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Hey guys, unfortunately I haven't been able to get in the mood for this game and will have to withdraw my participation at this time. It's been fun though and I've really enjoyed a lot of moments together. ❤
@Pakde @A5G

At Sonia's request that he stay at the camp, the old man calling himself Gideon gave the demoness a hard yet thoughtful stare, his grim wrinkles seemingly pronounced. After a few moments of contemplation and looking back at the camp, he turned back to her adamantly.

"They should be fine. Those sailors seem capable enough, and they've got that swordsman and that mage."

His expression softened for a moment, as if it never had before, as Gideon gazed at the woods with a hint of fondness.

"I used to be an adventurer, y'know. Kinda miss those days. They were simpler times. It'll be good for me to go. You all could use the help. We don't know what's out there."

So it was decided that the old man would join the expedition party, and after some preparation, the group headed off into the woods.

* * *

The forest seemed typical enough for a forest, though surely most everyone had noticed the peculiarities of the place, most notably the strange flora and fauna, ranging from oddly shaped ferns that resembled prehistoric plants to insect cocoons the size of forearms. There was also that disturbingly subtle whirling hum in the air, that didn't seem all that natural in the midst of a forest. The smells too, were mildly unfamiliar, albeit wholly wild, almost pungently so. Wyland had commented that the place reminded him of his aunt Olga's, though a tad tidier in comparison.

The female sailor, who had divulged her name to be Natali, was focused on the trek, though her curiosity seemed to get the best of her on more than one occasion when she would stop to observe something in equal parts wonder and disturbance. Gideon in the meantime showed no signs of being particularly unsettled, donning his typical hard grimace at every turn.

After traversing deeper into the woods, the group indeed found traces of a river, and soon enough the sound of flowing water was within ear's reach. The glimmer of the stream shortly made it's appearance, flowing from inland out towards the general direction of the beach. Fresh water came at a most welcome sight to the travelers, as they were eager to collect it between their hands to wash their faces and taste its wonderful ordinariness. Water was water and it was good.

Glancing down at the running stream with a smile, Natali was reaching down for a drink before she suddenly noticed something that made her flinch backwards with a gasp. Apparently, submerged beneath the shallow stream where she was reaching was the body of a human. Well, more like a skeleton at this point, as decomposition seemed to have taken its course quite some time ago. The person was wearing some kind of uniform-like outfit that seemed a bit ragged for modern times, but surely they had originated from known civilization. On the moss-covered coat of their jacket was a cryptic symbol--faded yet unmistakable--a stylized eye angled at 45 degrees, contained within a four-pointed concave star. The skeletal remains lay there unmoving against the force of the stream, as the group examined it with troubled expressions.

The sound of breaking bark cracked in the air as the tree Wheelo had given the fatal elbow fell onto the forest floor with a leafy slam. Birds squawked, fleeing in droves in the chaotic aftermath, and a mossy green deer-like creature scampered out into view. It gave the wheeled man a manic glance before hopping back into the depths of the forest. Meanwhile the glimmer of a shadow seemed to zip into Wheelo's peripheral vision for a split second; it seemed to come from a cluster of trees some distance away, though it was hard to tell if it was just a stray bird or falling branch.

Before long the surroundings seemed to settle back into its natural state, though perhaps with increased rustling of bushes near the fallen tree. Still, Wheelo felt that same strange sense of being watched from somewhere. It seemed whoever or whatever was watching him wished to continue remaining hidden--that is, if he wasn't imagining it in the first place.

Trekking into the forest alone, Wheelo soon found himself in the midst of nature's greenery. The vegetation seemed to grow more exotic the further in he went, and there was something subtly unfamiliar about it all. Maybe it was the dragonflies the size of human palms flying about, or the eerie sound of barely audible ambiances in the distance, or the vaguely alien aromas that lingered in the air.

As he went along, he couldn't help but get the feeling that there were unseen eyes on him, trailing him stealthily from the shadows. From the odd flickers of a silhouette in the trees, to the snap of twigs from movements that weren't his own, it seemed there was something out there very aware of his presence. Or it was just this place, playing tricks on his imagination?

