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"Are you serious, Snake? Cryptocurrency, or 'Crypto' for short, is a digital currency that is not tied to any one nation. There's not just one type, either! Have you really never heard of them?"
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@AlternateMan mf I have never interacted with you ONCE but I know you are consistently the funniest guy here. Take the W, my N-word.
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Yoooooo who here is GAY
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Heh heh heh heh heh... Hi, Tired. I'm Tim.
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Charlie Sheen? More like Charles Luster
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Hi! I am Tim.

... That is all.



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January 2nd, 9:02 AM
Outlaws Supernatural Consultative Services, Hub City

Interactions:@Simple Unicycle @Blazion

After the introductions and hopefully better impressions had been made, Leo had helped the potential client from her seat with a hint of refined manner, and judging from her reactions and subtle movements, she was definitely upper class. He casually offered his arm, and she took it, all but confirming it. How she managed to keep the idea of etiquette after the war says something, considering Leo barely hangs onto it himself. He's only ever been to two high-class balls, pre-war, and if it weren't for the occasional wealthy client, he'd have forgotten his parent's lessons altogether.

"Understandable, Miss Rajan. Please, right this way."

Leo lead the woman upstairs, keeping a slow but brisk pace with her on his arm, and hoping she wouldn't be too influenced by the state of the rest of the building. He prefers the modest, low-rent building, fulfilling it's general purpose and answering his few needs, but he also knows that the ones with more don't see it that way. Reaching the office just a few strides away from the top of the stairs, he opened the office door for her and allowed her to step inside.

The office itself was much nicer than the rest of the building, an assistant's desk to the left of the door, some filing cabinets lining the left wall, a shuttered window letting in some natural light, a ceiling fan, and even a rug. There were two large, identical desks side-by-side forming a sort of MegaDesk, with two office chairs behind them and two comfortable-looking lounge chairs for the clientele in front of them. In the corner behind the desk was a computer.

Leo closed the door behind them and made his way behind the large desk, taking the seat on the right.

"Please, have a seat. Feel free to hang your coat, by all means. Let's talk."
January 2nd, 9:01 AM
Outlaws Supernatural Consultative Services, Hub City

Interacting With: @Simple Unicycle @Blazion

Leo had just finished his push up set and was about to move onto situps when he heard a knock on his door. It was Dave, his voice sounding out from the other side.

"Hey Leo, we got a client, get into something decent and head downstairs."

A customer coming to the HQ directly, without Ted escorting them or giving us warning? That's unusual, but it happens rarely. But not even calling to shedule an appointment? They must be desperate. And judging from Dave's normal morning routine, followed by him going back into his room with the client still downstairs, he must've answered the door half-naked. Looks the first impressions have already been made.

Leo got up from the floor, freshened himself up a bit, and grabbed another sleeveless shirt from inside the dresser. Now dressed in his casual attire, he exited his room and headed back downstairs, greeting the woman whom Dave had sat on their dingy couch. Despite her relatively modest appearance, she carried an air of elegance, and Leo noticed a small sliver of a gold earring peek through her hair. She was definitely desperate. Leo matched her nobility with his words.

"I apologize for my partner's lack of common decency. He may not look like it, but he's the best demon hunter in Illinois. It was impolite of him to keep such a lovely lady as yourself waiting."

Now that he tried making a proper charismatic second impression, made his way over to her and extended a hand.

"Leonardo Cash. I'm the other half of the team. If you'll follow me, I'll take you into the actual office."
January 1st, 1:00 PM(Central Standard Time)
Outlaws Supernatural Consultative Services, Hub City

Cameo by @Simple Unicycle

Leo had just finished restocking his arrows, giving a sigh of relief as he placed the last one in it's container. Looking around the room, he ticked off his duties: Highwayman was as fixed as he could have it right now (but still not driveable), weapons were clean, magazines were full, dishes were done, and now his arrows were back. Things seemed pretty alright. He got up from his workbench and headed over to the fridge, grabbing a Coke. He noticed that there was no milk, and they were running low on Coke, with only 5 bottles left. Sure, they had Pepsi and Dew in cans, but the bottles of Coke just give it an... Authentic feel.

