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Current It's funny how a song I haven't heard in almost a decade will suddenly have a chokehold on me and my music taste for a week.
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Man, it's a good 2 months to be a 2000s emo. Paramore and PTV on the same day and ATL and FOB next month. Hand me the eyeliner
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Today on things roleplays made me google search that's adding me to a watch list "Suicide bomber radius"
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No one remembers when corn kid said 'not everyone has to love it for it to be the best' and that quote hits deep
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Never did I think I'd be avoiding my roommates to avoid getting asked why there was a fake wedding in the lounge room but here we are, thanks DnD


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As soon as Agthalan offered her the key she took them with a large grin as she glowed a little brighter. A hand still lay on her hip as her twin seemed almost entranced by the vehicle. It was what he did next that took the goddess by surprise, extending the robe and requesting the keys. Even more surprising was the lack of disdain in his voice compared to usual. She didn't know how to respond. Had Aryion even driven a car before? Part of Ky'riah was excited to drive again but Aryion soon stated him driving being a condition of him staying. "Fine," she sighed, trying not to appear too dejected. Better he come with than her driving and leaving him behind.

Only moments later Aryion gave his next proposition, she could navigate. The smile returned of her face as she dropped the keys into the held out robe. "I am sure I can arrange that," she replies gently. "Qhuleri is correct though, we likely only have precious moments until the IRS find us, we should go now. All aboard everyone!" she calls out, running to the passenger side of the door and trying to pull it out to find it wouldn't budge. "Brother, dear, you need to unlock the car," she calls out to her twin. Sure, she could have gotten the lock open in other ways but she wanted Aryion to truly experience this human design
Sorry, been busy. Post writing now :)

A Collab between @Inertia & @Soufflegirl123
Featuring: Victor Crowe & Catherine Hierich

Catherine was very glad she had prepared to end up in a situation not so suited to dresses. While people were catching up and waiting for Carlisle’s, very long, awaited return she wandered through the halls with her day bag to find a bathroom or bedroom or somewhere to get changed. It shouldn’t have taken long at all with the mansion brimming with bedrooms and bathroom but Catherine kept finding herself swept up by the house’s decor. She’d never been anywhere this fancy, her mother could never afford long distance travel and most attractions in Maine were more nature locations. She’d never had a reason to be at the manor despite the training yard hence never was. She found a bathroom and changed into a denim jumpsuit over a black shirt, very much glad she came prepared for this.

She had thought she had taken forever, yet Carlisle was still yet to return from the fight that had earlier taken place. Miles and Lilith seemed to be suspiciously gone from the room also. She idles by Victor, crossing her arms casually. ”So, protector of Tanner, how you feeling?” She asks, eying the scene around her. She could only imagine tumultuous situations left, right and centre. At least there were a handful of somewhat stable people in the room.

Victor stopped himself from looking around to check if Catherine was referring to him “Protector of Tanner? Here’s hoping,” he replied in jest. “I am alright, maybe a bit off due to personal reasons but hey, who isn’t?”

“How are you holding up? With being new to the coven and all?” He said and then sighed, scratching his cheek. “As much as I’d like to say that what happened earlier was rare, that would be a lie. I’ll apologize for them in advance.”

”Seems like a common theme here,” Catherine replies with a chuckle at Victor’s comment about being off for personal reasons. She remains facing the scene before, everyone seemingly relatively recovered from the drama despite some fuming faces around the room. When Victor asks about her adjustment Catherine shrugs, turning to him. ”I don’t know,” she says softly, pursing her lips, ”I think I expected coming back to feel like coming home and it’s nice to see everyone again but I guess a couple of years and a handful of Summers isn’t quite enough to be home. But it’s somewhat… comforting to see some things haven’t changed since high school though,” she gestures to the scene before them before crossing her arms once again. ”And it’s good to see you again, of course. How have you been?”

“Can’t be a witch without personal issues,” Victor joked.

“Hopefully you’ve felt welcome, I remember my time trying to fully integrate into this coven. Wasn’t entirely smooth. Eventually it felt like home,” he replied. “The same to you, it’s nice to see you again. I’ve been good. Got my bachelor’s degree and my mum stopped breathing down my neck. Er- please don’t tell her I said that.”

“Speaking of; how’s your magic been coming along. I’d be glad if any of my tips have been of any help.” Victor enquired, placing his hands into his jacket.

”Nice to hear it’s normal, Catherine muses. She didn’t really know how to feel about the group ahead of her. There were some like Aurora or Victor or Daniel who she got along with well enough but there were many she truly felt uneasy around. When Victor asked about her magic she gave a nod, ”Hm, yes, I’ve been meaning to thank you for all your help! I’ve actually come quite a long way. I’d be excited to show you sometime?” Their conversation is soon interrupted by Carlisle returning to the dining hall and instructing everyone on where to go next.

