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Either is glitching, or everyone is studiously ignoring my PMs.
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I need to put this thing out of its misery. Too few of those who expressed interest have submitted character sheets, so I'll be closing this out.

Best of luck to everyone in their RP endeavors.
I'll just withdraw for now. Y'all don't need this drama so early in the RP.

Best of luck to everyone! :)
@Darkmoon Angel I guess I was just struck by the doubling down of the rejection. I said I'd rework it, but I'm told it's so inappropriate that there's no possible way to make it work. It felt unnecessarily distrustful, which is why I got the impression there was some annoyance behind it.

I dunno. I was excited, and the doubled-down rejection hurt more than I expected.
@Zapdos ...did I piss you off with all that lore detail? I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. I'm not at all desperate or trying to force a character who won't fit. Rue's core concept is "motherly elf cleric," and I can create several (if not hundreds) of different character configurations from that concept. I picked one that had a lot of lore-background, that's all. But I'm getting the impression it was especially discomforting, so I'm reworking it into a brand-new character entirely with a much lighter lore background (specifically an angry nun who heals out of spite).
@Zapdos Yeah, I had a feeling that was too much. I'll rework it. Thank you for the feedback!
This is the character I'm thinking of playing.

There's a healer/spearfighter I'm keen to play. Consider me interested.
@kitramos Yes, I think you put your finger on what makes it unappealing - and yet which, similarly, makes it almost appropriate, given that gods can come off as eldritch entities. Probably not gonna go with the pic, but it's fun to think about.
@kitramos All three of those are unique. I like how they each bring a different theme and concept with them. I'm partial to humanoids, so pic #2 would be my choice. I also saw this while browsing the 'net for pictures of kitsune deities, though my feelings about it are mixed.
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