He had walked some ways into the woods by now, but its depths seemed to stretch on much deeper. One could easily get lost in this place if one wasn't careful.

@Pakde @A5G

The old man amongst the survivors seemed to take particular note of Wheelo's venturing off on his own, as he stepped up towards Sonia and the expedition group. "I'd like to go as well," he said in a firm voice that made his matured age seem like an asset rather than a liability, even in adventuring.

He then glanced off in the direction Wheelo went, his already stern look growing even more grim. "I saw that fellow in the wheelchair roll off into the forest on his own. We shouldn't be wandering off by ourselves like that. Best to stick together in a situation like this."

"You sure you can handle yourself old fella? This isn't some light nature walk we're going on." Wyland commented, giving the old man a discerning look.

The old man glared at him, the hardness in his look saying more than any words could. "I might be old but I can hold my own. You best be sure you can as well, sonny."

Wyland smiled, raising his hands in concession.

"By the way, name's Gideon," the old man stated, placing his hand at his sword belt where an ornate rapier clung. "I'll be ready whenever."

Sir Landon flinched as the arrow struck the sand near him, looking startled and then appalled. He could do little to argue with Sonia's points however, having the vast majority of the crowd against him already. All he could do was stutter a few hapless words in the form of "how dare you!--" and "this is outrageous!--" but in the end he seemed to realize the truth that here in the wilderness he was at best a self-declared ruler with no subjects. So he huffed angrily but subsided from further pushing his entitled authority, at least for the moment.

Meanwhile the sailors looked approving of Sonia's leadership, many of them nodding to her ideas and proposals. Even Luca, the nobleman's page, seemed look upon her initiative favorably, despite attentively tending to his lord's wounded pride.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Ryland commented, looking ever more impressed with the demoness. "I'll be joining our thoughtful leader in exploration, if she doesn't mind of course." He unsheathed a dagger from his belt, skillfully twirling it in his hand in a show of dexterity.

"I'll go as well," the female sailor who spoke up about searching for the captain said willfully, seeming eager to set afoot and do something.

The rest of the sailors seemed a bit undecided between staying and going, as they looked amongst themselves. "So what sort of shelter should we build?..." one of them soon asked, looking a little confused as he scratched his head. It seemed he wasn't so familiar with such kinds of construction, and many of the others looked to be in the same boat.

"Perhaps some sort of hut could be viable," the quartermaster offered, eyeing the trees nearby. "I'm no expert on building shelter but these trees look thin enough to be chopped down and used as basic support. We could use the leaves and such as roofs. We'd need some way of holding it stably enough together though, perhaps with some of the more sturdier vines." He looked back to the group tentatively. "I could stay and help with erecting our lodgings, though I'd certainly prefer if someone more experienced in such matters than myself were in charge."
@Pakde @Remuri

As Sonia introduced herself and addressed the group with discussion about the situation and what to do, the sailors gathered around looking thoughtful, but most didn't seem to have much to contribute. Evidently being lost on a terrestrial land mass wasn't their specialty, especially without their captain. A few did speak up though - the first of which was a woman looking to be in her late twenties, with brown hair in a bob-cut that could have been neat on a normal day. "We should look for the captain, and the others who are missing. It's possible that they washed up on a beach nearby. We could send scouting parties in either direction." She glanced around along the coast, squinting slightly as she took in the distance. A few of the other sailors nodded in agreement - it seemed they were fairly motivated to regroup with their captain and the others in their crew. Surely many were missing and worried about their shipmates.

The quartermaster spoke up next, stroking his chin in a discerning manner. "Certainly, but ensuring our own survival is of foremost importance. We should try to locate a source of sustainable food, as well as secure shelter." He glanced at the cooking fire, the smell of roast fish a pleasant reminder to his nostrils. "Nice haul, by the way," he said to Nanashi with approval. "I suppose you're not all troubles and headaches."