“I’ll be glad to see your progress,” Victor nodded. “Alright- are we taking the same car?” He figured that there was a more than decent chance something could happen considering that wards weakening didn’t symbolize anything good.

Catherine looked back at Victor with a small smile. She did like the idea of traveling together and gave a small nod, ”Only if you drive though, I think you’d know the way better than I,” Although Catherine spent many hours in that forest in her youth it had been quite sometime since she’d been back and she rarely went all the way to the barrier.

Catherine exited the car at the site, unable to help but feel a foreboding uneasiness like a cold gentle chill rushing through her. She took a moment to close her eyes and ground herself, now wasn’t the time for more problems. She followed Carlisle’s lead to the clearing, a brilliant blue border that she had only seen a handful of times glistening ahead of them. Unlike the last time she had seen it, it appeared more defeated, lighter blue patches and scratch marks seemed to cover places of it. She sat through Carlisle’s… speech would you call it. Her brow furrowed. She had very little to do with the man in her couple years in Tanner’s High School but she remembered him to be a quiet man.

At Calisle’s instruction to find a partner, Catherine raised an eyebrow at Victor’s direction that asked if he wanted to join her. As they regrouped she asks ”Is Carlisle always like that now? Not that I knew him well but I remember him being more… well.. Docile? Quiet?”

“I figured it was just jitters from being handed the leadership role in the Coven.” Victor replied, “But you may be right, Carlisle has not been acting like himself. I’ll check in with him after this.”

Victor eyed the barrier- it did appear that something had been clawing away at the differently hued barrier. It was not a good sign, only a few supernatural beings can do that to a magical barrier. “What do you think made that?” He asked her, “Let’s have a closer look at the barrier.”

”They look like claw marks?” Catherine muses, nodding at Victor’s suggestion to go closer to the barrier. As she edged closer that chill seemed to return and moments later she heard a meek Help. She whipped her head around, trying to find the source of the voice. That's when she heard it once more Please! Please help me! She stopped in her tracks. Although she didn't know the voice she recognised other characteristics of its speech. The echoed words, the almost ethereal sounds, the fact it seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. Catherine had come a long way with her magic but she could never control the voices of the dead. She was unsure if she ever would be able to, partially because she avoided training the parts of her magic that fuelled that ability but also, despite being dead the deceased seemed to have a lot to say.

Catherine gripped her forehead with one of her hands and squeezed her eyes shut. ”Please, leave me alone," she tries to reason through gritted teeth.

Victor looked back at Catherine gripping her head. He made his way to her, “Are you alright?” From what she’s told him, her magic erred more on the uncontrollable side of the magic spectrum. The irascible and forlorn nature of deceased spirits didn’t help either. “You can control it Catherine, it’s your magic, don’t let it overwhelm you.”

Catherine gives an unconvinced nod, her hand unmoving from her head. She slowed her breathing, her eyes squeezed shut. For a moment there was silence, she was almost convinced she had won until only seconds later the voice spoke again. Please, I can help you too! Please just listen. By now this should have been under control, Catherine figured but the dead were always so persistent ”They don't listen, they don't ever listen," she murmurs.

That's when she felt it, the pull to the west accompanied by the coldness of death. Catherine took a breath to steady herself and looked up at Victor. The last thing Catherine wanted to do was pursue it but what if it could help? At least she may have the chance to show Victor a trick she'd picked up. ”Come with me," she says gently before taking off west.

“Catherine- Hey-” Victor said. He quickly followed after her in bewilderment. It seemed that the spirit was guiding her somewhere. He steeled himself mentally, whatever this was, it likely wasn’t good. He gathered his mana, frost beginning to form on his fingers and face as his eyes glowed a slight icey blue.

Catherine wordlessly followed the pull into the forest, only occasionally glancing back to make sure Victor was still in tow. Unlike him she hadn’t prepared himself for an attack, seemingly entranced by whoever was calling to her. Eventually she stopped at a shaded spot surrounded by large trees that seemed to be bent and cracked in odd directions as if a hurricane had passed through. The scene was partially illuminated by the blue border where the sun failed to shine. Only feet in front of her lay the body of a young woman with orange hair, covered head to toe in scratches similar to those on the border. However, Catherine’s eyes were set above the body, as if someone was standing over it.

Victor stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the dead body. He grit his teeth, it took everything in him to not spill his guts out. He followed Catherine's gaze, hovering above the body. He pieced together what had happened.

