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Current two more important roles left to fill. I'll take one if no one takes both of them :…
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I hate having phone issues. ugh!
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turned it into a jump in although a cs is appreciated:…


I joined 3 years ago ago now.

I enjoy pm rps, if anyone is interested. but i will do thread rps too.

i am into otome games. i enjoy rock music. i like reading.

my time zone is: EST

my fav. colors are: red, blue, pink, white, and black.

i am open for any rps.
However, i am not into rps that are strictly nation, horror, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, superhero, military, or sci-fi.

i enjoy romance/vampire rps, maybe a bit of fantasy.

I like dragons unicorns and pegasi.

I watch some anime. I loved Inuyasha for the longest time as a top favorite one.

i avoid arena and tabletop roleplays because i am afraid of messing up with those types of roleplays.

i recently decided to give the steampunk genre a shot.

i am trying to get into casual roleplaying, not just free or 1x1.

i love vampires/vampire romance.

current ideas:
vampires/demons kidnapping their desired mates to marry.

A tribe of centaurs searching for their long lost princess.

a beauty and the beast type rp

an arranged marriage between a human princess and a vampire prince

an arranged marriage between a centaur and a minotaur

action fantasy tournament to determine a prince/princess consort, the next ruler if you will.

a guy who has to marry a merperson or other fantasy creature or else be destroyed for knowing they exist (was inspired by an anime i saw once, this concept.)

A guy who ends up dating the college bully because of a misunderstanding( M x M mainly, but open to M x F).

A guy who finds out his mother was a long lost mermaid princess and he finds the answers to an age old family history related mystery. He also finds out he could be the key to ending a war.

a ruler of an underworld realm who desires a girl as his underworld bride/queen.

A human guy, a college student, who ends up in another world, where humans are titans, giant humans with great power, although not the size of actual titans. They are as normal sized in their world as humans' are in the college students world. Basically, the species here are giants rather than humans. The college student ends up encountering the most powerful one of all, their emperor! Apparently, he liked both men and women, but this young man especially caught his eye. He decided this young man would be his 'bride' or mate in general terms. The young man is hesitant at first and keeps begging for him to find a way to send him home, even as wedding preparations are under way, and he has to share a suite with the emperor. However, over time, things change.

-A dragon shapeshifter who falls in love with someone who is half vampire(M x F or M x M).


current interest check:…………

I try to discuss further plot additions with potential rp partners.

focusing on 1x1's mainly at this time.

giving group rps one more chance

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The president would give her the same basic schedule as every day. Pokemon events that were upcoming, talks of pokemon care, and other such things were listed, like usual.

Suddenly, though, Alices' Jigglypuff and raichu started fighting. Alice sighed.
"Not again!"
She tried to break it up.
The raichu immediately hid behind Alice. It didn't trust strangers it just met. Alice sighed and looked at Charlotte. She nodded once. She shrugged after that.
"It's been going alright. Speaking of pokemon, I better let the others out for some fresh air."
She let the rest of her team out for the time being.

A pidgeot appeared but had to stay just outside the doorway. The rest of the pokemon, (a persian, a ninetails, a vaporeon, and a jigglypuff) were all gathered inside the classroom.
The president nodded.
"Very well. It is fine."
They looked out the window for other members. The vice oresident soon ran into the room.

Alice White panted a bit from running. She had her pokeballs with her.
"i am sorry for being late."
That was when her raichu came out of his pokeball again. He looked pouty. Alice sighed.
the club president(npc for now) was getting ready for the club to begin for another day. Things seemed calm. Her pokeballs rested on a nearby shelf. The pokemon within them were resting inside as well.

They hoped things would go well. They looked out the window and waited for the current members to arrive and for new ones to join. They sighed a bit.
welcome back
The first day of another club year was about to begin......
An ancient magnus' bride. An anime. I have the whole series on blu-ray and yes i would recommend it if one is into shows like that. I was recommended it by a couple of people before myself.


Is there any books that are good enough to recommend that you yourself have enjoyed?
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