Talk of leadership and elections caused a very moody but equally pompous Sir Landon to enter the discussion, stepping into the midst of the group tailed by his squire. "I should lead things here, of course. I am royalty, after all, just a few hairs away from the King, really," the nobleman declared proudly, to the dissenting groans of the sailors. "First off we need to build some chairs and beds - my joints are killing me. You lot are probably used to sleeping on dirt and rocks but a refined noble like myself needs something more fitting for my class," he ordered, assuming leadership despite a general sense of dissent from the sailors.

"Of course milord, why don't we all prioritize our efforts building you a throne for your tender little ass? Seems more important than safety, survival, and gettin' back to civilization," one of the sailors jested, to Lord Landon's irritation. A bit of commotion and tension was starting to develop between the nobleman and the sailors, as Landon's page tried his best to quell the situation.

Meanwhile, the traveler with the roguish leathers and wide-brimmed hat stepped towards Sonia, flashing a mysterious smile. "Pleasure to meet you, Sonia Al-Hathya. Name's Ryland," the man tipped his hat in smooth fashion, his rugged handsomeness smug under its shadow. "You know, if I had to be stuck on an unknown island, I'd definitely choose to be stuck there with a beautiful, capable lady like yourself," he said with a lift of his eyebrows. "Who knows, maybe this whole thing could turn out to be rather auspicious in end, hmm?" he shrugged, still wearing his charming smile. It seemed the man wasn't being particularly subtle with his advances!
@Pakde @wierdw

The woman narrowed her eyes at Sonia, distrust flagrant. It seemed almost like she was hardly registering the demoness's words and their meaning at face value, interpreting every sentence as having some insidious, manipulative quality. She glanced over at the group before quickly shifting her eyes back to Sonia, clutching her daughter closely at the mention of the girl. Her pendant was still jutted towards Sonia, warding off the supposed witch with firm resolve.

"Don't think you can trick me with your words, witch!" she exacted with conviction. "I'm no fool as to listen to the words of a demon, whose foul magic I just suffered!" It didn't seem like reasoning with her would be fruitful, the unhinged woman's judgment entirely clouded by fearful prejudice and distress.

Her attention spun towards Ember at the mage's approach, initially lashing with suspicion, but soon turning to blatant terror. She hugged her child close, breathing heavily in panic yet unable to take her eyes off the mage whose magically-altered appearance was made even more frightful from the woman's state of paranoia.

"N-No! Please! God help us!" she cried, trying to scurry away but stumbling back in the sand. As Ember continued his threatening 'counsel', the woman seemed unable to help but listen, her mind forced to heed the words, her demeanor teetering towards dread every time Ember flared his aura. She looked towards Sonia, fear and confusion in her eyes, daring not to challenge the mage's statements. She wasn't able to reply with any kind of coherence, and as Ember finished his diatribe, walking away, the woman was left shattered and shell-shocked. Her hostile attention towards Sonia seemed to have mostly dissipated, as she looked too overwhelmed to give much thought to the demoness at the moment.

Ember had definitely claimed the title of 'witch' in a most striking manner to the woman, and she was not likely to forget it any time soon, as she sat there in the sand hugging her daughter, recovering from the ordeal.
@Pakde @Grade

The middle-aged woman, disheveled and still tattered in kelp, eyed Sonia with equal parts suspicion and vexation, immediately pulling her daughter closer as if to shield her from the influence of the worrisome outsider. This was not a woman who easily placed trust in others, especially demonic-looking others, on even the best of her days. And this day was far from one.

"What do you want from us!? You want to steal away my daughter - is that it!? Don't even dream of it, you will never pry her away you wicked--"

Before she could finish her accusatory diatribe, the woman was suddenly knocked away from her child by some magical force, falling to the sandy ground with a puffy thud. The child in the meantime was gently placed on the sand by the same windy force. Mother looked aghast, while daughter looked confused but curious, though not without a concerned look towards mother, whose vicious eyes immediately turned on Sonia.

"W-WITCH! SHE'S A WITCH! SHE'S TRYING TO TAKE MY DAUGHTER!" she yelled loudly, finger pointed furiously at Sonia, before scurrying back towards her child and wrapping her arms around her. "Are you alright!? Did she hurt you!?" she anxiously comforted her child, checking for injuries, before turning her fiery gaze back on the demoness.

