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Onto story business!

While the premise of this RP is ostensibly battle action, the true themes are more along the lines of cross-cultural interactions. Both sides are studying one another intently, to the point of laboratory experiments and dissection, and characters from both sides will have to observe the other side to learn their traits, weaknesses, and habits. Their languages and modes of communication differ too, and if one side wants to acquire intel on the other, someone's going to have to learn their language. The resulting intrigue is what I hope defines the RP. And when communications and intrigue break down, the guns come out, and the fighting begins anew. Whether peace can be achieved will depend on the choices made by the people on each side of the conflict.
@Zyx I'm honestly torn over whether to incorporate a chat server. A dedicated chat server can make OOC business snappier to resolve, but getting everyone to sign on and use it can be a real hassle, I've found. Using the forum's OOC section is certainly easier, but slower, and can be difficult to scroll through when necessary. For now, I'm thinking I should only use a chat server if there's ample demand for it.

Thank you again for the advice, Zyx. I needed that.
@Zyx A collab scene? I hadn't thought of that, but it makes a lot of sense. Battle scenes in literature require short, snappy writing to convey speed, which is surprisingly difficult to pull off in our line of work. RP encourages big posts, not quick, punchy ones. So collab is a great way to close the gap. I'll have to link a Google Docs page for that stuff.
I appreciate the feedback! I agree that a nation RP sounds unwise for what I have planned here. I also wholeheartedly agree that the science should not take precedence over the story. It's cool and all, but it's the people that make the story go. But I am prone to focusing on the fun science stuff, so I will certainly take your advice to heart.

You made a good point about PvP. I'll have to mull over how to mediate that.

This story is about a war between two spacefaring nations: the Crescent Empire vs the Collective. The Crescent Empire is a federation of self-governing worlds spanning across the entire Milky Way. Rising from the ashes of the free western nations of Earth (most notably the United States; it's a long story), the Empire was founded to be a safe haven of freedom for the beleaguered peoples of the universe. Like most human societies, it's not perfect, and has its own collection of skeletons in its closet, but it is by and large a nation of good people and governed reasonably well, all things considered. While the entire galaxy isn't theirs yet, the vast majority of it is. A fraction of territory in the spiral arm is governed by the United Nations Interstellar Command (or U.N.I.C.), a tyrannical communist state that overtook the planet Earth several centuries ago.

The Empire could theoretically squash them like a bug, but they tolerate them like the real-life U.S. tolerates North Korea - reluctantly, out of pity for its citizens. And the occupation would be a monumental pain in the butt. No, it's not the UNIC that's the Empire's greatest threat. That honor goes to the Collective, an ancient race of shapeshifters genetically related to humans who appeared through mystic portals on planet Aion and threatened to take over. Once a Type III civilization able to harness the power of galaxies, black holes, and psychic magics, their species unfortunately lived long enough to witness the looming heat death of their universe, and the resulting decline of their race drove them to seek refuge in a younger parallel universe: ours.

One would normally think that, given the Collective's dire straits, some sort of agreement could be reached peacefully to allow both races to coexist. A few rational minds within the Collective thought so, as did several members of leadership within the Empire, but the rest of the Collective had other plans. Preaching humanity to be an inferior and unclean race, the populists stirred up pre-existing tensions between the races to incite a full-on war of subjugation. Among the populists were two major factions: the Purifiers and the Preservers. The Purifiers sought the genocide of the human race, considering them a filthy stain on their environment and wholly unfit to live alongside the Collective. The Preservers sought instead to enslave the human race, since they could still be useful despite their inferiority.

Thus began the bloodbath that was the Crescent-Collective War.


Before I conclude this interest check, I have a confession to make: I have never hosted a sci-fi RP before. It's my native setting, one I've created countless mental worlds in, but high fantasy has always been my go-to setting for RP until now, so let me be the first to admit I barely know what I'm doing here. But this constipated tale has waited literally decades to come out of my head and desperately needs its airtime, so here we are. Should I allow players to sign up for either side of the conflict, or just one side? Are we doing a nation RP, adventure RP, or maybe something more meditative along the lines of Arrival? I could use everyone's input to decide what kind of RP we should run with this story. Let me know in the comments whether you're interested at all and what kind of story piques your interest in this setting.
I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I was mulling over what the reboot would look like. Half the problem with the RP was that I didn't adapt it for group play effectively. In the original story, the Witch raised an army to rescue the mind-controlled denizens of the land from a tyrant king. The mind control caused any citizens who opposed the king to appear as a twisted, shadowy wraith, identifying them mainly by face. If your face was covered for 12 or more hours, the magic wouldn't work, so facial coverings were illegal. The Witch noted this weakness and devised a counter-spell to induce failure immediately upon face-covering with a mask. From the citizens' point of view, being masked was horrifying - the victims would fall to the ground, thrash, and foam at the mouth like they were having a seizure, and would be unable to remove the mask while it did its work. The male protagonist thus awakens in the kingdom believing the Witch to be evil.

I ripped out the heart of the original story to try and make it work for group RP (since simulating PCs under mind-control is difficult), but that also ripped out all the justification for the surrounding details. So I'll need to rework things from the ground up.

For starters, we'll want to consider giving the RP a pronounced political angle, since that seemed to grab the interest of several players. That's not to say there won't be opportunities for combat action, but politics and negotiation added a good deal of fun to the mix. So we could do a sort of nation RP based in this setting?
@Koya You might end up getting your CS in before I do, because I'm a slowpoke. :P
Okay, so I have a couple character ideas I want to float. These character sheets (and a whole lot of their lore) are incomplete.

Your thoughts?
Man, creating a character is so hard sometimes. xD I'm considering playing as either a voidspawn (think Zerg) or a wounded dragon.
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