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Satoshi Kataoka

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The first rays of light had only just crested over the horizon when Satoshi’s ears caught the sounds of rustling underbrush. Quickly falling into an all too familiar routine long since molded into him years ago, he slowly pulls his bow from its resting position upon his back, taking a firm grip on it. Just as easily, he gingerly pulls one of his arrows out of the quiver, readying it with the bow to be fired at a moment's notice.

Easing himself up behind a tree, he cautiously leans himself around it towards the encroaching noises of something coming his way. At first, he sees nothing. Several moments pass like this, Satoshi keeping himself still and his breathing measured. Then, movement catches his attention across the way. As his attention focuses in, a small grin comes to Satoshi’s face.

Coming out from behind underbrush, a fairly large and older dark grey haired boar makes its appearance. It seemed that it’s looking for an early meal, as it was eating various bits of grass and brush. All the better for Satoshi. It’s attention on eating likely meant he had a better opportunity to line up a proper shot. Knocking the arrow into a firmer position on the bow, he kept himself tight beside the tree he was behind, as he lined up his shot. Seconds passed by, his fingers ready to release as soon as it turned to a better angle. It would be a couple dozen more until he sees his chance. With the boars side now in sight, the arrow was let loose.

— — —

The sun presenting more of itself over the horizon, Satoshi walks out from the thicker parts of the woods back onto a clearly more traversed path. Securely strapped across his upper back, the now deceased and field dressed boar rests upon his shoulder. A happy little hum could be heard from him as he thinks upon what to do with it upon returning to Drakesfoot. The meat was certainly going towards the company's food supply. Every bit to save money was a good thing in his book. As for the pelt and the rest? Well, hopefully he could find someone willing to buy it from him.

Going to Beato is probably the safest bet, he thinks to himself, shaking his head. She’s more likely to give me a fair value for them over any other merchant here.

The sound of footsteps from up the path snaps him from his thoughts. His head looking up the path away from the city, he sees a lone individual making their way towards him. At first, it seemed like it was just some regular traveler making their way just like him towards Drakesfoot. However, when his eyes catch sight of a familiar looking Hoshidan blade at their side, he recognizes who they belong to.

“Good morning, Matsuyama-San,” Satoshi calls out at her approach, bowing his head as he slips back into a familiar way of addressing. He did not get much opportunity for such things, having found that most others outside his homeland and those from there use such honorifics. “I was not expecting to run into anyone else out this early.”


His finger unconsciously twitches as he watches Jessica approach the goblin with the candy bar. While he was the one that had put up the idea of them possibly being hungry, if it wasn’t the case and she or Carver were attacked instead, he would feel guilty about it. His breath held a moment as the goblin swipes the candy bar, before releasing in relief as it indeed devours the offered bar, now seeming wanting more.

Letting his form relax slightly, Asher responds to Carver. “It is indeed good it was hunger after all, and that you had come so prepared as it were.” He gives their client a nod. “You are also correct, that we should make haste to a spot further along while we have the chance.”

Following Carver after slinging his bundle of candy bars into the woods in the opposite direction, Asher hurried alongside Carver, keeping himself at the ready to protect him, should the goblins change their minds or something else comes along due to the commotion. They still had a job to do, after all.
I think I too, would like to hear about perhaps some more of the potential events before deciding, though I’m down to skip to the main plot if that’s what we need to do.

For a moment, silence seemed to have come to the sandlot after two loud thuds rang out. Jacob blinked, his brain having to finish processing what just happened before him. One second… two seconds…

“…WOOOO!” A cheer roars out of Jacob. “Way to go Zack!” Jacob had to admit to himself that he was on edge as he watched the fight. Several times it seemed like one of them had the blow, only to escape from being struck.

Hearing the voices of Rai and Fuu, Jacob could only just turn his head and raise a brow at Rai’s attempt to downplay Seifer’s defeat. Props to them for supporting their boss and all, but a loss is a loss and making excuses for it is pretty sad, if not insulting towards not just Zack, but Seifer too. And judging by said boy's voice, it’s likely he felt somewhat the same.

As Jacob saw Seifer, along with Rai and Fuu quickly moving to follow, leaving the lot, he couldn’t help himself as he gave a cheeky wave to their retreating backs and called out in response to Fuu’s earlier comment with a grin, “See you all at the Tournament~!”

His grin slipped a little though, as Vivi seemed to be taking it hard at losing his rough training with Seifer. The poor guy sounded miserable as he said an apology before he too ran off, though he was alone. With him gone too, all who remained were the four of them.

The sound of Droka’s voice broke him from his thoughts. Hearing what the other boy had to say, Jacob simply offered him a nod. “No worries. We’ll let him be for now. And should we stumble upon him at a later time, I’ll pass along what you said.” He flashes a quick thumbs up, before seeing that Zack seemed to have drifted away a little bit, his focus seemingly locked on to one of the alleyways. “Hey Jules, we should go check on Zack. He seems to be out of it.”

Approaching his friend, Jacob clasps a hand onto Zack's shoulder, who now was on his knees. “You alright there? You’re looking like you saw a ghost or something.” Jacob took the moment to look where Zack had been gazing before, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary to him.
I’m going to try and push this update out later this evening.
Yeah... it’s just been one thing after another.

And here I had hoped it would have been a simple night of rest… Asher thought to himself, as Carver was clunked by a small rock to his forehead, sending the bespectacled young man falling back. The sound wasn’t loud, like one would suspect. A warning shot, perhaps?

In any case, their group's mission was to be guards to him while on job. Carefully getting up from where he was sitting, Asher walked till he put himself between what he could assume was the lead goblin of this group and Carver. Asher, while beginning to get in a position,, was yet to fall into a full combat stance just yet. The bar of metal, while still in his hand, was hanging low in an attempt to not show full hostility. He watched as the large goblin seemed to try and convey some sort of demand at them with its spear.

“While I cannot understand what is being said,'' Asher turns to Jessica when she asks her question to the group, “if I had to make a guess, we must have come to a rest in their territory and they aren’t keen on that. Well, that or they are perhaps wanting food,” his eyes glance to Carver’s fallen food bar on the ground.

Gaze shifting from the food back up to Carver’s face, Asher raises a brow at him. “Unless you by chance know how to speak goblin Carver, the situation here may become more dangerous if they continue to increase hostilities. Be sure to stay behind us in any event, for your protection.”
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