soldier in the eyes. "Oh, er. I was wondering where the archive was? I figured I'd do a bit of reading before bed?"

The soldier was a tall elf, helmet off as he bore purple eyes and short blonde hair. "The archive?" The soldier spoke with a strange accent most likely that of an Amber Grove tribe. "No archive here. But there are scholars and informants to the north, surrounding the main gates of the general's camp. Are you looking for anything specific?"

Thalion's response caught in his throat. Exactly what he did not need right now! Still, would not answering him be suspicious? Maybe it would b- "Oh, just thought I'd read up a little on what we're up against!" Came out of him without a second thought. "Know your enemy, right?" He added, then immediately kicked himself. He shouldn't be talking so much, lingering so long!

"Ah... " The elven soldier nodded, a thumb coming to his chin as he thought for a moment. "A debriefing is due for tomorrow morning. Your best bet is to only wait-- but I stress, not even the magi or spies from each of the encampment knows what is going on. But if you follow that path... " The elven man points to a crossing path, aimed northward. "You'll find knowledgeable magi with theories. " He smiles, nodding his head to you as he puts his iron helmet back on continuing his patrol around the training area.

At this, Thalion nodded and thanked the elf. He turned and began up the path directed. Okay, so that didn't go badly. Soldier didn't ask any questions, no signs of- A thought occured; should he have asked after Master Elashor? No, that might raise too many questions. The authorities already knew Thalion tried to implicate him when arrested. He remembered how they laughed in his face, called him a liar. How they shamed and berated him for trying to frame an innocent man, as if the one they'd bloody and beaten later one wasn't the innocent party! It didn't matter. If Master Elashor, or any of the others were here, Thalion would encounter them in time. At least, he hoped.

He followed the dirt road as instructed, passing the many rows of tents as he sees a collection of elves, dwarves, humans, and even orcs preparing for the coming battle. As he progressed down the road, he could feel an intense amount of magical pressure, a telltale sign of a collection of magic already being used. More than halfway down the dirt path he could see a camp atop a hill surrounded by wooden walls but if Thalion looked closer, he could see tiny wisps of mana surrounding the wall like a shield of some sort. Guards and robed figures trailing the wall, most likely on patrol.

His gaze shifts back to down the hill and the path divides again from the left, he clearly see an opening surrounded by tents. But the tents here looked fancier, draped in blue-cloth, and were even larger than those near the entrance of the encampment. Robed figures and adventurers bearing staffs walked about in this area and he could easily tell that this was the place the elven guard had mentioned. Although most likely of no interest to Thalion, the pathway to the right was simply another dirt road trailed by tents and even more guards.

For a while, Thalion marveled at the place. He'd read about the use of barriers in military operations, even in some mage towers. But, to see it in person was... No, can't linger. The sun was getting low. He went down the hill, trying to keep gravity's pull from making him rush down the mountain. Steady steps, blend in, be a body in the crowd. He looked around for a bit, then turned to one mage. "Er, excuse me, is there anywhere I might get to look up something?" He inquired.

The mage turned to him, wearing colors of a black coat, lined with red stitching signifying their allegiance to the Kogani. They opened their eyes revealing amber orbs. "The informant's tent is unavailable to lower-ranked adventurers and soldiers. " The mage spoke in a deep voice their Kogani accent showing. "What were you looking for... hafling?" The mage said, a suspicious tinge rolling off their tongue.

