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Sup Sovi3t here!

First time posting a 1x1 ad on here but I'm looking for additional projects to pick up on. A few quick facts about me

- I do prefer to add smut into my roleplays, ratios and other smut details can be talked about in our DMs
- With that being said, I am open to the roleplay being overly story focused or overly ERP focused depending on my partner
- Timezone EST, Schedule is usually free
- I do prefer writers who are casual to advanced in terms of writing style, and can crank out paragraphs easily.

With that being said, currently these are the genres I’m craving:
- Sci-Fi/Grand space adventure!
- Historical (20s, 40s, 80s)
- Western
- Slice of Life
- Political
- Spies
- Modern
- Crime
- Action + Adventure
- Pirates

There’s a few more that I’ll be forgetting but please feel free to message me, we can either use one of your plots - or build something together

(I’m also interested GMing if you have a GM esqe plot!)

Discord = sovi3t#3608
added you on discord! hope to work with you.
interested if there is space.
@roman I've posted my application with the revised content, whenever you get a chance can you please check?
Jartod's potion making is more general in stature per say, he's better on the poison and damage dealing side then making mere ointments and healing potions (Though he can make a minor one, compared to the other potion makers it probs wouldn't be as effective or get to the root of the problem)

Again, I'm awaiting on my PM however if I have to take it out its fine.
throwing my hat in here, plan to make a CS
Jartod “The Just”

"I wish to die with a sword in my hand, not sleeping on a bed. "

Jartod Redwater 34 Male Lawful Neutral

Ω O R I G I N S:


To understand where I am from, one must assume a place where the law and the order was given by a one man, a tyrant per say. A tyrant who heeded no religion or organized group's doctrine. Instead, he heeded his own will and his own power.

I was born into a fort, of a well known bandit known as Grozak "The Fearless". My mother another fellow bandit who my father fell in love with, I don't remember much about her, however she was there with me during my early days, and brought me up. Regardless as a kid I wandered around a fort, with other bandits. A few kids were seen in the fort, but I really didn't play or do anything of fun nature that much. Most of my childhood was me learning how to read and write, and something my father insisted on.

At the age of eight, I decided to take up smiting. Our local groups smith needed a new protege to ensure he can hand someone the reigns once he retires and deals with other task's for the group. Ever since then, I've been honing my craft, and it's safe to say I'm one of the best at my trade in the realm. Whatever the material, weather it is enchanted or not I can work with it. I'd argue it's the only good thing that came out of my childhood in that environment, besides from the various books I read.

Once I entered my twenties, I left the fort to further enhance my craft, my father of course disagreed and wanted me to stay with the gang he had assembled, it was a verbal argument that almost regarded us coming to blades.. my mother was there to resolve it however and well, after that I exiled myself from that lifestyle.

Since then I've been wandering around the lands prying my trade, working forge to forge. I've made my fairshare of weapons for loyalty and commonfolk alike, but as one might guess.. the days in that fort have left a lasting impression on me.

Ω A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

◼ Knowledge of the art of battle| Growing up in a bandit fort, he knows his way around a bow, a two handed or one handed weapon or a shield, and can easily handle himself in battle

◼ Web of Connections | His time as a smith has resulted in Jartod knowing a lot of noblemen, loyalty and a few big name merchants, he also knows people who can get thing's done.. if needed

◼ Master Smith | Jartod is regarded as one of the best Smith's in realm, he can deal with almost any material and honing it into a nice piece of craftsmanship

◼ Potions, Poisons and Ointment| - The rare thing Jartod picked up from his mother's line of work was here alchemy know how. He can brew various varying degrees of ointments and has a understanding of most fauna in the region

◼ No Magical Ability Jartod doesn’t at all have any sort of magical ability or skill needed to be inclined in the arcane.

◼ Disliked in the country | Being apart of Grozak’s clan, many villages in the countryside view Jartod as scum and someone keen to exploit them, thus he prefers to stay in the city or at least in area’s his clan hasn’t operated or raided.

◼ Mead and Ale | Jartod somewhat enjoys mead and ale…in other words he regular keeps a bottle on him and sips it like any person would sip water

◼ Light Sleeper| Jartod at most gets six to eighthours of sleep, but the slightest of noise can wake him up

Ω N O T E S:

◼ Any further notes your character may require.

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