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Current "Solid, liquid, or gas, what will come out MY ASS?" - The Ghost Note after taco tuesday.
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Hey... I like weird/underground rap songs, so if anyone knows any please shoot it my way.
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"I'm an asspirate!" - The Ghost Note.
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The OOC for Neon Miami is up:…
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New interest check: Neon Rainbow. A crime story satire about Miami gone neon:…


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Sorry I'm late boiz and gals.

@Mao Mao I was caught off guard by the helmet, but long as you're aware this isn't cyberpunk, accepted.

@silvermist1116 Veddy nice, accepted.

Lady Miyako Common Room.

To say the least, things are a bit... rough.

Heidi had her arms crossed, as she watched the broadcast with an entirely straight face. Zeal, who was the number one got killed by Godfather, and Ida who was in her class snapped and killed a bunch of first years.

What a great way to start the new year, isn't it?

Many of Heidi's fellow classmates and friends were very perturbed by the events. Heidi on the other hand was outright enraged by it. How dare Ida, someone she looked up to, do this? What’s more, Zeal was defeated but... but to Heidi that just meant that they needed a better #1 Hero. Not Heidi, but maybe someone in the room.

Of course Sasuke had to come on in and stir the pot and blame her class for Ida freaking out like that. Like it was their fault that he flipped out. Now that struck a nerve in the firey girl, to say the least. While everyone was admonishing him, she thought they were being a bit too soft. She balled her fist as it heated up. Heatwaves radiated off of her before her hands burst into flames.

Fire radiated from her hair as she pointed at Sasuke and shouted,

“Sasuke, shut the hell up!” Heidi started, the fire in her hair flared up that accentuated each word. “Like you have something to say if Ida was in your class.”

Lady Miyako Common Room.

Phoebe was on her gaming system in the back of the room. Silently playing her game while the headmistress prattled on about what happened. Honestly Phoebe knew exactly what she was gonna say, some speech about pulling together and holding hands and sing songs. Bah! Who cares. While what Ida did was all kinds of wrong, Phoebe knew that the League of villains just wanted to sew hysteria! And that’s what they did! Cause hysteria among Japan and the rest of the hero community.

Of course Sasuke had to open his trap and piss off Class-A. While what happened to Ida could have happened to anyone in any class, a storm was coming.... and honestly Phoebe didn’t think highly of the current hero community.

Then Todoroki had to go and strike Phoebe’s nerve. She turned off her system as she said to him,

“... Like how the A-list heroes protected the people Ida killed?” She said and craned her neck at her as she went back to her system. Speaking to everyone as if they aren’t even worth eye contact, “Look if you guys wanna cover her ears and ignore the obvious, then that’s you. But if you all want protection you better learn how to do it yourself. Because you all seen what happened to Zeal, right?”

Then she played her game like nothing was important.

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