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Current It's nature's ink.
5 mos ago
No bully sand 3:
5 mos ago
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5 mos ago
It honestly feels like it's 1979. And I wasn't even around then
7 mos ago
"That's kinda gay bro" -Socrates, 420 BC


Hi :)

Me when I first got here: owo what's this?
Me 1 month later: I live for smut.

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Dark Cloud 6 mos ago
I kinda wish more characters would at least interact with Valen but they'll be forced to when we get shipwrecke-oops I mean an unforeseen event.
evierose 8 mos ago
Dark Cloud 12 mos ago
Dark Cloud 2 yrs ago
Suh dood
Kenshi 2 yrs ago
If you wanna post in the ic of DnD Heroes Hall, you can.
Maybe it will give dark initiative to do so to lol
Dark Cloud 2 yrs ago

You posted a status but it was so popular it went unnoticed.
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