"Y-you stay away, witch!" she menaced, feeling about her own neck for a pendant which featured some obscure idol of a God, posturing it defensively towards Sonia as if beckoning its protection. "The holiness of God will protect us from your malice, demon! Begone, else you shall incur His wrath!" the distraught woman continued, saying desperate prayers under her breath as she held the pendant stiffly towards her supposed transgressor.
As the survivors reoriented themselves to the unfamiliar locale, more continued to wash ashore. Several crew mates were beginning to awaken, coughing up seawater and cursing in sailor tongues. There was no sign of the captain however; only the quartermaster and a good ten or so members from the ship's crew, as they glanced about with troubled looks, ambling towards where the rest of the group had gathered.

The page Luca could be seen near a downed Lord Gaensburg, trying to shake him a wake. With a retch of seawater the nobleman jerked awake, blinking about with utter perplexity. Not far away, another nobleperson had also washed ashore, however there were no signs of life with this one. The unmoving body of Lady DeVespe was lying face down in the watery sand, her servants and bodyguards nowhere yet to be seen. It seemed not everyone had survived the shipwreck.

Meanwhile, the sound of a woman's worried calls sounded across the beach. It was the mother of the family of three, her hand tightly clutched to her daughter's as they scoured the beach. It seemed the husband was missing, as repeated calls of "Hilbert!" went and continued to go unanswered. That did not deter the woman however, whose efforts only increased in both tenacity and anxiety. There was a good part of the group missing, and it seemed her husband was one of them, along with the captain, the first mate, about half the ship's crew, and a few other passengers.

The aged gentleman in the meantime looked to be well and good, brushing sand off his trousers in a sturdy fashion. He scanned around at the environment and then the other survivors, expression stern yet thoughtful as he joined in with the others wordlessly. Another one of the passengers - a younger fellow dressed in dark leathers - was looking about, groaning at his drenched attire, as he fetched his wide-brimmed hat from the sand, brushing off a large piece of kelp. All in all, it didn't seem like anybody's day for getting stranded on an unknown island.
The storm raged on relentlessly, bolts of otherworldly lightning crashing down all around the crumbling ship and its hapless passengers with ever-increasing intensity. The oceans tumbled in chaos, threatening to engulf the vessel with each clawing wave. Realizing the ship was likely done for, the captain growled and abandoned his command post, hurrying to direct a full on evacuation via lifeboats. As the first boat was pushed into the encroaching tides, its crew hurriedly preparing to paddle towards safety, one of the crewmates noticed something in the distance that made him halt to a stop. A gigantic tidal wave of dark ominous water was rolling its way towards everyone and everything, swallowing all in its path. The captain soon noticed as well, his brows furrowing gravely in disbelief.

"Well sh--"

As the colossal wall of water laid its incontestable claim to the ship, all turned to darkness for the voyagers. They could only feel themselves being flung through the tides by forces far beyond their control. And then, nothingness.



An indeterminate amount of time passed before the sense of hearing began returning to the unconscious voyagers--the sound of gentler waves, as they drifted in the calm aftermath of the storm, the darkness of midnight replaced by the cautious glow of light.

Eventually the survivors found themselves being washed ashore on an unknown beach along with pieces of wreckage from the ship. Tropical vegetation grew all around the beach, becoming denser the further in one looked. The beach itself stretched in both directions along the unknown coast, the hint of distant cliffs in one direction, and a bend that was obscured by the forest in the other. Peculiar wildlife could occasionally be spotted--large seabirds resembling storks flying at a distance, their calls subtly alien; smaller birds with rainbow patterns on their wings, chirping atop trees further in the forest; hermit crabs inhabiting a number of curious looking shells, waddling about in the sand. All in all, a wild, tropical paradise, with no sign of civilization anywhere in sight.

Some of the crew members and passengers that were washed ashore were beginning to wake up, coughing up seawater as they groaned and weakly crawled to their knees, reorienting themselves the best they could. They were a long way from anywhere they could remotely call home--and as they looked around, they knew it.
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