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5 mos ago
Honestly, a Trauma Center x Toyko Ghoul (with or without Code Lyoko in it) sounds like a phenomenal concept.
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9 mos ago
"The devil went down to Georgia" means that the U.S. is geographically located *beneath hell*.
11 mos ago
But are you filled with *D E T E R M I N A T I O N?
1 yr ago
@Yam I Am The Virgin Mary was around 10-14 when she had Yeshua, therefor the bible is a loli doujinshi as well.
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2 yrs ago
"And how smart you are only determined which way you fall."


"Time whether wasted or well spent is still time." - Rise Against (Zero Visibility)
"Your honor, I think there's a discrepancy. Apparently, the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but the First Amendment only guarantees freedom of speech on condition that you do not speak." - RC

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I'm interested in joining but I figure I should ask this quick, since I know there's a discord and people probably already have ideas. What themes are already planned to be in use? Just so that I can avoid stepping on someone's toes with thinking up a character.

Almost posted this in the OOC before I caught myself and brought it here. :/
I will attempt to write up a sheet soon. Just giving a heads up that I'm not abandoning this or anything right now. Was waiting for the OOC and to see what anyone else went with, but it seems to be slow going? So I'll start work on a CS tomorrow.
I'll still take whatever's left after this (hopefully) gets some traction.
Sure, I'll throw in the first non-feline "interested" so far, if I can. I'd be fine with any of the sins or even a minor demon, so anyone else wanting a specific one can take it first.
Important question all - if the group hears a scream, would they stop or keep going?

May would probably stop.
I'd need a bit more info on the powerset stuff, but I'm interested if you get this off the ground.
Congrats all! Have fun!
Gotta ask, which Persona game is the one that is an absolute must to play besides 5.

Both 2s.
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