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Current If the suicide rate on veterinarians are high, I can't help but wonder what the suicide rate for telemarketers is.
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I've been distracted a lot lately, and too easily distracted by something new. Not intentionally ghosting people. Just distracted.
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If it was PooHead, then I agree. I haven't really interacted with the other mods, so I can't really agree or disagree if it was PooHead.
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On top of everything else, the water in my house stopped working. So sick of having well problems...
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The feeling when you end up trading on Pokèmon Home because you can't seem to catch certain Pokèmon for your Pokèdex.


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"The rich families hate us as is, and we don't need to give them anymore reason to do so. Besides, I don't think that she meant any harm, she is just a little out of touch with reality." Aaron said, dropping the stick.

Aaron noticed how Harmony was suddenly acting, and Aaron, like the Poochyena and Houndour, was confused. Why was the rich child acting so strange all of the sudden? Aaron shook his head, catching himself getting distracted. If being poor taught him anything, it was that one must always been on the lookout for an ambush.

"Anyway, you two should not bully a lady, no matter her status." Aaron contined, noticing the two dark types didn't really respond to his question earlier.
Aaron wandered down and up the overgrown, unkept road, looking for something to do. Though, on one of the runs back up the road, the Riolu noticed something. It seemed to be a normal type Pokèmon, one that Aaron wasn't used to seeing around. Not to mention, the dark type Pokèmon children he had seen earlier appeared to be agonizing the normal type, who looked a little lost. Okay, maybe more than a little.

Before Aaron could stop himself from doing something that he would potentially regret, Aaron rushed forward with a quick attack, aiming for the stick that the two dark type Pokèmon were using to get dirt on the clearly lost normal type. He was able to snatch the stick away from the Poochyena and Houndour, giving the two a look of annoyance.

"Really you two? Didn't you ever learn not to pick on a lady? Or is that something that dark types aren't taught?" Aaron said, glaring at the Pokèmon with his crimson eyes.
James looked around for the $20 he lost, thanks to Pidgeotto. He even called out his other Pokèmon to help him search.

"Pidgeotto, do you remember where you dropped that $20 bill? It's okay if you dropped it off to the cashier, but we need to know if that is where it ended up." Houndour asked Pidgeotto.
<Snipped quote by Smarty Jones>

Jessie: It shouldn't cost much. Maybe about 20 bucks flat rate. I think.

Pidgeotto: There should be a cashier nearby to give the money to... to pay for the spot we're wanting.

Jessie: James, Let Pidgeotto do the paying. He can get there within just a few seconds or so.

It was gonna be a campout... just one step at a time...

"$20. Alright. Good thing that my parents gave me a lot of money that they told me that they had saved up for me in case I decided to go on a Pokèmon Journey." James said, before going off to find a cashier.

However, his Riolu stayed with Jessica.

"His mom told him that when traveling with a women, he should do the paying. Not saying that women can't pay, but it's more polite if a man does it." Riolu explained.
@MacieLightfoot Okay. Makes sense.
<Snipped quote by Smarty Jones>

Jessie thought about it and had it come to her as giving their pokemon nicknames was like a means of being very tight. She thought about it and came up with something.

Jessie: How about Rocky? He seems like a fighter with that Aura. So I'd call him Rocking fist. I'd call my Zebstrika... Lightning Mare. My Timburr... Demolition Man.

It sounded rather funny... but it was like they were bonding and coming together on sharing ideas and feelings on things...

By time they made it to the point below Arrowhead...

Dogwood Family Campground...

Jessie: It's starting to get dark out. Would you like to pitch camp here for the night. It's rather cozy... Moreless.

"Sure. I rather not stay out too late, so that sounds like a plan to me." James said, pulling out his wallet and started going through it, trying to figure out how much camping here would be for the night.

"Does it cost anything?" James asked, putting his wallet away.

"If it does, I can probably cover it, depending on the price." James continued.
@MacieLightfoot Okay. It is usually six in a party at one time in Pokèmon Roleplays, that's why I asked.
@MacieLightfoot What is the max number of Pokèmon that a trainer can have? I know it's six in a party at one time, but I don't know if there can be any in storage.
"Anyways, not to change the subject, but I have been thinking about nicknames for my Pokèmon. Riolu asked me about naming him and my other Pokèmon, but I haven't exactly found a good name for the others. Riolu, I was thinking about naming after Sir Aaron, the legendary knight who saved his kingdom. The thing is, his Pokèmon partner was a Lucario, and I think it's fitting, as Riolu will evolve into Lucario one of these days." James said.

"I don't know. While I would like to have a name other than the name of my species, I feel like you're cursing me by naming me after somebody who sacrificed themselves, even if it was for good reason." Riolu replied, having been told the story by his trainer before.

"Fair point. Do you have any suggestions? Riolu or Jessica?" James asked.
"Damn. I am sorry to hear that. No one deserves that kind of thing. I've experienced hardships, though, after hearing your story, I can't really say that it compares with yours. I was considered a stereotypical nerd in school. Other kids would pick on me, for years, the bullying got to me. I wasn't a cutter or did anything like that, but there were times I could barely focus on my school assignments. During my second year of high school, which was the hardest year for me, my uncle, my father's brother, gave me my first Pokèmon. I wasn't sure what he was trying to tell me by doing that, and for the first couple of months, I was a little mean to my Riolu, but Riolu managed to convince me that life wasn't exactly what I thought it was, a joke, and turned me around. I wasn't the most social kid in school either, and I felt awkward talking to other students." James replied, feeling bad that he really couldn't compare with Jessica.

Riolu was awfully quiet as his trainer and the woman talked. Riolu could feel that they were bonding, but didn't say a word.
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