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Current Sorry to everyone I've yet to reply to, having a hard time balancing work and school and still finding time for hobbies. Will have a lull in classes starting next week and hopefully more time.
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Head on straight, mask on crooked.


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Hello everyone, the name's Villainous. I'm a 23 year old man who's been roleplaying since 2012. I've only recently joined this site, and though I've cast out a few lines, I've yet to have a bite, so I've decided to put this out there and let you delectable little fishies come to me, instead.

First off, I exclusively do MxF, with myself playing the male. I don't care what you are in real life, so long as you're willing to play a female. I do enjoy smut, and we can discuss limits and such. I have little, beyond human waste and other such extremes. On that note, I very much enjoy dark themes, and characters who are morally reprehensible, outright malevolent, even, but ideally with a motive behind their actions that goes beyond evil for its own sake...not that I'm opposed to playing a pure sadist. I love a good romance, even one that's twisted and toxic and probably going to end very badly. It kind of has to coincide with a good plot, though, and on that end I like intrigue and conflict. Though I do have a few themes and fandoms I would like to explore, if you'd like to toss me your own ideas I'm happy to hear you out and tell you if it's something I'd like to pursue, or offer my own variation on it.

What I want in a partner is very simple:

-one meaty paragraph minimum
-one post per week
-grammatically comprehensible
-don't ghost me (leaving or taking a break or whatever is fine, just let me know)
-bring your own ideas to the story and play side characters when needed
-be willing to compromise and rewrite things if necessary

If you can deliver, and I haven't scared you away yet, read on! I will also hold myself to the above standards.

In order of preference.

Fantasy-whether dark and cynical or the classic dungeons and dragons type stuff, medieval or modern, I dig it.
Post apocalyptic-whether the classic zombies, or nukes, or whatever else, I dig it.
Sci-Fi-kind of a meh for me, only if you have a good plot.
Slice of life-nope.

These are the fandoms I'm into and interested in RPing. I won't play canons except as side characters. I may have a plot for these below, but if you have your own ideas please toss them at me.

Vampire: the Masquerade-If you want me to play a vampire, I will want it to be in this setting. Imagine all the best parts of vampire fiction distilled into one. I'm up for basically anything here.
Fallout-Another series from which I will RP almost anything.
The Elder Scrolls-a good fantasy setting.
Dragon Age-a good dark fantasy setting. Should have a good plot for this one.
Star Wars-mainly anything to do with the Jedi and Sith, and interactions within and between the two.

Just starters, these can be changed plenty, but here I will list those ideas I have that I feel are worth writing out, and thus the ones I'm most interested in playing out. If you like a plot but don't know the fandom, I'm happy to give you a dummy's guide or to work it in with your character also being totally ignorant to the world.

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Do note that this whole thing is subject to be expanded and iterated upon, I'll most definitely be adding pairings and ideas as they develop in my head. If nothing here catches your fancy but you have an idea you think I'd dig, feel free to shoot it my way.
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