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What's everybody's blood type in-character? 👀

The type that's spilled.
My character will just hitch rides.
I’m just here to kill punch things.
He's fine by me @Lv1 Shade. Await @KoL's opinion.
As I get the character sheet created and receive submissions from folks, would you guys be comfortable if I add additional plot significance to the characters who get recruited?

For example, if it makes sense for one character, I may respond back to you saying "This guy is great and I think he'd make a great lieutenant, second in command" or "I think they would be a fun transfer student" would that be something you guys are interested in?

That’s fine by me so long as it tries to match up what’s already in the CS so characters don’t conflict and whatnot.
I'm down.
“And what a start we’re having for today’s race folks! Seems we’re missing quite a few competitors and no shows though, but I’m not complaining; especially when it looks like our cast are a bunch of cuties~” The Ark Riders unfortunate enough to be under Wave’s scrutiny would be bombarded and focused on with drones circling them. The click of their cameras whirred and buzzed, getting all the best angles Wave knew would entice her viewers.

She wasn’t wrong. There were quite the handful of newcomers to the Cosmic Grand Prix, let alone in Mevalo. “Oooh, I love a dimwit redhead when I see one. Don’t you all?” Of course, she referred to Claudia, the drone unabated by Bob’s near-kinetic bristling. Claudia scrambling to hide its true intention only wooed the unseen crowd more, Wave’s drone closing in on her flustered face. However, not all racers were so friendly. “There always has to be one of those bad apples,” Wave mused, the camera cutting to Rema now, who had just got done smashing a drone.

Where one was downed, more came in its place, this time hovering above to avoid the faux-Roman’s wrath. “Hey you. Yeah you. Keep giving us that bad girl attitude! The crowd loves that kind of thing, don’t you?” Again, another round of applause from an audience unknown by Rema, though Wave no doubt interrupted her prayer. Good, good. The camera feed switched over to Aurora now. “Well, aren’t you a better sport than that blonde shortie. Yeah yeah, keep up that cheer, we love an underdog around here, don’t we???” Another round of applause.

The final Ark Rider to pop up in the crowd was a fan favorite, indicated by the crowd cheering even before Wave could zoom in. At most she got Lydia’s back facing towards the camera from the food stall. “And who could forget Space Race veteran Lydia Warpstar. Let’s give her a big round of appl-woooooah, that’s a big reception~” The food vendor took note of the camera and before he could answer Lydia, Wave’s voice suddenly rang out everywhere. A monitor screen hooked up above the food stall flared to life and so too did many of the screens placed in Mevalo.

Static became audio that transitioned into picture before Wave herself snapped into view. “Ahem. All Ark Riders, the first race is about to start. Better waddle your butts on over to the main track area so we can all get started! Any late attendees will be severely be punished by our sponsors, Mevalo~” She gave a wink right into the camera, cozing in what appeared to be her own private streaming space. The first track was just to be expected, the starting point bringing the Ark Riders deep into the heart of Mevalo City.

I’ll be posting this coming week.
In Tower of Fable 11 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
For all extents and purposes, the Dangeki Bunko was becoming more a residential motel than a café club. That might have been the point of it all, as the more each traveler explored of the Tower’s Floors, the bigger and more diverse their resting area became. As a result, a good many of the travelers went about their own separate ways, including, by unfortunate circumstance, Annabel. “Hey you can’t just swindle me like that,” the huntress said knowingly as Kanbaru gave some lame explanation of refusal. “That’s rightfully mine and you know it.”

But Kanbaru already made up her mind, brushing past the huntress in stride. Her last few words did seem to open some form of negotiation for the future though. “You’re lucky I ain’t got the proper sense to put a bullet in your back,” Annabel said with casual warning before moving away. She had her own deals to settle with anyway and frankly didn’t have time for Kanbaru. No, instead, she strolled right up to Emilia’s shop in the Dangeki and gave her a toothy grin, one arm resting on her wooden counter as if she owned it entirely. “Honey I'm home~”

Meanwhile, Kanbaru didn’t get far before being approached by Akiko and her manifested power. The JSTR was silent at its host’s annoyance, ignoring her entirely; if it was aware of her frustration, it neither cared nor sought to care for it. Instead, it simply flared once as Castle was summoned, the sudden urge to tear it straight from Akiko’s soul rising in Kanbaru’s own bosom with urgency and bloodlust. The moment passed as quickly as it came and no such action was brought out from Kanbaru’s shadow, let alone call for violence. And so, the two went to their rooms for now.

In other corners of the main space, the young princess finally learned the secrets of Serei cards. Of course, by her luck, she was stuck with someone as rambunctious as Lola. It wasn’t long before the wolf had dragged her so found master to the bar, demanding drinks from a chuckling Cait behind the bar counter. As the two “flirted” and she prepared some drinks for them, her eye caught Clair emerging. She winked at the foxy girl and her daring new looks, only to hesitate mid-motion. It was as if she…didn’t quite remember why she felt excitement about her. A shake of her head brought her focus back to gifting Lola and Riku a pair of frothy cold cups filled with liquid as amber as honey.

Unfortunately, Riku’s target of interest was completely ignoring her. Ami was already turning in for the night, walking in the opposite direction of the princess’ shouts and towards her room. Caprice and Rose followed suit, taking the upper floors for their rooms. It left the bar occupied by Lola, Riku, and the sole boy of the group. Thomas kept to himself, no doubt processing what just happened or considering what drink to order.

“Tough day?” A weight shifted beside the boy as someone took the seat next to him. A quick glance revealed it to be Katie, the same girl from just before they left for Victoire’s Floor. She had a different attire, as if she’d been on her own adventures in the Tower, and her look wasn’t of surprise as she noted Thomas with a raised eye. “Don’t think too much of it. Weird stuff is the norm for this kind of place,” she advised.

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