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Hey, and sorry for suddenly leaving the last version of the rp. Something came up. But, I will not make a sudden withdrawal this time and will try to stay. If you would have me, that is.
Reman Xuoshi

One moment things were tense when there was an explosion caused by the buildup of energy in the pipe and while he expect the worse with the sirens ringing out. Nothing really happened but then as things seemed calm. The screaming from Vyska and as he quickly turned to see what was happening. His mouth dropped in horror as Vyska's hands were on fire and seemly burni, seeminglyh. For a moment, Reman did not know what to do and then he trie,d to do something to help Vyska. "Vyska I am..." That was all he said before he felt a pair of hands on his throat.

For Reman, in the confusion of the explosion and Vyska's hands being on fire. He did not notice that one of the operators moving toward him and grabbed him by the throat. "Wh-at a-re you do-ing?" Reman tried to get out as he was being choked and dropped his case as he tried to get the operator off his neck. Tying desperately to get free by elbowing the man hard several times, but it did not work. Thinking fast, Reman grabbed Mova's case and angled his head a bit, and with all his might, he swung up and managed to hit the man in the head with the case. The blow was enough for the operator to release his grip and backed off for a moment.

As he caught his breath, Reman turned to face the operator and what he saw worried him. The operator's eyes were glazed over, and his mouth was agape. Then the operator started to move toward Reman again. "Stop right there, do not make me hurt you." A warning as Reman readied his case again. The operator did not listen as soon as the psycho got in range, they punched Reman. Which connected with Reman's face and made another attempt to strangle Reman.

He managed to shove the operator away and hesitantly as the operator once again tried to get close. Reman swung the case and bashed the side of the operator's head. The operator fell to the ground and lay there silently. After a few moments of heavy breathing as Reman calmed down. A ting of concern flared up in him, and he walked over to the downed operator and kneeled to checked for a pulse. Reman breathed a sigh of relief as he could feel one. "Good you are still alive and please stay unconscious."

Getting back up, he saw that Jin and Sumire were with each other, and he started to feel the warm air from the broken window. He only has one thought in his head. "What on earth just happened?"
Mateo Secada

While the others were doing their own thing in the rec room. Mateo was behind the bar wearing a grey shirt with black jeans, silently mixing himself a drink. Specifically a ,Canelazo, a popular drink from back home in Colombia. There were several versions of the cocktail, but the one that Mateo is making is made from rum, sugar, and cinnamon. A basic version of the drink but one that he enjoys. Or would enjoy it more if they had some aguardiente, but it seems that the bar does not have any. Kinda makes sense since it is mainly a South American drink. Still, he is going to change that one of these days.

Mateo finished mixing his drink and took a single sip of it once Xander had started his story. A crazy but entertaining story. And it makes him think of what the others have been through and a reminder that he is among the few here with a nonmilitary background. It felt kinda weird to him, here being with a group of veteran soldiers and ex-spec ops. Here he is, an ex-government agent. Granted, he is a skilled operative, and he has seen combat and killed. Just not one meant for the frontline like most of the team. But behind the scenes is where you would find him during a mission.

He was busy drinking his drink when he spotted his commander Skye enter the rec room. "Hey, boss," he said to her. "Ready to join the rest of us, I see." Saying it with a half smile. She is much different from his old boss back in the DNI. That backstabbing old man, Mateo tensed as he remembered his time in the DNI. Probably should have listened to his father about how corrupt the country was, or he would have never been betrayed like that.

Mateo shook his head and started making another Canelazo, calming himself. That was his old boss, his old group. This time it should be different, right? Skye is nothing like his old boss, and Raven Squad is diffident, or maybe that is just wishful thinking. And he does not want to be betrayed again. So he will be keeping an open eye just in case, but so far, nothing seems to indicate that.

