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Current "The devil went down to Georgia" means that the U.S. is geographically located *beneath hell*.
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But are you filled with *D E T E R M I N A T I O N?
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@Yam I Am The Virgin Mary was around 10-14 when she had Yeshua, therefor the bible is a loli doujinshi as well.
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"And how smart you are only determined which way you fall."
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"Misgender all transphobes" - TJ Kirk
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"Time whether wasted or well spent is still time." - Rise Against (Zero Visibility)

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Nets flew, and the boy cut through them. Vitae began to slow with the dropping of his anger, and soon there was gas around him, making his head fuzzy and reducing Vitae to an inert state. Before he fell into darkness, the young boy was rescued, saved from whatever the opposing forces enemies were planning. And then the sky exploded.

By the time Nemo's eyes had readjusted, he found his feet entrenched in some sort of liquid. Alongside the liquid came a shock that woke him from his stupor incited by the gas. Then the shouting registered, the soldiers who rescued him trying to guide him. And... where were the enemies? Without targets, how would he be able to be of use? He decided to follow the soldiers who saved him, following along with their commands and instructions to the best of his ability, albeit in the most literal of interpretations of them.

Follow. Stay. Follow. Stay. Follow. And so he would.
Marrie Knight

Marrie hit the ground in a roll, managing to avoid taking too much damage from the fall, in part thanks to her Leitmotif and some practice. Still though, it was only a moment before Justin showed himself, prattling on about her keeping her word.

"You know, if you had shown up without her being brainwashed right next to you, I probably would've let you be and just dealt with the Diver." Marrie managed to say as she tried to dodge between the spikes. Keep it up, he can't have endless magic. And with any luck...
"Besides, it was Pac I was going for. A rescue attempt requires knowing where the one to be rescued is."

Her plan didn't turn out like she hoped, but she wasn't going to give up yet. To be honest, she only cared about Justin insofar as it related to Pac-A-Fist. She only really wanted to make up for her mistake, rather than complete some noble goal of defeating the villain. But let Justin assume whatever he wanted, as long as she kept him busy and made him waste his energy, that'd be good enough for now.

19 | Female | Freelancer | Misty Steps
Apexer Predator | Dagger | Physical | Heavenly Chain
Arctic Storm | Masking
Step of the Hurricane | Wind | Riding the Currents
After You Get Smacked UP | Disco Fever
[Storm (4), Flight (6)] Damage X (6), Multi-Cast (4), Blink (4), Magic Sense (6), Heal (16), Portal (8), Rain (2), Scatter (2), Bounce (2)



Violet found herself humming along to the music blaring through her headphones, closing her eyes as she translated in her head. She'd barely gotten to hear the second verse when she felt herself being knocked to the ground.

In truth, Violet hadn't chosen the pathway she had of her own volition. Subconsciously, she was following the onibi that could barely be seen down the path. Of course, once she had closed her eyes she broke from the spell, and it was at that moment that the giant green beast decided to attack her.


Kyubimon broke through the foliage and slammed into the scarf-wearing human, a matching red one wrapped many times tightly around its front right leg. The tackle sent Violet falling to the ground several feet away but mostly uninjured, knocking her headphones off of her head.

The yellow fox digimon had managed to save the human girl from the dragon, like a knight in shining armor saving their princess, but in doing so took the attack meant for the girl. The Groundramon's fangs bit through Kyubimon's neck and left leg in one singular crunch before twisting its neck and throwing the fox digimon to the ground on top of Violet.

It had been a tough week for Kyubimon. She had once again found herself in a world other than the one she called home, and in unfamiliar territory. She had taken shelter in the forest near where she arrived and observed what happened nearby. There were more of those strange creatures here, not unlike the one that had given the fox her lucky fabric, going about to observe avian creatures and stone monuments on the edge of the tree line. But despite her fascination with these creatures she was losing hope of finding her way back to where she called home, and her hunger was slowly building. It was just as she was getting too hungry to move that a disturbance in the area appeared, bashing down trees and revealing itself to be a digimon. Kyubimon was about to challenge it when she noticed a human nearby, a suspiciously familiar one at that, who clearly was not aware of the larger monster's presence. So she did what she could to get the human out of harm's way. She made an onibi to draw the girl towards her, towards safety... But it was too late. The dragon digimon had noticed the girl, and now Kyubimon found herself in a familiar situation. Without even thinking, she leapt towards the human and pushed her aside.