He felt his phone vibrate as well: It was the weapon store, "Wild Bill's Secret Stash" (Or just "Wild Bill's"), telling him his order had arrived and was ready for pickup. Well, that's two things to get him out of the place. Might as well. He grabbed his pack by the door and his jacket hanging above it, putting them both on as he called upstairs.

"Dave! I'm heading out! You need anything?!"

Dave responded in kind, his voice coming from upstairs in a similar manner.

"Not much! Just don't spend all the money, gotta go to a trumpet lesson next week!"

That guy and his damn trumpet.

"Got it! See ya in a bit!"

He exited the door and walked outside, locking it behind him. Then, with a casual stroll, started walking along the sidewalk.

Leo was passing through the park on his way. It was a chilly, snow-covered day. He could see all manner of people in the park. It was mostly children playing in the snow, with thier parents close by. Then there was the occasional couple having a snow date. Then, of course, you'd see some people of lower standard drinking out of paper bags or smoking illegal substances out of crudely-made objects. The police were preoccupied with the violent crimes, so the lookout for non-violent ones dropped even further than they did before. The police didn't care about some guy drinking or smoking crack in public while they dealt with anti-meta/meta-rights riots.

Leo didn't care, either. He'd just wish they'd do it away from the kids. But he didn't really want to waste energy on these guys, so he kept walking.

He made it out of the park and into the city center, the commercial district. Wild Bill's was only a few blocks away, and from there he could head to the Grocery Store. But as he looked further down the street, there was a small obstacle up ahead:


He knows that's not the term they prefer, but as he saw the Minotaur, Ghoul, and Goblin walking towards him from the other end of the street, that's the one that came to mind. He felt very uncomfortable in their presence, and moreso the fact that they were getting closer. Taking a deep breath, he casually looks both ways across the street, and crosses it quickly. He tried not paying attention to them while he was walking on the other side, but he managed to catch a glimpse of the Minotaur glaring at him as they passed. Leo kept his eyes forward, and after a few moments, you could see the breath of relief in the air.

He knows they're not bad people, Terrans. He just can't help it.

Leo entered the gun store, the door ringing a small bell above it. He seemed to be the only customer. Some commotion came from the back room as a beast of a man, Wild Bill himself, emerged from the back room. He was a hefty man, with a full beard and a mullet, maybe in his late 30's.

"Mr. Cash! Here for your order?"

"You bet I am, Bill. Can you bring it out?"

"Sure, I'll be back in a second."

Bill went to the back room. Looking around, Leo could spot hundreds of guns lining diplay cases against the walls of the small store, and tons of attachments and smaller handguns inside the glass counter. After the Two-Month war, a lot of people who didn't own guns REALLY wanted one. Something to protect them from those things. Now, the same guns are turned against the Terrans...

Wild Bill came back, interrupting Leo's train of thought, holding a flat box. He placed it on the counter.

"Here you are."

"Thanks. Do you mind if I check this first?"

"Go right ahead."

Leo opened the box, inside being gun parts for his rifle project. He listed off some of the parts:

"Mag ejector, check... Safety Switch, check... Trigger mechanism, finally..."

As he searched the box, he took on a confused look, looking under other parts.

"... Where's the firing pin?"

"Well... That's what I wanted to discuss with you."

"What do you mean? Where's the pin?"

"Unfortunately, I couldn't find one to your specifications."

"What do you mean you couldn't find it?! I thought you had connections, you said it wouldn't be a problem!"

"Do you know how hard it is to find individual parts for a .50 cal? Now, if you just wanted to buy the whole damn thing, that'd be different, but you don't have the paperwork and licenses for me to sell it to you."

"Why didn't you just buy a .50, take it apart, and give me the parts to that?"