She remained wordless for a moment as the voice of the woman begged for her to respond. It took Catherine a moment to snap out of her stupor but she was soon reminded of her friend who’d come with her, likely unsure of what she was seeing. Time for her next trick. ”Victor, give me your arm,” she says simply, holding a hand out in his direction, her eyes unmoving from their post.

“Huh?” Victor asked, perplexed. He gave her a long look before giving her his arm. “Alright. Just don't curse me,” he joked to lessen his own unease.

Catherine gave an uneasy chuckle. He didn’t truly mean that, did he? Surely not. In a place where status meant more than it should, it's a comment she was expecting to hear more than she had so far. She shook the feeling down, she could trust Victor, she knew that. ”Good thing cleansing spells are my other specialty,” she meekly jokes before clasping her hand around his forearm.

It took a moment as Catherine closed her eyes and focused on a spell; her necromancy and illusion skills working in tandem to open the channel between her friend and the dead. Soon the image of the woman stood above her own body. It was the same orange hair and the same clothes almost torn to shreds by whatever had caused all the scratch marks all over her body. Unlike the corpse the body was translucent and surrounded with an ethereal glow, almost as if it was projected onto the scenery.

Please a voice that seemed to come from the form called out. The words seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere all at once. Each word echoed, seeming to bounce around the brain. Please, listen, you want information? I have useful information

A chill ran through his spine as he could now see what Catherine could see. This was a first for Victor. Consulting with the dead wasn’t exactly on his bucket list. The girl looked to have passed in a horrible, piteous state. The spirit’s disembodied voice- he now understood Catherine’s difficulty in drowning out the voices of the deceased.

“I am listening. I am sorry for what happened to you, but can you tell us what did this to you?” Victor finally said, giving a side eye to Catherine as he waited for what she had to say.

Catherine looked over at Victor, so openly plunging into questioning. That was the way she should be, Catherine was sure but years of hearing the voices and seeing their visions had worn her down. Not to mention that so many bodies were in so many ill states. She turned back to the visage, also awaiting its answer.

At Victor’s question the figure nodded appreciatively. I… I was training. Here. In the forest and your barrier broke? Or something? I sensed something around here and came to investigate and… the woman trails off and takes a shaky breath, struggling to find her words. Werewolves. Well, a werewolf. I tried to fight back… I tried!

”You’re a witch?” Catherine asks somewhat incredulously. Sure, she didn’t know people too well but in her couple of years in Tanner and all the summer holiday visits she was sure she’d had an idea on who the witches are. She eyed the body curiously, perhaps all the scratches hid the identity too well?

Magi the voice corrects.

Victor's suspicions proved true. A werewolf attack, they appeared in many of the books he’s read. Their presence has expanded so much that even the mundane world has developed their own mythos regarding them. It would be their luck that the coven’s first problem are werewolves.

Victor respected the magi’s resolve to warn others of what had occurred here. Like Catherine, he didn’t recognize who this magic user was. A magi… He thought, one who drew their magic from the markings on their body. Magi’s were no slouches, while they couldn’t have the breadth of control of magic as witches, they tended to do exceptionally well in their niches.

“... Did the werewolf go for your markings?” Victor enquired.

The woman lifts her left forearm where a mark that resembled gusts of wind lay relatively intact. Not really? she replies quizzically.

”Do you think it targeted you directly?” Catherine asks, looking between Victor and the woman.

I don’t think so? He just seemed to be after blood. Aren’t they all? The voice sighs

“I see…” Victor replied. This werewolf seemed atypical from what he’s read. “Was there anything else you wanted to point out?”

The visage shakes her head. ”Well, thank you. And sorry for… all this,” she says, gesturing to the woman’s body laying on the ground. She turns to Victor and gives him a nod before releasing his arm, severing his connection to the dead. She could only dream she could do the same for herself. In the heat of the moment she hadn’t noticed how drained she had become at exerting her powers to a new limit. She took a prolonged exhale to muster up some energy before looking back at Victor.

”Ta-da,” she says meekly. ”We should go back to Carlisle, hey?”


A collab with @DClassified

Meki had had possibly only an hour of sleep when the current of the water brought an uncomfortable chill. Water was cold at times, sure, but this… this felt different. It wasn't the chill of an oncoming Winter, no, this was an indicator from the water. The water knew. Feeling uncomfortable, Meki lunged out of the water, thrusting her spear in front of her. She was expecting more of the beasts her people had been battling the past year yet it seemed to be just her alone in the night.

"Hello?" She calls into the darkness, blinking the grogginess of disrupted sleep from her eyes. She kept her ornate spear raised in front of her, if there were enemies waiting to ambush at least she'd be ready.