Violet didn't have time to open her eyes before she was struck with a large weight falling on top of her and winced heavily from the impact. She rolled over and out from underneath the weight. She was dreaming, right? There was the dog from several months ago, back in the shrine. Only it was clearly not a dog. It was some form of giant fox with many tails. A kitsune? But nine-tailed foxes were just a myth... This couldn't be real. But there was something different, some of its skin and fur had been torn away to reveal a sort of wireframe, and the sight of it shocked her back to her senses. The fox was hurt, badly, and standing a short ways away was what appeared to be some form of dragon. It must have done this.

She reached down to the fox, finding it wearing her scarf around its leg. She carefully tried to pet it, to reassure it that things would be okay, but it spoke!

"You need to get away! Now!" the kitsune shouted at Violet.

What? How could she just run away? Especially considering...

"I-... I can't." Violet stood up and reached into her pocket, retrieving her knife and holding it shakily in front of her. This was the creature that saved her life that day, and now it saved her again. The least she could do is fight for it. She slowly placed herself between the two digimon, shivering and shaking from fear as she did. Just as she was about to lunge forwards, there was a bright flash from behind her. When she looked back over her shoulder, the kitsune had changed. It was now much more humanoid, and had only a single tail. The damage that had been done to its neck had shrunk to a smaller portion of its body, but its left shoulder was still heavily injured.

"You're just going to get yourself killed if you fight it. Please, run away. I'll hold it off." Kyubimon, or rather Renamon now, had managed to save herself from death by degenerating, but not she had even less power to fight the enemy with. Still, she'd protect this human. She had to.

Marrie Knight

Well. This was a problem. Marrie didn't expect Justin himself to show up, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that he brought Pac with him, and she seemed to be under his control. Which meant talking things out with Justin wouldn't be possible. She had been waiting on the roof of the apartment building that Justin appeared on, hoping that someone high up would show themselves for her to get Justin's location from. This was a bit more than she bargained for, but...

Her train of thought was cut off by a screaming child. But hey, there was Orion over there. Did they let kids into G.E.M.I.N.I.? Not important. What was important was figuring out the exact angle for an attack. Then again, she didn't seem to have been noticed yet, so maybe... No, once the Diver got there, her chance would be gone. Maybe Justin was a first-born and all she had to do was keep him in Pax until it left? Too risky. Portal up and throw one at their feet? Maybe, but then it would be easy to follow through it. Blink down, grab Pac, blink up? The timing would have to be perfect. And ultimately, she believed she'd need all the mana she could get, so... Right as the first drop of blood landed on the roof, she jumped off, quiet as she could be as she feel down to the walkway, Instrument in hand and ready.

She tried to stab right into Justin's skull as she fell, and-
-upon failure/landing between him and Pac instantly went for slicing at his throat and pushing Pac away from him with her back as she did in a singular smooth motion. She'd turn and wrap Pac-A-Fist in her Instrument's chain as she grabbed her and ran off the balcony, making sure to land on the balcony below to avoid harming either of the girls.
-if she managed to skewer him with the tip of her Instrument on the fall, she'd blast a Damage X - Scatter into his brain through it before grabbing Pac and jumping off the balcony onto the Police Station's roof below.

19 | Female | Freelancer | Misty Steps
Apexer Predator | Dagger | Physical | Heavenly Chain
Arctic Storm | Masking
Step of the Hurricane | Wind | Riding the Currents
After You Get Smacked UP | Disco Fever
[Storm (4), Flight (6)] Damage X (6), Multi-Cast (4), Blink (4), Magic Sense (6), Heal (16), Portal (8), Rain (2), Scatter (2), Bounce (2)


DANGER POSSIBILITY - Bronze Projectile: Damage X, Scatter - 96

PHYSICAL: E | ARCANE: C | CHAOS: B | 750 (DP: 654)
A young brunette walked through the streets of Tokyo slowly. She was only in the city for a short while, there to visit her parents, and was quite lost. Normally she wouldn't be wandering aimlessly like this, but she had heard of a bird sanctuary nearby and wanted to check it out. Besides, the city was way too loud for the girl in the Mametchi shirt, and the buildings and people made it too hot for her to comfortably wear her scarf around her neck. Instead, she chose to wear it around her waist like a belt, which had actually gotten her in some slight trouble with the locals. They thought she was in a gang of some kind! As if she didn't have enough trouble with people...

