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2 yrs ago
Current Gloin isn't as bad... its how I'd read it and makes sense but clashes with how its most often heard (movie) but the Legolas is KILLING ME
2 yrs ago
Listening to LOTR as an audio book and they keep pronouncing Gloin "Glow-in" and Legolas "Lugohlus" -_-
3 yrs ago
Sorry I haven't responded... I think my sinuses are trying to kill me
3 yrs ago
New tattoos and Hadestown make me happy
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21 | F | Dogs for days | Libra | Doing my best | I'll make this look good later

Not big on group RPs because I'm not.... Any 1x1 ideas/requests can be sent my way and I will at least look at them or discuss.

Back after an unexpected 6ish month absence. I had a bit of a breakdown but its cool now

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I am not sure why an active RP forum was so hard to find, but I am glad I found one!

I have recently been trying to get back into RPing and it took a whole lot of searching for a place but here I am now. Just a rough about me and what I am about for whom it may concern. I will be doing more thorough interest checks later I am sure but for now, here it is.

About Me

  • I am 21, Female, in the US Central Timezone, and a Libra (incase that's the kind of thing that matters to you)
  • I currently have 2 dogs who I adore, a Springer, and a Field Spaniel (see avatar for obligatory cute puppy photo)
  • I do work but make myself pretty available to play with. I have a pretty flexible schedule excluding a few set hours Monday-Friday and I am up late most days anyway.
  • I have trained and shown dogs since I was really young and also enjoy music, theatre, musical theatre (watching or being backstage, not on stage), and playing around with DIY house projects. I recently replaced a light switch and the hinges on my cars liftgate so I am feeling like an A+ adult, at least this week.

About My Roleplaying

  • I have decent amount of experience but have been on a break (~1 year) after losing partners and having no one to RP with. I have played around on some now nonexistant forums and I am now going to try to adjust to being here and/or on discord.
  • I do prefer to do things 1x1 or in small groups, i have a lot of bad experience getting excited about RPs with a sizeable group only to have everyone quietly drop out without warning.
  • Romance and gore really have no limit for me and there is not much that makes me uncomfortable. That being said I think it is important to communicate with your partner about limits and things that make you uncomfortable and I can adapt to any thing. I do not need smut in an RP. If that is not your thing, no problem, I enjoy this for the character and world building too!
  • I am willing to try almost anything once. I am open to all kinds of topics and time periods but I do have a soft spot for historical roleplays.
  • I can play either gender and I am comfortable with either gender. I can double up on main characters if needed and I can do anything from a one-liner to a couple of paragraphs. I usually aim for 2-3 paragraphs but will match what I get typically and I will admit I do on occasion get writers block (don't we all).
  • Most importantly, I do this for fun. I hope you do to. I want to find plots and partners that make me eager to come back, to read what has been left, and reply. I want all involved parties to feel that way and I appreciate talking outside of an RP to make sure everyone is happy.

Okay, that was a bit longer than planned but I think it hit the highlights. As stated, I will make a more formal interest topic later but this is just a bit about me and my interests. If it sounds like we might get along just hit me up!
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