“I see you might yet feel it too.” The shadows seemed to speak, as with looking left and right, there was no one. The gentle tune of strings to a harp accompanied the voice. A gentle and calm melody that reflected the demeanor that the voice perhaps was trying to emulate.

“Something isn’t quite right. In fact, a hint that something is wrong.” Eyes searching around further, ears following the music, the indication of the most common recurrence of the voice revealed that it was in fact coming from…

“Though, perhaps that is just a feeling that we’ve grown accustomed to now as monsters now conquer the land.” Reclined between the branches above was a figure in the darkness. Initially there was not much that could be seen outside of a glowing red eye, staring down at the young zora.

“Could that dread be what woke you?”

As the gentle voice cut through the darkness Meki gripped her spear a little tighter. She narrowed her eyes slightly as they scanned the scene of the night before her, alas she could not find the source of the voice. She slowed her breathing for a moment, taking in the sound of the music and following it with her eyes to finally meet a glowing red eye perched amongst the branches of the tree.

She wondered if its probings were worth the answer. For one; monsters tended not to have the intellect to craft such lines nor did they have glowing eyes and hide in trees yet perhaps the ones in Kakariko did. “Who are you?” she asks sharply, readjusting the spear in her hands, although she was yet to level it in the direction of the creature in the tree she was prepared to in one swift move if it dared attack.

“Merely a shadow of what once was. The last of the smoke that once belonged to a great fire.” The scarlet light of the eye diminished and the figure was left to the darkness. If one’s eyes were keen enough, it could be seen dropping from the limbs to the ground but no sound accompanied. However, the shadow maintained its distance, clearly taking into account that she was still on edge.

Thus, in a measure of what he considered to be good faith, he stepped out of the shadows of the trees into the moonlight. What the young zora could see was the garbed warrior of the fabled Sheikah people, but instead of a weapon in his hand was a small harp. The expression that his single, uncovered eye carried was that of an even one that studied her.

“Though, I am of little consequence. I am more interested in you, wandering daughter of the sea. The wellbeing of you and your people since the fall is something I have been tasked with observing. However, I require a guide as my goal is to come, not as a spy, but an ally.”

The shadow seemed to just disappear into the night, leaving Meki scanning the plains before her, searching for what could be man or monster. As he revealed himself she took a couple of large steps back, wordlessly leveling her spear at his chest as she warily eyed the figure before her. In his hands he held… an instrument other than a weapon. His garb resembled that of the stories of the Sheikah that were passed to her people from wanderers.

At his speech, the zora, deciding he was most likely not a monster, lowered her spear. "I'm sure we are suffering no more than most," she replies simply. "Yet, you intrigue me. What exactly are you observing for?"

“The voice of the Zora has quieted since the siege on Castletown. My superior has suspected that they are going through particularly difficult times. Although Kakariko has been made a refuge for some, we wish to offer aid for others who were allies of the Kingdom.”

"I mean, there are many hardships at the moment I suppose. Our numbers are dwindling." She replied. She hadn't been gone from her people for too long, surely nothing had happened.

“Very well. Might I ask your name?”

”Meki… and you?”

A moment of pause followed her question, and soon after, the young warrior retreated into the shadows.

”You may call me, ‘Shinon’. May you find rest. I’ll find you with the rising sun.”

A Collab between @Soufflegirl123 & @HaleyTheRandom
Featuring: Miles Price& Lilith Montgomery

Location: Coven House
Interactions: Mostly themselves.

Miles stayed silent as the fight raged, knowing the bunch involved just weren't worth losing his mind over. Instead, he sat finishing his coffee, twirling his keys on his finger. Soon Lilith and Carlisle rushed out, drats he couldn't help but think. He had so many things he wanted to say to her, to catch up on. Even though they would probably never be close again their childhood was so intertwined he at least wanted to have some knowledge of her life beyond what his lovesick bestie had told him. Yet, he let the pair be alone, a knowing smile spreading across his face. For all his denials there was nothing Miles was more certain of than Carlisle being head over heels for his ex-beau. Not that he minded, Lil and him were far in the past now, both of them had had partners since, he even jokingly gave his friend his blessing. All there was to do now was sit back and wait.

Time had passed and Carlisle returned to the interior of the manor, a dejected look on his face. Miles cocked his pierced eyebrow, had she rejected him? At least she was alone somewhere for them to talk. He headed to the verandah, clapping his friend on the shoulder and giving him a You good? glance before making the rest of the trip.

As he reached the verandah, Miles leaned against the doorway, crossing his arms. "Gee, Lilith. It's been a lifetime, hasn't it? If I didn’t know any better I would have thought you've been avoiding me this whole time," he greets her smoothly, resting a foot on the side of the doorway.

