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@Dark Cloud *meanwhile looks for even more to join*
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"A story is like water That you heat for your bath. It takes messages between the fire and your skin. It lets them meet, and it cleans you!"
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Hi :)

Me when I first got here: owo what's this?
Me 1 month later: I live for smut.

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C) Chocolate Chip

Choose its starting location:

A) The bakery
B) Someone's kitchen
C) The cafeteria
D) A dark basement
E) A dragon's lair
G) An office room
H) A party
D (I had to)

(Now you can continue the story and provide a new set of choices for the next poster to pick from)
Rules: Pick one of the given choices and provide a new set of choices that continue the story/game for the next poster to pick from.

Choose the starting character:

A) A knight
B) A rogue
C) A wizard
D) A muffin
Hello this ia new wolepway ['-'] My name Stock

['-']/ hihi
['-']/ ok asdfasdffdafasdfasd


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Timmy slapped the devil across his

Timmy slapped the computer across the room. Yet another stupid RP thread. He was getting really tired of this dumb internet thing that made no sense. He had bigger things to worry about anyway, like the angel he had tied up in his underground lab. His parents had never supported his interest in science but that changed the day he slapped them across the room with his invention the mechanical buddha-palm. Timmy picked up his computer and placed it back on his Adfasdfhskjsahdk-brand table as he made a reply in that dumb ass fuckin thread for god knows what reason.

P o l t e r g e i

O onezone 9999999999999999999998 I DONT KNOWWWWWWWW Good['3']bYe
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<Snipped quote by spiral origin>

(Late response.)

Demon candise shook her arm to get the squirrels away from her. "Ugly mut." She mumbled under her breath.

Candace looked at her rolling her eyes. "Well that's unusual maybe there is a reason it's here"

Demon Candise rolled her eyes tossing the thing across the floor. "Does it look like I speak Mut?"

The squirrel jumped into the air but was snatched by a ninja in a helicopter. The squirrels last words were "119 did hsuB" before the helicopter flew away into the distant clouds, chased by an army of winged tortoises. One of the tortoises landed near Candice and fell asleep. Out of its shell emerged 7 monks, three of which began demanding that Candice pay a $50.01 trespassing tax to each of them.
@spiral origin I started an RtD in Free if you'd like to join?

It looks great! My activity lately is very spotty though and I probably can't make any kind of sizable or semi-serious posts. If that's alright with you I might give it a shot.

Feel free to post if you like =)
<Snipped quote by spiral origin>

What was it about?

Hmm short synopsis is, "A single mother enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while secretly befriendly his mysterious wife". Sort of a mystery drama thriller type thing.
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