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2 mos ago
Current My biggest regrets in life so far are all the times when I had the opportunity to eat cheese but didn't.


Hi friends and visitors! I'm Holly, I'm 22 years old and proudly trans femme! I'm here to visit, roleplay, and maybe tell a story or two. I am interested in all sorts of stories(though I vastly prefer original content over fandom based stories). I'm in it for your mature themes, though I do prefer to have at least a little bit of story. I've got tenish years of roleplaying experience and am still learning, please come teach me more!

I'm a busy gal, and anxiety isn't making that much easier, so my availability varies from rapid reply to occasionally needing a week or two(I will try to let you know if that is the case). Also I am in PST time zone(think Seattle).

I'm sure that there are story ideas that I won't be very interested in, but not much comes to mind that I wouldn't at least entertain the idea of.

Also if you just want to share stories with me I'd love that! I want to get more into writing along with RP, and sharing stories seems like fun.

Come say hi!

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Welcome back to the guild!
Hello! Welcome!
I look forward to finding out what stories I'll be able to find!
Thank you!!!!

I like fantasy and sci-fi the most(especially when it's set in a modern day setting). I'm kinda curious about doing horror too.

I think the only thing I'm not super big into is fandom based writing, but even still, if there's an interesting enough story I'll give it a go!
Thank you!!!
Don't worry, just a fruit salad today!

This sounds interesting!
Thank you!!
Thank you!
Hi, I'm salad, tossed not mixed. Looking for some roleplays to dig into, obsess about, and get frustrated when I can't draw my character. I'm pretty comfy with roleplaying and want to get back into it. I'm a big dumb so please be gentle.

With Love, Holly.
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