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Current Just to inform all my partners I will be taking a short break whilst I move home. Responses and replies will return once I am settled.
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How do you write like you're running out of time? Write day and night like you're running out of time? (This darn song is stuck in my head T.T)
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Welp, now to wait for the next patch of FFXIV ;A;
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Expect delays with replies as FFXIV Shadowbringers has come out <3


April 22nd
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If you have an questions or ideas please feel free to get in touch! I also work full time so sometimes my responses can be sporadic.

If I'm not on here writing I will most certainly be playing video games or sucked into a new world reading.

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We fear that which we cannot see...


A little bit about me! I love to write in my spare time as well as play video games. I love using fandoms and original plots so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see anything you like! I’m a female and prefer writing with those 18+. I prefer fade to black if things progress with characters, this could change later on depending how comfortable I feel. On another note I don’t mind playing the male however I do prefer playing female characters. I'm happy to do MxF and I'd be willing to try FxF/MxM, however it's not something I have done before and I do not mind on post length as long as you give me something to work with and it's not a one liner.

Please PM me to discuss any plots you may be interested in!

I’m also open to hearing any plots you may want to suggest, I’m looking for a few new partners to write with.


~Current plots~

Muse A is the Princess of her country, one that has been at war with their neighbouring country both trying desperately to win. Muse B is the Prince of his country, heir to his throne and as his father is quite ill, he will be King imminently. Both are on the front lines doing what they can for their country until Muse A is struck whilst trying to sneak into enemy lines, the enemy country mistaking her for a wild deer. Muse A collapses in unspeakable pain, head hitting against a rock knocking her out and causing memory loss. Muse B finds her, she is dressed in normal clothing and as Muse B has not seen what the Princess looks like he now has a choice, what does he do with this woman?

I’m also happy to play around with this plot, maybe we could have amnesia in a different setting? I’d be open to other ideas.

Promised to one another Muse A and Muse B had been an arranged marriage since they were young. Uniting two lands they were the power couple, having known each other since childhood no one questioned their love for one another. What happens when you can't produce an heir for the country? Muse A hasn't been able to produce an heir struggling to conceive the pressure of running their country on top of assassination attempts with no lineage to follow they must try to work together. Muse B however has other plans and one of them involves a mistress.

The Arrangement:
Muse A is betrothed to Muse B to stop a long sort out war, a war that has ravaged both countries and the only way to see an end was to unite the countries with a marriage.

Another variant would be Muse A gets sold off to a gangster boss Muse B due a debt her family incurred a more modern style arrangement. This can also be worked into the Tudors idea above. I’d just be really interested in writing something around old medieval times with royals and a court.

Famous isn’t everything:
Muse A is quite unwell, they suffer from an illness and as a last wish they wanted to see Muse B who is famous. Due to giving up on all hope Muse A is getting worse because they see no point in living, once Muse B visits it perks them up a little. They discuss things and Muse B makes regular visits because they feel obligated too at first, but things could go from there.

Another variant would be Muse B the famous person is the cause for a huge car crash injuring Muse A quite badly. Muse B sends flowers and an apology to appease their social media status but makes a visit to Muse A and see’s the damage they’ve caused. Perhaps even Muse A is now paralyzed, and Muse B feels like the owe Muse A something and tries to help. At first it came from a selfish place, but they slowly realise how they are starting to care.

Muse A is the daughter or a well-known Pirate hunting Captain, the Captain in question has spent most of his life seeking out Muse B a well-known Pirate. The Captain even went as far to kill Muse B’s previous love and the Captain will do at nothing to bring this Pirate to justice. The Captain is obsessed with Muse B. In retaliation Muse B kidnaps the Captains daughter, intention to hurt maybe even kill her or blackmail the Captain, Muse A will be his leverage for a better life.

Please find the link to the kind of setting I want to build with this.



I have popped the fandoms under a hider only because I have so many! I'm happy to play both canon and OC and can double up!

Yeah pretty much the same haha.

Work has been crazy, but it will get better!
No worries!

I completely understand, especially when free time is scarce and you want to make the most of it by seeing those you care about!

Have you been well? :)
Ethan waited for the text back with bated breath, waited for it to sink into the new King that was probably having the time of his life to realise at what cost it would take for him to be on the throne. The King was a young boy, infatuated by his ex-girlfriend who lay on the floor in front of him and he knew the King wouldn’t be able to have this on his conscience, the thought of another suffering at his hand when all he had to do was step down from the throne. Hopefully the King believed that he was that twisted to act upon it, and he was sure of that fact with all their meetings with one another. Caspian would not let Iris die he was sure of it.