Damnit! Was he that obvious? He should run. He wanted to. He should never have come to this place. He should have fled elsewhere! He should... He should answer the question, at least. "Just looking to do a bit of reading before bed is all?" That insecure tinge at the end sounded like a did give away. He wished he could see his own face. Were his ears that obvious, despite this ridiculous hairdo? "Had an urge to look up magical phenomenon. You see, I haven't had much time to pack before I left home, so I'd nothing to read during the journey"

"Hmm... " The mage hummed ignoring your odd mannerisms and looked at Thalion with an observational gaze. His eyes met yours for a moment before they crossed around your body as if they were looking through him. "Describe this... phenomenon to me hafling. " The mage said again, this time with a higher tone, interest tying in with their words

He hesitated. How... Was this person reading his mind? Strange, he was sure he didn't sense the ebb and flow of mana to cast it. Or, was Thalion simply not paying attention? "Er, what do you mean?" Slipped out of him. He hoped he'd done a better job of composing himself this time

The mage chuckled, eyes cold and calculated- squinting as they stared. "The phenomenon. Tell me. " They said clearly, their gaze shifting into a critical one as the mage stared. As they waited for Thalion's reply, his fears were confirmed, lines of mana moved around their eyes but unlike most mages, the mana that pervaded their orbs was almost one to one. Only experts could cast magic with no inclination of magical aura-- perhaps this guard was the same.

Well, this was bad. If this mage could see that he had an encounter of the magical kind, then it would only be a matter of time before they discovered why he was here in the first place! They'd see that he'd escaped, and that he was brought to that factory under false pretenses, and that... That Thalion could be innocent. But, another question remained, would they look that far? Would they care if they did?

Best to try to cut this short. "I'm not sure if I recall. I... I was approached by something glowing. A sprite, or perhaps a will'o wisp, perhaps?"

The mage burst out in a deep laugh. Going into a daze as his head was whipped back, "Ah... Forgive me. " The mage said, their kogani accent more pronounced this time. They returned their gaze, standing straight as their eyes shifted into a calm stare. "I only jest, soldier. I can tell you are a criminal of sorts, but worry not-- there are many working through their debt in the encampment. " The mage's statement was broad, you could tell that they didn't know the specifics of your history.

"Ah... but let's see a sprite? Will'o wisp? Frankly impossible. Due to the intense magic energy gathering at Gabaras each encampment is installed with an anti-magic barrier of sorts. Even I don't know the specifics but that barrier is strong enough to ward out... even the strongest of spirits-- adding onto that we are in Kogani soil, spirits are more likely to become more apparent in the Amber Forests. " A chuckle followed again, the mage coming to pat his shoulder as they wiped a loose tear from their eye.

He nodded slowly. "Right, well, where might I find something to read?" Thalion grunted, gently brush the hand from his shoulder. That was enough socializing for tonight. He just needed to be on his way, and away from this invasive lout!

"No books I'm afraid, hafling. Anything related to the event is on lockdown unless authorized so- you'll have to resort to meek fairy tales or oral lore... but the night is young. You should rest, the day will be long tomorrow. " The mage nodded, winking, looking satisfied with their answer. "Now if that is all... return to your row. "

Thalion nodded, lest another word reveal something else, or at least prolong this awkwardness. He left, hands empty, and his head full with new worries. Somebody here knows something, and that's good enough reason to flee. But, that would be more unwanted attention. When he arrived at his tent, not even noticing which number he occupied, he collapse. Exhaustion? It didn't matter. Tomorrow, he'd only need to worry about surviving.
Oh, that's too bad.

Perhaps the historical setting comes off as too specific? It probably gave the impression you'd need to know about Spanish history to be able to play well.
Thalion, The Fugitive

Your Wave Caresses Me, by We Are Trees

Even if fate had been cruel, the forest had been kind to this child of nature... Well, perhaps half child. But, that was a moot point. The bushes bore plenty of berries, the rivers plenty of fish. When nights rolled by, the trees supported him as he rested. Thalion thanked to spirits the weather didn't force him to make lodging.

As dusk began to settle on the last day, the encampment loomed over the horizon. Thalion took a step. Then, he stopped. If he read correctly, soldiers from all over the continent would be here. That meant soldiers from the grove. That meant someone who'd recognize him.

But, he was disguised. Oh, sure; changing one's hair color and letting it droop over their face would be enough to throw off the authorities! But, he'd managed to get this far without being caught. Only because he'd stuck to the outskirts, where he'd only found the occasional farm. Did that shepherd realize his axe was missing yet? When would Thalion find time to return it? Should he return it? He needed it. But, so does that shepherd. It served him well. But it wasn't his.