Catching the tell end of Xander's talking about him and the security of the base. Making a light chuckle, "I think we are secure here, but now that you have said it. I have not tested the security of this place myself, but I do not need to." Finishing making his drink and taking a gulp. Besides Xander's loudness, the night has been good, and when Skye got out her violin and started playing. Mateo, with drink in hand, made his way to the couch and sat down. Relaxing and taking another sip from his drink. You can say what you want about Skye, but she sure knows how to make someone feel at home.
Yijun Xun

Yijun did pay attention to what Yuri was saying, taking mental notes of the layout, and it was not hard since the tour was simple enough to follow. Simply nodding when Yuri talked as they made their way through the ship. It seems spacious enough for him compared to the other vessels he has been on. Either a small trading ship or those cramp passengers ship. The China Doll, so far, is a good upgrade from those ships.

After the tour and being led to his room, he thought for a moment and spoke. "I think I will take a bit to look around, get used to things. I can see things topside later or just find things on my own. If I need your help, I will find you, and where would I look if I needed your help?" Okay, so far, so good, Yijun thought. This is bound to be a quiet trip, and S2, easy to remember his room number. Though he wonders how many other passages will be flying with them but, chos not to ask at the moment. Might seem suspicion or odd, and he will see for himself when the China Dolls finally takes off for Pelorum. Maybe it is a sense of being anxious about seeing Zhen, but as long as he keeps his head down and rationally. This should be a quiet trip.
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Desmond Mores

Interactions: Dallas, Poppy

What to do now? Desmond wondered to himself as he was in his room, sitting down in his bed, watching Amelia with concerned eyes. Turns out the stranger was both alone and not a threat. A good thing and is now in medical being treated by Poppy. Along with Vincent because of some glass that was in him. Why did he fricking jump out the window and just opened the door like a normal person. Desmond sighed at the thought. Just one more thing that needs to be done around this place. A new window, and all the while something is still wrong with Amelia.

Desmond got up from his bed, and slowly walked over to her. Nothing has changed since he last checked on her but at least she has not gotten worse and that is good right? Desmond was not so sure about that, true yeah not getting worse but not getting better either. At least not on her own.

He caress her face and slowly and wore a concerned face. "What is wrong with you big sis?" A question without a answer and something that Poppy will have to figure out hopefully before she gets worse. The last thing he needs is losing Amelia again or having to fight her if she does indeed become a Lost. A thought that he dreads and if push comes to shove, Desmond is not quite sure if he could kill Amelia if that were to happen.

But, now he should not be thinking about that, Amelia is not getting worse and Poppy will find out what is wrong with her. She has to and rather than dwell futher on the subject. Desmond left his room and moved his way down to medical. Poppy is bound to be there checking on Vincent and the newcomer.

By the time he got to medical, he was surprised to find that one Vincent was not there and that Dallas was there. Did Poppy already finish up with Vincent? He thought and came in on the tall end of Dallas talking about heading out to find someone to repair the window and if any idle hands wish to come with. He thought for a bit about going and getting some fresh air might be good or he can just stay behind just in case Poppy needs help with Amelia. Though what would he do in the meantime? Well the storage room could use some organizing.

After thinking about it for a bit, he made his choice and approached the two."Hey you two, over heard that your looking for some hands with fixing the window Dallas. I think I will stay behind and organize the storage room and see if anyone else wants to help with fixing the window."
Yijun Xun

Yijun reached out and shook Yuri's hand. A steady yet firm handshake, "Nice to meet you, Yuri." Okay, this man seems friendly enough and takes a peek at the captain. So that is the captain of this ship, well hopefully he will be as friendly as this man. Yijun has had to deal with, let's say, strict captains before. Annoying to deal with, and he had to try his best not to cause trouble. Since trouble is the last thing, he needs.

"This is my first Firefly, so I would like a quick tour just so I know where everything is before heading to my room." Truth to be told, he has another reason for the tour. Just in case something happens and so Yijun knows how to make a quick exit or cover. He does not expect things to get rough, but you can never be too careful traveling the Verse. His father taught him that much.

The only thing he had a problem with was the time of departure, three days. He would rather leave earlier, but he had already paid Yuri, and he can just stay on the ship during that time. Less chance of seeing Zhen unless, by horrible chance, Zhen just happens to want to leave Osiris on the same boat. But, what are the chances of that? Either way, Yijun elected to stay with the China Doll and would wait on the ship after Yuri gave the tour and showed him to his room.
Hey, found this, and I would like to be in the reboot.
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