The minute he heard his phone buzz back the smile grew on his face only to drop just as quick when he read the words ‘I will not step down.’ Feeling his anger spike as he read on the grip on the phone tightened, “What?” Hissing to himself as he tried to understand the motives of the King, was he happy to let her die? Let her be tortured each and every day because he refuses to give up the crown. Maybe he had the King all wrong?

“No, he wouldn’t leave you like this.” Muttering away to himself as he glanced back at Iris wary of what the next move would be. Narrowing his eyes as he began to contemplate the ideas forming, perhaps he would see her reaction to know if Caspian would truly leave her. “Well Iris, it looks like my plan has failed.” Sighing heavily as he sat on the floor next to her catching her flinch from the corner of his eye. Holding out his phone waiting for her to read the text. “Let it sink in, Prince charming isn’t about to come save you and he’s very happy to stay as King and let you fall prey to my hands.”


“What the hell do you mean by good?” Outraged Ethans eyes widened as his nostrils flared, why was she happy about it? Why was he now seeing a faint smile on her face at the news? “You’re going to suffer and die here because the love of your life is refusing to save you and all you can say is good?” Rising to his feet as he stuffed the phone into his pocket shaking his head confused at her reaction.

“It’s good because it means I broke his heart enough to make sure that you would not get your claws into him because I knew deep down you would not keep your word.” Finding the strength to speak up against Ethan as she knew she was going to be in for a rough ride, but to see the message from Cas saying he wasn’t going to step down gave her hope that Ethan wouldn’t get near him. Ethan however, was clearly not impressed with her reaction as she found herself screaming out in pain as a loud crack sounded through her ears.

Pain flooded through her left arm, and she could still feel the pressure of his boot pressed firmly against her arm pinning it to the floor. There had been no warning as he stomped on her limb no doubt breaking it and she could feel the tears forming as she began to whimper from the force of it.

“Think about that, whilst I create stunning photo ops to tempt your Prince.” Spitting down at her slumped on the floor before he stormed out the room, in fury he couldn’t help but send one more text to the number that had taken weeks to get.

Fine, on your head be it. Long live the King.

“Ethan… you promised me.” Iris whispered as she pushed herself up from the floor feeling the tears already threatening to spill. All she had wanted was to keep Cas safe, to keep him out of it even as her heart yearned for her to be with him once more. “I… I am here for you because you asked me too. You agreed to let this stop if I came back.”

“I never thought you to be so naïve Iris, did you honestly believe me at my word?” Cruel words left his lips as he paced towards her on the floor, his one good eye watching her closely.

“There was a time when your word meant something.” Sitting herself up from the floor as she pushed back the tears and found herself frowning at Ethan. The phone in his hands meant one thing and she knew what the photo of her meant. A new game was about to be played, one that she didn’t want to be a part of, one that she had run from because she knew Cas would be safer without her and yet she was now going to be another problem for him.

“Funny how times have changed.” Twirling the knife between his fingers as he walked around Iris keeping her in place on the floor. “There was a time when I thought you loved me, when we were together…”

“Is that what you want?” Swallowing hard at the memories, they had been happy once and fools of course but if that was what he now wanted, maybe it would mean that he would stop this obsession for killing Cas.

Even with being back in the districts held against her will she still thought about him, wondered on if he was okay. Not a day went by without her heart aching and maybe that was why she had become so numb to the pain of Ethans abuse. Even if it had been better for everyone all round, she still regretted leaving him because she did adore him, and they had fought through so much. Hopefully he hated her, hopefully her abrupt leaving meant he would not care what kind of position she was in because she didn’t want him risking his life and getting caught up in Ethans schemes. “He won’t care you know… that photo he will just delete it because I broke his heart.”

“Then why does your voice sound strained at that thought? Clearly you are upset by the idea that he would hate you.” Ethans smirk grew as he leant down reaching out to touch her face only to watch her flinch from his touch. “I would very much enjoy the thought of reliving old memories together.” Humming softly as he leaned in pressing a kiss to her cheek his fingers running up her forearm before they slowly wrapped around her neck.

“Ethan… please.”