After Carlisle had walked away, Lilith had taken a moment to try and calm her nerves out on the veranda by herself. As soon as the young man had turned her back, Lilith had done the same, grabbing back onto the railing. She had only a brief moment to close her eyes and take a deep breath before she heard a familiar voice.

Gripping the railing harder now, the young woman watched as her knuckles turned white.

’Lily, darling,’ her guide, Gaea, spoke in her mind. ’Everything’s going to be just fine, I promise.’

’No, no, no,’ Lilith thought back in response, biting down hard on her bottom lip. ’The universe hates me, you all hate me. My brain is jello. I just want to go home, and now you send mehim?

Blinking hard, Lilith tried to clear all of the thoughts from her mind before turning around to face the biggest skeleton in her closet.

”Miles,” she croaked, looking up at him, arms crossed across her chest as she leaned against the railing. ”I don’t mean to be rude, but I really don’t have time for this.”

Walking across the veranda, Lilith tried to slip past the much taller man and back into the dinning room with everyone else.

Miles didn't know what he was expecting. Her to laugh or cry. Want to reminisce over the times or even yell at him, but the last thing he expected was for her to just push him aside. He moved his feet over but remained on the edge of the doorway so Lily could walk past him but he was still there.

"Oh, come on, LiLi." He says gently as he readjusts himself against the doorframe. "I'm not here to rub anything in or throw myself at your feet- you've got Carlisle for that- I just… I don't know, Li. It's been 6 years since we've even shared a word, maybe it's possible I just wanted to see my childhood friend?

Sighing deeply, Lilith rolled her eyes, looking up at the taller man. ”Why?” she asked, her voice now sounding like a forced whisper. ”Why, Miles, on the day that the wards are falling, and Carlisle is trying to say whatever it is he’s saying. Why on the day where I’m having a mental breakdown? Just why point blank period.”

Truth to be told, as Lilith stood there in front of Miles, it took everything in her not to throw her arms around him. A hug from him would be exactly what she needed right now - familiar, comforting, & warm. She would love to hear his heartbeat, and have him bury his face in the top of her head once more - but things had changed.

”I… I don’t mean to sound harsh,” she continued, forcing a small laugh. ”It’s just… I’m not sure I have much to say.”

"Maybe it's because you've been mysteriously absent from wherever I've been, yet somehow my mother seems to know everything you do," he says, trying to not seem too accusatory. "She talks about you a lot, you know. Never where you are but a lot of what you've achieved. I guess you're the favourite child after all," In the heat of Lilith's emotional rollercoaster Miles remained remarkably calm. He was used to this, it felt natural slipping back into their old emotional roles. Even before they were lovers this scene was common, some things truly don't change.

"I know it's a bad time, Li, but I think it'll only be bad times from now on. Clans will attack, wards will break, there will always be excuses." He goes to say more but seeing the look on her face softened him. 6 years may have passed but he'd seen that look often for 8. He froze for a moment, hesitating on what to do. The impulsive side of him wanted to wrap his arms around her as if nothing had changed. As if they were still the 10 year olds who almost lived together, the 14 year olds who had lost a loved one… the young sweethearts on the football oval. Although the logical side of him knew it was far from what she'd want, or at least what she logically would want, Miles was never one to act off of logic.

He wrapped his arms around her, giving a sigh. There was something familiar and warm about the embrace, the same fond warmness that came from his childhood bedroom or his mother's cookies. A warmness he'd forgotten he had craved "I do miss you, Li. Not in a 'I want you back' kinda way, or even in a love kinda way at all. Honestly, I don't care who you date or whatever." Miles pauses to catch his words, it is rare that he gets flustered but he never really thought about what he'd say or really imagined getting this far. He takes a slow breath. "I just miss the girl I grew up with,"

Lilith stood there, trying to figure out how to respond. Was it weird for her to have stayed in contact with his mom? After all, Mary was the only mother that Lilith had had for years.

The young woman wanted to hop even further into defensive mode, and tell him that she hadn’t been keeping tabs on him. She had. She wanted to tell him that she didn’t care she did and that she hadn’t been avoiding him. But she couldn’t lie to him, even after all this time.

As Miles embraced her, Lilith’s initial reaction was to freeze up until he finished speaking. Even still, she slowly felt herself relax as she buried her face into his chest, wrapping her own arms around him.

Was it wrong to feel like this? It wasn’t like she still had feelings for Miles, after all. Sure, she had never managed to stop caring about him, but she didn’t love him, either. At least not anymore. Listening to his words, Lilith wondered if she was anything like what Miles used to know - and if she wasn’t… Well, who knew?

