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Current Keep. Brain. Busy.
1 mo ago
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
1 yr ago
The people you hate the greatest tend to have the flaws you see in yourself that you resent the most.
2 yrs ago
Sometimes I lie awake dreaming of being as consistent in this hobby as I was ten years ago.
3 yrs ago
If people aren't interested in your idea, maybe there's more at play then just unluckiness. Maybe you need to present your idea better to the audience of that idea.


Gowi | Trans-Femme | 34

I change my profile too much.

If you’ve been around you know the bullet points. I’ve been in the roleplaying medium too long and for a long time not nearly consistent enough. You either like me or don’t. I don’t care anymore, I’m gonna be me. If you want to RP my interests are anime vibes that doesn’t suck, dark fantasy, space westerns, actual westerns, modern fantasy, slice of life, survival horror, superheroes, and basically everything. I’m asexual but I’m open to romantic plot beats if they’re good.

Send me a PM if you’re into semi-decent writing in any these categories.

I have a personal discord and if I know who you are, I'll give you a look.

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That makes one of us. I'm kidding. I'm just interested to see if I make it. I was trying to shake up the usual mold of "face" by going "what if their charisma was just arguing with you reddit-style until you quit?" Also, I've been replaying Phoenix Wright for some reason. It's fully infected my brain.

Iunno. Maybe I need to get out and touch some grass... I mean... sleet.

@psych0pomp You can survive two days. I believe in you!
Should have something in on my end by Friday in this and DC.

Thinking I'm gonna shelf my engineer for now and work on a pilot instead. Sudden inspo hit me. Woe is me.
Use google docs like an adult in 2023, Dizz, lmao.
@Nightknight It happens to me too. I will never understand why.

@TGM I'd far prefer to be accepted for what's in the RP.

The times have changed Dizz. We can't just write in a RTF in Wordpad and just plug and play anymore. It's not ezboard anymore. Personally, it's helped my writing. Somehow.
Presentation is one of the key elements of getting accepting into a RP or getting people interested in one. So, yeah, it's probably worth formatting fixes.
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