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So this is probably the last interest check I'll put out for a bit because I'm almost at my max capacity with these things, but I wanted to try my hand at doing something a bit more general and not specifically a fandom RP. Plus, I've had some of these ideas in my head for a bit and I'll feel better if I can get them onto 'paper'. So... here's the idea.

The Story

The year is 2045, and legendary video game developer Ryuichi Masada is set to announce his latest project. The world loses it's mind when he reveals Rift Warriors X - the latest entry in his trademark fighting game series Rift Warriors - only to be stunned in shock when Masada decalres that X will not only be the final entry in the series, but he's only produced TEN copies of the game which will be distributed to the top ten players worldwide in a few months time. What followed was a mad dash by players to climb the competitive ladder in the hopes of reaching the top ten and becoming a candidate for earning this new game and discovering why it was so special.

When the digital dust settled, the ten players were recognized and each received a copy of Rift Warriors X. However, when they started up the game, they discovered there were no fighters, only blank slates on the character selection screen. Suddenly, each of the players are sucked into their respective gaming consoles and wake up only to find themselves in the world of Rift Warriors! Somehow, the players have been turned into the 10 characters they mained when they battled in the ranks to win their copies of X. What has caused this to occur? How will they escape? What is the secret of Rift Warriors X? Apply to join and find out!

Rift Warriors

Ever wonder what it would be like if various characters from across history and worlds could battle it out? Well that's what Ryuichi Masada dreamed about ever since he was in grade school. Upon graduating and joining up with a fledgling game company, Masada created the first ever Rift Warriors game. Rift Warriors was a beat'em-up fighting game where fictional characters from across time and space were sucked into a pocket dimension known only as The Rift. When inside, they were tasked by a strange Entity known as "The Messenger" to battle against the other summoned warriors and earn their way home. To make things more 'interesting' The Messenger granted each warrior summoned a unique set of superhuman abilities depending on the era in which they were summoned and attuned to their unique characteristics.

With each passing sequel, more warriors would find themselves being dragged into The Rift. As the series went on, the lore behind The world of The Rift as well as the enigmatic Messenger would grow as well. However, the lore that was revealed was rarely - if ever - enough to explain the plot of the games, often leaving FNAF-sized debates going on in various internet forums. With the announcement of Rift Warriors X, Masada claimed that "all will be revealed" which led many to believe this would be the game that finally gave a clear answer as to what the real story of Rift Warriors actually was. That made the limited release and subsequent competition all the more surprising when it happened.

Requirements for Players

So... I'd ideally like to have at least 10 players for this story (if I can get that many). I'm going to be looking through all the character applications so this isn't going to be a first come first served deal. I'll have a proper character sheet created when I create the official RP forum, but right now I just want to test the waters and see if there's any potential interest in a story like this.

With the Rift being how it is, I'm allowing players to create their own characters within the game. What I mean by this is you can create the character that your character within the RP played in the game. You aren't going to be turned into this character, but rather it's going to be you with this character's clothes and abilities. You can be as deep as you want when making the lore for the Rift Warriors character, but PLEASE don't make them overpowered or unbalanced. This is a worldwide fighting game after all so they have to have some limits otherwise players would have screamed at the devs for not fixing a broken character. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. Other than that, I hope some people find this to be a fun idea and I'll see you in The Rift!
@TheNoCoKid I’ve read about religions where their main deity is a goddess, yet they still demean women. Sometimes people are gonna people. xD

That’s a fair take, but I’m the Arceus of this world so I declare… no sexism to the queen! 😜
@Crimson Flame Nice job with the character. One thing I will mention is the Rallen Region really doesn’t have a problem with female rulers. The Queen (See Kaiser’s bio) has held the position of ruler for nearly three decades and she’s rather well-liked. Her husband married into her family because she was the more prominent royal. Not saying it’s a bad idea, but I really don’t think sexism would be a major issue in this world.
I was thinking of having a stoic, honor-bound knight with either a Golem, Agislash, or Golett. The hard part is picking :(

You’ll probably have good luck looking up concepts online and seeing what looks the best
Bumping this since I only got two sheets submitted
@LuckyBlackCatVery nice. You really have a knack for making cute characters. Good on you. 😂
@RyikLooks good! Cool to have you on board. Don’t forget a quote.

Here's the first character so you can have an idea for how the character sheet is set up! Woohoo! Finally starting this!
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