”I miss you too,” she replied, quiet tears now starting to run down her face. ”So much has changed and happened and all I ever wanted to do was call you -” her words rushing out of her mouth, Lilith forced herself to stop speaking as she tightened her grip on Miles even further. ”I’m sorry.”

Part of Miles fully expected Lilith to push him away, to scream at him about being absolute scum yet maybe it was clouded by the last words she’d ever dared spoke to him. As the tears streamed down her face he pulled her in closer, massaging the top of her head with his fingertips. He felt his shirt get painted with Lilith’s tears and was somewhat glad it wasn’t from something he had done for once. Although many years had passed this felt more like normalcy to Miles, comforting, familiar normalcy. The kind you get content in.

"Oh, LiLi,” he replies softly. He was unsure how to respond, part of him wanted to tell her to not be sorry but part of him found solace in those words- that admittance of purposeful absence. "I see you’ve gotten feistier,” he says with a chuckle, more just sound to fill the void than anything but a true comment nonetheless.

The pair stood in silence for a while, gripping on to one another. Something felt so addicting in her grip, so right but he was over her… right? It had been 6 years, she was a different person and he… well he was kinda still the same but still…

He shook his head, no time for those thoughts anymore, not knowing how much Carlisle loved her. Besides, he knew he could have a slew of lovers but a friendship like Lilith’s? That only came once a lifetime and he had already lost that once. "We have a lot of time to catch up on. How about we have lunch or something sometime soon? You can bring your new man if it makes either of you feel better,” he offers. Why did offering to extend the invite to Carlisle feel so sour on his lips? Perhaps it was assuming she probably did not accept Carlisle but Miles didn’t know, maybe Carlisle was into rejection?

Standing there in Miles’s arms, Lilith allowed herself to become vulnerable again for the first time in a long time. Sure that her mother would have something to say about old habits dying hard, she couldn’t help but let all of those old memories come flooding back. All of the days by the lake, or lunch at Huskers. How he used to make her laugh, and actually cared to read the things that she had created.

Pulling away from him, Lilith chuckled, whipping her eyes.

”Carlisle,” she questioned. As Miles spoke, Lilith paid more attention to his eyes than anything else. He was the stoic type - but his eyes never lied - nor did Lilith’s empathy. Something told her that while Miles was playing calm and cool, he might not have truly felt that way, but she couldn’t dwell on the thought.

”We’re just friends,” Lilith continued. ”I mean, we might be close but… we’re just friends.”

As Lilith pulled away Miles gave her a forced smile ”Want the sleeve too?” he half jokes, pulling his sleeve over his hand and holding it in her direction. What was one more wet patch in his now tear-stained shirt.

He knew she was searching him, as much as he tried to play up his pomp and joy Lilith had a knack for seeing deeper into him that always scared and fascinated him together. She knew, she had to know. Miles, he could read cues, but Lilith could read his whole soul through his eyes. At Lilith’s claims that her and Carlisle were just friends he raises an eyebrow quizzically. Carlisle was rejected then, it seemed. Either that or Lilith was trying to protect him. She was always trying to protect him.

”Li, it’s fine,” he says gently with a soft chuckle, ”That man talks about you more than my mother does, in a way it seems like a similar friendship we had before…” He peters off and remains silent for a moment. Their break up was always a sore spot for Miles, less so the actual end of the relationship and more of the awful things they had both said to each other at that time. He clears his throat and gives her one of his goofy smiles, ”You’re allowed to move on Li, he’s a good guy and really does care for you,”

Waving his shirt sleeve away, Lilith now leaned up on the other side of the door frame across from Miles. As she listened, more and more came to realization for her.

”Are you - how - what? Eyebrows knit in both a newfound frustration and confusion, Lilith tried her best to articulate her words without cutting too deep into Miles. ”So you mean to tell me that even you know he’s… feeling whatever it is he’s feeling? How is it that everyone in this town knew before I did?” she questioned, throwing her head back in defeat. ”We’re just friends, Miles,” the young woman added, now making eye contact with him once more. ”And you mean to tell me that you two - you and CARLISLE of all people - are besties? What the actual fuck?”

Here she was getting more information from Miles on how Carlisle felt than she had ever learned from Carlisle herself. Something about that fact didn’t sit right with her. How much had Carlisle really told Miles? Hell, how much had Miles told Carlisle was really the question.

Taking a deep breath, Lilith rolled her eyes. ”Not that it’s a problem - it’s just… interesting. You’re both allowed to be friends with who you want, obviously. I just - what makes you think I haven’t moved on? Or at least tried,” she questioned, laughing dryly at his comment.

