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Current "pschlopschlopschlopschlopschlopschlopschlopschlopschlopschlop" - my very thirsty dog
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the world is a materially worse place without mid 2000's alt rock and more bands should rip off snow patrol
3 mos ago
inshallah its next attempt shall succeed
4 mos ago
what's a little gay romance between bros
4 mos ago
it's a little known fact that every fictional character ever made is actually gay and trans, as dictated in the official fiction writer's handbook written by john books


18 y/o from ireland, he/him
new to forum RP, but i’ve roleplayed for somewhere around a decade now on sites like twitter, chatzy and discord. i prefer "advanced", detailed roleplay: i can do what's considered "casual" here, but in terms of anything below that i get absolutely nothing out of one-lining lol. as well as ocs from both canon and wholly original sources, i can also play a variety of canon characters from various franchises, such as:
(bolded text marks franchises i'm especially interested in)

jojo’s bizarre adventure (parts 1-8, plus other araki works e.g. baoh the visitor)
persona (1-5)
shin megami tensei (and it's associated spinoffs, eg digital devil saga)
• shovel knight
• guilty gear
• stranger things (harringrove >>>>> )
team fortress 2
• half life
• portal
doctor who (this is a big one. includes all doctor who related media, even spinoffs, even the weird spinoffs like faction paradox)
• the office
• breaking bad/better call saul
• fallout
• marvel cinematic universe (tentatively)
• deltarune
• hades
• pretty much all the 1st party ips in smash bros

and probably a few more i’m forgetting.
for ships, i generally prefer m/m (im gay lol). Will sometimes do f/f, but pretty much never m/f. i have some experience with combat rp, as well as managing, moderating and running rps for decently sized groups on Discord. i prefer public/group rp over private/dm rp bc anxiety lol

discord is udon#3934

"udon you are my hero" - duskkyy
"Soooo like. Udon right? Love that guy!" - Icarus
"I want to talk to Udon about the fall of Constantinople" - Cloaked
"an udon sandwich is EXTREMELY possible" - David
"bearing in mind here udon is a massive homosexual" - megar
"udon do you ever stop to think about the things you type before you type them" - Igloo
"Udon the kinda fella who exhales unnecessarily loudly after having a drink" - Lava
"IMAGINE I just walk into a shop and I see udon there. I’d just freak out. I’d flip it. It’d be bonkers. It’s mental. I’d go insane. Totally crazy." - Icarus, again
"udon isn't human" - RoseWolf
"I frankly don’t even know if Udon exists." - SomeMekBoy

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submitting my character sheet for perusal! i think i've covered everything, but let me know if anything needs to be added or changed.

interested if this is still open!

very much interested if you're still taking players! i've already got a few ideas cooking for characters, heroic and villainous and in between.
interested! i'm a big fan of the show and i think the setting and its themes have a lot of potential.
here's my character! i had a lot of fun writing his bio, especially when it came to researching rwandan myth.

a little confused—is the thread proper open for all, or just those who were mentioned in the post? i wasn't aware it had gone up at first.
interested! seems like a fun concept.
just checking in to say i was waiting for martian to post with wolverine and darkhawk before i did anything more, but they seem to have been MIA for the past week. if there's nothing by the end of the day i'll move on with harley and jasper.
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