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Hello everyone i am Vode An a reasonably experienced roleplayer looking to scratch a very specific itch. This time the itch just so happens to be fallout.

To make this simple im going to list things that are A-OK with the fallout setting as the back drop.

- Creating a story in a location that isn't used in a game yet.
- Having an anthro character or characters. (We would use F.E.V to explain that one away)
- A story of mutual survival leading into a romance of sorts
- Opposing groups or characters who spend alot of time as either rivals or enemies.
- Retro futuristic things in general. As long as it makes sense and can be explained then I'm usually good with it.
- Starting out in a vault or just being a new generation of wasteland settler. Any background is fine except grognak the barbarian of course.
- Creative use of imagination to craft new dangerous scenarios and threats. Such as a mutated dog that has highly poisonous spit and drool.
- an open mind that's willing to workshop some new ideas.


Excessive character deaths.(death is fine but not like 8 people per post haha)

Do not base the story on main line events.

Power gaming. Its not fun to rp in a world where the other player character has infinite time in vats and maxed out abilities.

Please feel free to get in touch here by direct messages or get in touch via my discord: Ross xd 48384#9092
Hello, i would be more than interested in possibly starting up a rp or two with you. I am generally open to pretty much anything in an rp but i personally enjoy fantasy and medieval settings. Maybe we can come up with some ideas.
I must start off by saying "WOW" you have alot of interesting and varied plots. would you be interested in planning some rps and talking in general via a private message thread?
Ive never tried to roleplay in an enviroment like that with completely seperate scenes although im not against trying something new. :)
Hello are you still looking for new rps/rp partners? also which plots/ set ups are you craving at the moment?
Hello! I am writing to show interest in your ideas, pairings and your reasonable request on post length. When roleplaying i generally tend to do 1 to 3 paragraphs per post, sometimes including images or differently colored text for different characters or to draw attention to certain things. If your interested in planning an rp with me feel free to get in touch through private messages :)
hello there im bumping you to show interest in your pairings and your overall post :) lets discuss ideas and whatnot in a direct message.
Hi, after reading your post I would very much be interested in planning a roleplay with you. despite how short my response here is I am absolutely fine with not using one liners. If your interested in planning something with me feel free to message me directly.
It's a fairly interesting idea you have there and a fantasic setting idea. it gives me feels like the city of ember. another setting that would be awesome to try.
Hello Dark Planet, I am interested in starting a couple spicy stories with you, I am also happy to deliver more than just simple boring one liners. Although I admit that I used to use them all the time. I am 22 years old and have a wide variety of interests.
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