How does he know Master Elashor is even in Gabaras? How did Thalion know this entire endeavor wasn't just an unnecessary risk? Exposing himself over a gut feeling; oh, how clever of yourself, Thalion!

He shook his head of these troubles. Doubt would get him know where. If all else failed, he would just leave and figure something out. When he walked into the encampment proper, it was easy to disappear into the crowds. Even if his heart thudded against his chest, Thalion's eyes always found something to gawk at; A bunch of Dwarves unloading kegs of drink, some soldiers sparring in the distance, so- A table to nearly trip over.

Thalion finally looked ahead of himself and met eyes with the bored soldier at the desk. "Sorry." He muttered.

"Hope you pay better attention tomorrow." The soldier grunted. Mechanically, he began his questions.


"Tha-" Damnit! He just got here and almost gave himself away! "Er, Nael’kerym" He answered. Wait, isn't Thalion posing as a human? Why use an Elvish name?!

The soldier didn't seem to react.


There was no way around thi-

"We don't have all day!"


"Are you affiliated with a guild or military group? If so please say yes and where they are located. "

"No, I'm a freelancer."

The soldier rolled his eyes.

"Finally, do you swear your loyalty to the mission and understand that if you abandoned it you will be jailed. "

"Jailed?" Thalion's stomach churned.

"Yes, jailed!" The soldier sighed. "As in; if you try to desert, you will be arrested and put in jail!"

Which was the last thing Thalion needed. "Yes."

"Thank you, soldier, take your rest for now. We will all meet in the morning to go through the plans of the mission. "

When Thalion accepted the paper card, he reeled as it seemed to prick him. Was that a papercut? Looking at the card, he noticed a thumb print fading into the card. He blinked. This was one of those registries. Of course they'd have such a thing! Why the hell wouldn't they?! Now they can track him! Thalion you damned fool!

Could he dispose of the card? Should he dispose of the card? Perhaps things won't be that bad. All Thalion needed to do was survive long enough to find Elashor and deal with hi-

A flicker stole his attention. Wings of silk and a glowing body. He blinked, instinct guiding a hand to capture it. But, when he opened his hand, he found nothing. He blinked again. Was that for real? Or did he just imagine that. Somewhere at the edge of Thalion's memory, he had read of such phenomenon. Perhaps a refresher was in order. Nothing cleared Thalion's mind like a bit of study.

But, where would one find a book in such a place? His quarters could wait for a bit. The sound of a fireball being cast directed Thalion east to where the soldiers practiced. Just ask for an archive and begone. Best not to linger...

Here's my character, finally. I'll admit, the profile isn't as pretty, but I'm not really one for graphic design.


Well. I don't know how Half-Elves age, in comparison to full Elves and Humans. So, I went by D&D rules. As for the spell, I'll think over what to place instead. I might redo the list, because they feel a bit generic?
I see. Well, unfortunately, something come up, so I'm going to have to opt out.

Here's my character, finally. I'll admit, the profile isn't as pretty, but I'm not really one for graphic design.

Okay, so I'm thinking over how to implement my character. As aforementioned, he's meant to be a sort of spellsword, focusing on different elemental spells that have combative and utilitarian application. I wonder if, I should have him use the same spells, but apply them in different ways? My main question would be how many spells/abilities is a character allowed to have?

Main thing I need to work out is backstory. Originally, this character is supposed to be some kind of fugitive. The latest iteration of this, was that he was part of some organization that turned out to be corrupt, and he was framed for a murder in order to ensure his silence.

What I do have solid is that he should have traveled to Amber Grove to study magic. He's had dreams of being a kind of "Spell-Knight" like those of legends. He joined an organization in order to further his combative magic skills, and I'll decide if the fugitive bit is necessary or not.
Okay, this could be an excuse to use a Half-Elf character I developed some time ago.
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