Finally arriving, she stopped just outside the sanctuary, looking at the cemetery across from it. Music played through her headphones too loud to hear if anyone else was nearby, but something felt wrong, somehow. It didn't take long for her to give in to the feeling and take one of the random paths through the area. She didn't know where it would lead, but she didn't really care. It was more important to get rid of that feeling. So she turned her music up a little louder and kept walking, not noticing the damage on the other path.

Marrie Knight

It's been hell tracking down information. Not even counting the Holy Diver on the horizon, which Marrie had no idea how she was going to handle, there were rumors that Justin was back in town. She'd seen some activity involving one of his silk businesses, and she didn't want to think about what would happen if he showed up again when such an existential threat was coming. To make matters worse, Stacy had gone off somewhere. Marrie hoped it was to find shelter, because "flesh-eating insects" and "flesh barely held together as a zombie" didn't go well together. Speaking of which, Marrie had invested in some kevlar and a clip-light, though perhaps a hazmat suit would have been smarter. She supposed she could just stay inside while the insects were around, but... She might not be able to live with herself if she just hid while normal people suffered. She did make sure to set up a message to her mom in case she didn't make it.

Right now her investigations led to conjecture, but she was going to investigate further. When the first "plague" came down, she'd be going over to look into what Justin was doing back in Pax.

Did some slight edits, but here for final approval.

"... Pretty." The young boy sitting just outside of the hellscape of war spoke aloud to no-one. He had a perfect view of the shield of light and the bombs breaking against it. There was a moment that passed in which the boy watched, as if viewing fireworks at a party, before the wall of light became even brighter and the boy turned away. He could see most of the battlefield from where he was, and it seemed he was going to get his wish. The enemy began breaking through the coastline with tanks and amphibious vehicles, moving ever closer towards his own position, bombs hitting near enough to shake most people's conviction, but far enough to not quite do him in.


The thought that he was being a burden sprouted in his mind as he watched the young girl he had noticed disappear, reappearing on the shore as she tore apart several of the offending tanks. "I'm still useless." The boy didn't like that thought. He disliked it, he hated the little voice in his head that said it. Perhaps to his handlers' surprise, perhaps to their expectation, deploying Nemo a bit away from the battle had been a brilliant tactical move, as an apathetic Nemo would only get in the way. And of course, getting in the way would only turn him into a rather short-reaching shield, when they needed something more... offensive. And watching as those deemed his allies die wasn't enough. Instead, it was watching that girl that began the domino effect that was expected, the whole reason he was placed here instead of elsewhere in the war. The boy stood slowly, the sword resting behind his neck on his shoulders beginning to move as well, equally as slowly. By the time he was standing straight, the sword had fallen to his side, held by both hands now, and the blade was seemingly larger. In truth, the blade was simply vibrating at high speeds, and was only increasing in intensity as its wielder began to run towards the shore.

Just outside the wall of light, skirting the edge of it, was a young boy in the clothes of a civilian overtop Kevlar padding, running as fast as he could around the wall as explosions rocked the air above him. Soon enough, the explosions stopped as he got close enough to the opposing ships that attempted aerial strikes would be harming their own side. Several ZTZ-99 were moving along the same path he was, in the opposite direction, to try to find an opening in the Arms Master's wall. And while the boy may have been dressed in the clothes of a civilian, no civilian carried a much-too-large sword that buzzed like the wings of a hummingbird.

Several shots were fired, and one even hit the boy in his left arm, but orders to not kill Arms Masters, as the boy obviously was, saved him. It would have been trivial to shoot him down, but by holding Vitae in front of his body, parallel to his torso, Nemo was able to approach without further injury. He slashed the blade through the tank, just short enough to avoid decapitating the driver, and then through the treads on its right side. He seemed to quickly dance through the entourage of military vehicles as he cut through each of them the same as the first, starting with the front and ending with one of the treads.

He likely wouldn't make it back to his designated position, but at the moment, he didn't care. He was going to be useful somehow, or die trying.
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