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Current Watching a Three Houses LP, and boy would I let Claude do unspeakable things to me.
5 mos ago
George Lucas was a knobhead who thought Luke being a 50 year-old man and Han Solo being an ugly alien would've been good ideas. His editors and producers saved him from releasing a trashfire.
5 mos ago
I'm far, far too attracted to bishonen men.
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5 mos ago
Catching eyes already, how nice.


Chronic roleplayer with over a decade of experience, I'm ashamed to admit. Don't be scared, I only bite a little.

Proud leftie.

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I'm potentially interested.
Hello there! I'm looking for 1x1 RPs, specifically of an 18+ nature. I'm fine with both canon settings and more broad genres. Some potential ones I'm interested in include:

* Metal Gear
* Devil May Cry
* Romance of the Three Kingdoms

* Reverse Harem (can apply to any setting)
* Fantasy (dark, epic, adventure, modern etc.)
* Military in Historical settings (Sengoku Jidai, Three Kingdoms, Napoleonic Wars, etc.)
* Mecha/space Scifi
* Spy
* Wuxia
* Shonen

PM me if you have any interest.
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