Miles let Lilith pick up the pieces of her mind as she connected that the men were close, well at least close enough to know such information before saying anything. ”I thought you knew? Damn bastard truly is rather private I suppose. We went to college together, Li. We dropped out together. I don’t know, I guess that stuff just bonds people like us. He never said anything but funnily enough it’s what he didn’t say that told me. I always wondered if it was obvious in the way he looks at you, that I didn’t know until today. But, I mean, you don’t have to like him back, I guess I just assumed,” he gives a shrug before simply tacking on a ”Sorry,”

He tried to search her in the way she had him but paying attention to her motions and facial expressions. Perhaps Carlisle’s affection was one sided after all. Maybe it wasn’t on her mind, or perhaps someone else was. Before he could question it Lilith started talking again, questioning words obviously taken in twisted context. Miles throws up his hands defensively, ”Relax, LiLi, I never meant you hadn’t. I just know what you’re like with being all over protective and all that- I just- it’s okay for you to admit it to me. I’m a big boy I can take- wait, what do mean tried?” Maybe Miles was overthinking, perhaps his self-centeredness was winning in making the scene seem more about him, or maybe the desires he just couldn’t shake were twisting his words out of context. Was she still into him? Surely not he decided, she couldn’t. Yet his question lingered in the air.

Lilith blinked once. Then twice.

Truth to be told, she hadn’t even realized what she had said until Miles had repeated it back to her. She knew exactly what she was feeling right now, and how she had felt for the last six years - she just hadn’t dared put words to the emotions. She remembered standing there in her bedroom, telling him that she’d wait forever as long as it meant that she got to be with him - she just never expected herself to actually mean it.

”Just, for lack of a better term,” she responded quickly. There was no way in hell that Lilith was about to take a neck dive into what this conversation could be with practically the whole Coven in the next room. ”Just… why do you care? Why do you care if he likes me, or if I like him, or if I’ve moved on,” she questioned, doing her best to keep the tone of her voice soft. ”I get that you two are friends, but like… I’m sorry, I’m not accusing. I just really don’t understand.”

Miles was taken aback by Lilith’s questioning, for all this time he was probing into her thoughts he was ignoring his own. He didn’t want to admit how he was feeling, not outright. He’d moved on. He’d thought he’d move on. The drinking, the partying, the one night stands, the very short lived romances. Were they solely in his nature? Or was he also running from a truth he couldn’t confess? It wasn’t the time for a confession… Miles wasn’t sure if it’d ever be time for one but if there was a right time it wouldn’t be with his best friend only one room over.

He looked to the ground, trying to do all he had within him to not turn the colour of beets. ”Gee, I don’t know, LiLi. I suppose,” he gives an exasperated sigh, kicking at the ground. ”I just… I care about both of you… ok?” He looks her in the eyes, swimming in their chocolate brown hue. ”Ok?” he echoes. Going silent for a moment. He didn’t know what to say. What was enough to make her trust him again but not enough to make her privy to how he really felt. ”I want you, both of you to be happy. Together or not, whether in love or life I just… I want good things for you, LiLi,”

Paying even more attention to his body language now, Lilith tried her best to ignore her empath abilities. Sometimes they were a blessing, and other times - such as these - they were most definitely a curse. Whatever Miles had to say, Lilith actually wanted to hear it, not just feel it. No matter how hard she tried to suppress it though, there was enough context there to tell her that Miles was being truthful, at least.

There was a long moment of silence as Lilith chose how to respond.

A simple sigh escaped her lips as she nodded her head. ”I get it,” she said, shrugging her shoulders in defeat. ”I want the same thing for you. That’s all I ever wanted, really - just for you to be happy.”

Miles gave Lilith a small smile, ”And the same right back at ya,” he replies before falling silent. He slowed his breathing, unable to think of what to see and do next. How long had they been out here? Probably too long. Nevermind, it was worth it. ” We, ah, we should go back… But come for dinner someday soon. I guess it will be nice to catch up without, y’know,” he stops himself, giving Lilith another smile, ”I’m sure mum would love to see you,” He then moves aside, allowing room for Lilith to leave through the door.

A dinner that Mary didn’t have to make sure Miles was out of the house for? That’d be a nice change. The thought almost made Lilith smile.

”Sounds like a decent plan,” she responded, slipping past him. ”Don’t want too many people asking questions anyway, hm?” she laughed.

There was a small, familiar urge that made her want to grab his hand as she walked through the doorway - and she nearly did.

Lilith just hoped that she was the only one to notice it.