"Look, I mostly deal in small-to-medium caliber weapons. I don't know how to crack open a goddamn .50 cal! And besides, what am I gonna do with the spare parts?"

"What am I gonna do with a .50 cal rifle that doesn't have a firing pin?! Whack a Demon over the head with it, maybe look over the wastes with the scope and take in the sights?!"

"Look, Leo, I'm sorry, but I don't have a pin for you. I asked everyone, I looked everywhere. This is the best I can do."

Leo paused for a moment, before closing the box. He put it away in his pack. He started backing towards the door, pointing at Bill.

"If you do find one, you tell me."

"You have my word. Be seeing you, Leo."

"You too, Bill."

Leo opened the door, the cold of Hub City hitting him as he did, and stepped back outside, heading to the grocery store a few blocks away.

Leo walked back through the park, Coca-Cola 8-pack clinking in his hand. The trip was mostly uneventful, he passed a few other monsters in the street, but he held his nerve and walked normally. His mind rationalized that he could handle one or two at a time if they attacked him. He knew they wouldn't, but he still had the feeling nonetheless.

He heard some shouting in the park: a group of humans arguing with a group of monsters, each side holding thier children behind them. Something something "freaks" from one side. Something something "public park" from the other. The usual. This was going to escalate into another riot, Leo was positive. He could pick up the hate and fear coming from both sides. Both of them came to enjoy the park, but hate and fear had taken control of them.

Leo kept walking.

The police could handle it. They must've gotten pretty skilled at riot control by now, even if the monsters end up a little more beaten. And besides, he was a monster hunter, not a mediator. He'd probably only stall the inevitable. No thanks.

As he left the park, he heard glass shattering. He looked down at the Coke. All still intact. No, the shatter came from the group at the park. Sirens were getting closer, too. Things were gonna get messy. The police probably don't care about who started it.

Leo didn't care, either.

Chad took one look at the body and gave a look of disgust. He crossed his arms and took no further steps towards the Trog.

"Ugh. I'd rather not go over there, thank you. I get we're adventurers, but that's just vile. Might catch something."
I'm just saying, why would they call the clone of Champion "Superboy".

I mean if champ was called Superman that'd be different

Also what the heck happened to Superboy then

How did they even get Champ's DNA
January 1st, 8:05 AM (Central Standard Time)
Outlaws Supernatural Consultative Services, Hub City

Interacting with @Simple Unicycle

"We literally fight against the forces of Chaos several times a month, and watching a big fuckoff truck running over tiny shit is what gets your blood pumping? Now, if we were driving said truck, that'd be a different story..."

Leo takes another few sips of the coke, resting against the side of the couch. The TV was displaying a music video from Karen Hernandez, the biggest hit pop artist, possibly music artist in general, since the Two-Month War. Leo surmised that she must have been much younger than him when the war happened. He couldn't imagine being that young and experiencing that horror.

"... Well, at least some people adjusted well... Heard she was from here."
January 1st, 8:05 AM (Central Standard Time)
Outlaws Supernatural Consultative Services, Hub City

Interacting with @Simple Unicycle

Leo rolled out from underneath the car, welding torch in hand, sitting up and flipping open his Welding Mask. Aside from the welding mask and gloves, was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, cargo pants, and athletes shoes (his normal attire). He'd been working on The Highwayman today since 6 AM, a substantial process in and of itself. The car was little more than scrap in it's current state, and the restoration will take time.

"Hey. I was listening to that, you know."

He set down the torch and mask, getting up and walking to the fridge. He grabbed a coke and took a seat next to his friend, cracking open the cold one with the coffee table and taking a sip.

"And you know that these aren't the kind of monsters we're in the market for. Besides, 20$ a ticket? Do you got that kind of cash to spare?"
Do you feel intimidated yet

I understand the reason for the delay. Took me a while to finish Arsenal. Just get to it when you can.
I vote for us ignoring Blazion, and starting the IC.

Well then there's still Alf and Lurks.
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