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Either is glitching, or everyone is studiously ignoring my PMs.
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@Koya You might end up getting your CS in before I do, because I'm a slowpoke. :P
Okay, so I have a couple character ideas I want to float. These character sheets (and a whole lot of their lore) are incomplete.

Your thoughts?
Man, creating a character is so hard sometimes. xD I'm considering playing as either a voidspawn (think Zerg) or a wounded dragon.
Is her appearance visually distinct, or is she more...transparent?

EDIT: Reread her CS. Looks like most of her body is a transparent white except for her face.
@Dark Cloud
Yo, long time no see! I'm interested in joining, if you'll have me. I'm working on a young reborn dragon character.
I was checking out this RP, and noticed the absence of any visual reference for your wraith girl Hecate. I happen to have a nice one in mind. Wanna use it?

Maybe we could do a dedicated nation RP, in which the PCs are all immortal Archons charged with the task of preparing the world to survive a Void invasion due in a hundred years. With humanity in a Bronze Age and all the nations fragmented, the players have a challenging task ahead of them.
I crippled the main antagonist by removing the elements that made her antagonism necessary. In her original story, the entire kingdom has fallen under magical mind-control, and anyone not under its control appears wraithlike and incomprehensible to the victims. The spell works by visually identifying and tracking people's faces to monitor their movements and direct them accordingly. Thus, wearing a mask or other facial covering for a long enough time is sufficient to counteract the spell. Shortly before the spell's infrastructure was completed, the king launched a raid on the estate of the only two people who could stop him: the Witch and her husband. Not knowing she was also immortal, they executed her and captured her immortal husband, the man who would later become the main protagonist of the story. Enraged, the Witch travelled north to raise an army and conquer the kingdom to free its people and her man from the magical mind control.

Due to the shadowy, wraithlike appearance of the Witch and her followers, and the traumatic way those she masks break free of the mind control (seizures and frothing), the populace widely believes her to be villainous, especially since communication with her is impossible due to the magic. While the Hero clashes with her, he also unwittingly aids her cause by saving lives and bringing down Demi-Archons, through whom the mind-control spell is amplified and transmitted.

Since mind control is incredibly difficult to orchestrate and hide in a multiplayer RP, I attempted to remove it, which pulled the rug out from under the entire plot. So a rework is in order if we're to revive this thing.
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