Catherine Rose Hierich

As Carlisle let her in the front door she gave him a smile although she was internally feeling quite awkward that she had made somewhat of a scene of her arrival. Of course everyone is just waltzing in she chastised herself. Regardless, she'd never been inside the mansion before, she never really had a reason to be there in her couple of years in Tanner so never ended up within its walls. She didn't feel a need to bring that up, instead she responded briefly with, "Thank you, Carlisle. And, uh, yeah- Catherine. Just call me Cat if you'd like. I'll be sure to just walk on in next time,"

As she entered Catherine was greeted by high ceilings and pillars, intricate art pieces on the wall, furniture that likely predated Catherine herself but decades. She had never seen an interior so marvelous, she was in utter awe- and this was to be her base of operations for the next decades. "Whoa," she gasped to herself in her softest voice- her mouth left slightly agape and her pace slowing as she took in her surrounds on the short walk to the dining hall. She ended up trailing a bit behind her new boss by the time she hit the room. She looked among her new colleagues, of many she knew little of. She exchanged brie pleasantries with some of the members she was closer with and took a seat at the dining room table and quietly waited. Erin and Serena, 2 of her closest high school friends arrived. She greeted them with a smile, unmoving from her sea. She could mingle after the meeting.

Throughout the meeting Catherine did try her best to pay attention but it was hard to pay attention when the walls were so intricate or when the jingling sound came from Miles playing with his keys- could he just not? She did, however, hear his call to arms and gave a shrug. "Not sure how much use I'd be for a trip like this but I'm happy to come along. Might as well reexplore Tanner," she replies

Miles wasn't up at the crack of dawn like some of his peers, Miles still wasn't up at 9. He got leave off of work and if he didn't have to wake up at the rise of dawn to get into a stuffy dress shirt and tie he's going to take advantage of the rest in he can take. At 9:37 Miles' alarm blared to life, it's shril yell piercing the quiet morning. He gave it a lazy thwack as he groaned into his pillow.

Despite the fact Miles had been back in Tanner for a 4 months Miles' room has scarcely changed since when he left Tanner at 18. His walls were still painted black from when his mother dejectively painted them after 13 year old Miles made a blotchy mess out of his unconsented attempt. White sticker marks covered the wardrobe where Miles had pulled off stickers in room for things he was more into throughout his childhood years. As much as he joked about the cringeyness of the room there was a sweet nostagia in its memories that made Miles smile; the family's, sadly now in another world, Border Collie- Kelsey waking him up by rubbing her wet nose on his feet; his mother bringing him hot soup and rolling in the TV to watch cartoons when he came down with a horrible case of the flu; when he figured out the power in his charm magic- convincing his cousin to sneak him McDonald's through the window that one time he was grounded. It almost made him want to live in his childhood room forever.

Brrrrrrr brrrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrrrrrr 0953- his second wake up alarm. Miles groaned, flipping himself over to face the ceiling and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He realistically could get away with another 10 minutes but he knew that was a dangerous road to oversleeping. With a sigh, Miles sat up. First day as an actual protector of Tanner, honestly he had no strong feelings about it- as the only child of a hardworking wotch he knew his time would come eventually and although Miles didn't really seem to spend much more time with the witches and wizards as the mortals he did grow up with most of his new teammates and he'd been babysat by many of their parents when his poor mother just needed a break.

Miles eventually beat his laziness and went his wardrobe and picked out a casual red top and black genes- he couldn't be bothered with stuffy business clothes in his day off. He then wandered to the kitchen to find his mother had left some pastries on the table with a note reading Be good, have fun. And please don't be late, I will know, Miles Connor. Love you xoxo -mum. Miles rolled his eyes at the note, even at 24 his mum insisted on treating him like and out of control teenager but the use of his first and middle name left a sour taste. She rarely used Miles let alone both his names- she was obviously taking this more seriously than him. "Love you too, mum" he chuckles to himself


As per his mum's wishes, Miles did indeed rock up in time, albeit walking through the door at the set arrival time on the dot. Much like everyone else, he entered the door of the coven's mansion. "What's up, party people?" he calls through the door with a chuckle as he makes his way down the corridor. As he hit's the dining all he greets everyone individually, sharing smiles, winks and clapped backs as he takes sips of coffee out of his travel mug. Eventually his eyes came across Lilith, she seemed to be mysteriously absent from wherever he was the past months. It couldn't have been from their break the many years prior, could it? Then again, from Miles' perspective, she was always so sensitive. "Lil," he greets her coolly with a head nod. He did have more to say but was cut off by Carlisle calling for the start of the meeting.

Miles settled into a chair at the dining table, playing with his keys and occasionally nodding to show he was paying attention, just enough at least. When Carlisle asked for volunteers to help assess the parameter of the ward surrounding the town Miles gave an enthusiastic nod. "Hell yeah, I'm in," he calls out, raising his travel mug toward his friend, "You know I got your back, bro,"
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