Letting go he pushed Iris back down to the floor before standing up to his full height once more, grinning to himself as he felt his phone go off which could only mean the King had responded. Opening it up to see the message he chuckled knowing that the King still had some care for the girl even if she claimed that she had broken his heart. “For someone with a broken heart he still asks about you. Hmmm, let’s see.” Tapping his fingers against the device he wondered on if he should even reply or let him wait for a response. Glancing over the small device he could see Iris huddled on the floor, not much fight left in her.

Step down as King, or she will suffer.

Tilting his head to one side as he scrolled through previous photos on his phone, ones that he had taken before today because he had been biding his time. After selecting his photo carefully hoping it would be the one to get the message across. To panic the King into acting rashly because if one acted in panic, it meant he would have an advantage. So, the particular photo he chose had been one of Iris asleep on the floor in the room he had her locked in oblivious to what was going on, still in a particularly bad state like the previous but with a difference. Small pieces of torn clothing just about covered important areas of her body leaving things to the imagination, but also showing the extent of damage he had already been causing.

For every day you are still King, Iris will pay the price. Time is not on your side.

Closing his phone, he sighed as he folded his arms knowing the message, he had sent was loud and clear and now all he had to do was wait. Wait for the King to be lured out to him so he could make the final blow.
Iris couldn’t tell you what day of the week it was anymore, Ethan had kept her cooped up in that room and she was lucky she even had a bed with the way he had been acting towards her lately. You’d never have thought he was a loving boyfriend once, that he had a romantic side towards her and would bring her something as simple as a flower to brighten her day. Those days were dead and gone, far behind the both of them as now he had a new obsession, and she couldn’t tell you what had happened to drive him like this.

Hopefully the threat of messaging Caspian didn’t happen after that day, she didn’t want him dragged back into it because that was the main reason she had fled back to the districts. To stop Ethan from causing anymore harm to a monarchy that was fractured enough. If Cas where to be killed there would be no more and that would cause an endless war and bloodshed that was not needed. Her life was nothing compared to the weight of the world on his shoulders, everyone looking up to him to be a great king.

It was what she kept telling herself, what got her though the long nights and abuse that Ethan would throw her way. Again, she was isolated, left to feel alone and there wasn’t any grace period of being able to see Masisie like she thought. New bruises decorated her extremely pale skin and she hadn’t had food for days; Ethan brought her water to keep her alive but that was about it. The hunger pains had long gone, replaced by the pains of wounds that her psychotic ex-boyfriend now inflicted. What was slightly worrying was the fact Ethan had started to go around to everyone proclaiming she was his girlfriend once more. Something that made her stomach turn that was certain.

“Oh, deary me, you’re looking a little… worse for wear?”

Hearing the creak of the door and the sound of his voice Iris tried not to give it away that she was awake, keeping her eyes firmly closed and her body still on the bed she hoped he would just walk straight back out and leave it as is. If he thought she was asleep maybe she could spare herself a little bit longer today, no need for dealing with unwanted trauma straight away for the day.

“I know you’re not asleep Iris, you think you can fake it… but you can’t.” Ethan hummed softly as he walked closer to her, still no response but he knew her better than that. Standing over her on the bed he reached down his hand caressing her cheek which earned him a flinch. “Now was that so hard to wake up?”

“What do you want.” Hissing her words as she glanced up at him, edging away from the touch of his hand as best she could inwardly cursing herself from flinching.

“That’s no way to treat your boyfriend now, is it?” Reaching out he went to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear only to growl as she batted his hand away. “Enough of this childs play.” Hissing as he lunged forward hands wrapping around her slender neck squeezing it until he heard a pained cry, getting the reaction he wanted he pushed Iris up against the wall a manic smile spread across his face. “It’s showtime.” Whispering in her ear earning a shudder as he pulled out a knife slashing across her stomach tearing the clothing and causing a rather thin cat like scratch across her skin.

Stepping back Ethan admired his work as he saw Iris close her eyes tightly, torn clothes, dirt covering her body alongside a wonderous amount of bruising and cuts he knew this was what he needed. Grabbing his phone he took a photo of the scene, it wasn’t the worst he could do, and this was just a warmup, but it would still get him the desired affect and the prince wouldn’t know what hit him. Browsing through he found the number that had taken days for his hackers to obtain and typed a message attaching the photo before sending.

My girlfriend, back home where she belongs…

Hoping to pick up one more partner!
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