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Vittore eyed Percival warily, tracking the movement of his hands. A map. He had a map. Seemed terribly prepared for clawing his way out of a bloody pit, or however it was they all got there. Their mouth settled into a hard line, and before they could decide how to respond, if at all, the girl began swinging her cane.
They flinched back hard like they’d been shocked, their heart kicking into high gear. She was loud. Energetic. Far too much, all together. Everything about her demeanor put them on edge, though they couldn’t say that the others put them more at ease. Just a group of disquieting people, as far as they could tell.
But that girl was demanding, and the man was curious, and keeping their mouth shut forever didn’t seem feasible. Besides, how much could that little bit of information hurt him? “Vittore,” they answered after a few long seconds, trying not to audibly grind their teeth.
Vittore remained on their hands and knees for a time, panting hard as they tried to regain some sense of composure. What in the world was all of that? Was it even real? They sat up a bit, leaning back on their heels, and put a hand to their chest. There, undeniably, was the feeling of leather and metal of simple armor, and when they slid their hand down toward their arm where their clothing was torn, they felt the softness of their flesh.
Definitely real, then.
They peeked through the hole in their sleeve and wanted to retch at the dark red signs burned into their skin. An intense feeling of panic and <i>wrongness</i> ripped through them, so powerful it was an almost physical sensation. They shouldn’t look. They should leave it alone. They should be afraid.
They clapped a hand over the tear and tried to breathe steadily.
Slowly, they gained the presence of mind to look around at their surroundings. There were others around them, also gasping, also disoriented. There were two, a woman with a bird and a man with a scroll not otherwise engaged in conversation. “You,” they said, hating how raw their voice sounded. “Where…Who are you?”
@WhoamiOh, cool! Can't wait for it!

Also, I updated my character sheet! Basically, the mark is expanding and getting worse over time. Other than that, I'm content with where they're at!
@Whoami Oh, jeez, sorry this took so long! I'll give Vittore's curse a bit more thought (honestly, not pushing things far enough is one of my weaknesses as a writer lol), but otherwise I'm fairly satisfied with them. I'll get it to you after work!

@Whoami Cool! I should have mine up tomorrow! There's just one or two final things I want to iron out.
This seems really cool. Color me interested!
This sounds neat. I’ll post a character sheet soon, if it’s alright.
Hi, everyone!
My name’s Tellukka.
I’ve been role playing since 2011, so I guess going on eight years now. I’m mostly familiar with freeform stuff, but I’m looking to start trying mire traditional table top games with dice and rules and stuff. Generally I have the energy for a paragraph or two and as for genres, I’m usually into adventures in science fiction, historical fantasy and steampunk, and horror, but honestly I’m not super picky.
When I’m not doing RPs, I love reading comics and intend to make one one day. So yeah, it’s good to be here and I’m excited to meet you all!
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