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Ugh god... when your creativity is stuck in purgatory for a day or two... -.-
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Well let’s see... an OP to finish, three 1x1’s to respond to, and two work related reports to fill out this afternoon. I’ll need some tea.
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Someone took my Microsoft office and they will pay. You have my word.


Pansexual Banana

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Just your average millennial college dropout. I’m twenty-five years old and I live in Los Angeles where I work as a data entry clerk and a personal assistant. I’ve been text-based role playing since I was thirteen and have been writing since the age of eleven. I still remember those days of sitting alone at lunch awkwardly and writing Dynasty Warriors fanfics and hyper-cringy Star Wars ripoffs. Ah, good times...

These days I write most of anything from fantasy to science fiction to smut. I’m also a big gamer and have played endless titles from Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect to The Elder Scrolls and Call of Duty. I’m also a huge fan of Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise believe it or not and have almost every game in the franchise except for Three Kingdoms. (I burned myself out on that era as a kid. Ask me about it sometime.)

Aside from gaming and writing, my other hobbies include reading, yoga, Netflix binging, and blowing away spare time on the internet.

I’m an aspiring actress and one day want to get into theatre seriously.

If you want to RP or just chat, feel free to PM me! ^.^
I’m also on Discord; Shu#8991

Check out my Character Catalogue!

I think I’d make a good Family Guy regular.

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i am very interested. skyrim for the nords my dudes stormcloak gang rise up

@Borosev Great! Welcome!

@Awesomoman64 Say no more. 👍

@CitrusArms They’re everyone Citrus, everywhere.

@Kassarock@Cu Chulainn@TheFox@opticOpinicus@Double Okay, I’ll have the base CS template up in about 10-12 hours. We have a sizable enough group here after all and more may come still. If anyone has questions remember to ask away. I’ll also be making some additions to the PI/Notes as well.
<Snipped quote by Shu>

Primarily it's a Half-Nord, but whom passes himself off as a fullblood Nord due to prejudices against Non-Nords going on in Skyrim at this time. As such, he's Nordic on his mother's side and Imperial on his father's side. Originally born in Cyrodil, his father had been a Knight Captain in the Blades, but during the aftermath of the Great War he along with many Blades were branded as war criminals and hunted down to near extinction by the Thalmor. Feeling betrayed by his own province, the young Half-Nord decided to leave the Empire and traveled to homeland of his mother, Skyrim. Unfortunately, things aren't much better in Skyrim. He has to lie about his parentage just to keep from being run out of towns or villages like what often happens to other Non-Nords. Resentment and even outright hatred for both Skyrim and the Empire festered in the young man's heart over all this time, and when the RP starts he is of the mindset that both are beyond saving and should just burn to the ground so that something better can rise from those ashes.

Sounds good to me. No problems here.
@Shu Interested as well. Got a particular idea in mind but I don't mind redoing if it ends up not being acceptable.

Tell me about it!
Banned because malpractice.
Every time I see him it’s the same. He’s either mad or high, maybe both.

(This will be expanded on.)


The year is 4E 205. Skyrim now stands alone, separated from the Empire as Ulfric Stormcloak takes the throne in Solitude. Voted unanimously as new High King by the Moot, Ulfric has taken the crown and now rules with an iron fist. The former Jarls who did not support him during the civil war have now been exiled with their families to Cyrodil and High Rock. The East Empire Company and other vocal supporters of the Empire were likewise driven over the surrounding borders, their properties and wealth confiscated.

Following the expulsion of Imperial sympathizers Ulfric then by royal decree absorbed the various chapters of hold guard into the Stormcloak army and - aside from ceremony - declared that the only banner to fly over any city, fort, or outpost in Skyrim would be the Stormcloak banner. One kingdom, one people, one banner.

This was followed by the crown’s “appropriation” of all shipping and mining across the holds. The labor for this reformed industry was in fact taken from Windhelm, specifically the Argonians and Dunmer who dwelled in the slums of the ancient city. The Argonians work the shipping industry while the Dunmer work the mines, allegedly in chains and under heavy guard. Many speculate this to be a sort of retribution for their not participating in the war against the empire while others attribute it merely to the xenophobia and exploitation of the new regime.

Ulfric may be the new High King, but the country is far from unified even with the Empire gone. The Forsworn have doubled their attacks in The Reach what with the freeing of their own king, Madanoch. The Orsimer strongholds are feeling the pressure of Nord expansion as emissaries from Windhelm and Solitude heckle their chieftains month by month, leading to dangerously frayed relations between the tribal Orcs and Skyrim. The various guilds and many among the nobility are also poorly adjusting to the new monarchy which leads only to Ulfric tightening his grip.

The new Jarls - all eager to both win Ulfric’s favor and leave their own imprint on this new Skyrim - have taken to their own rather drastic measures. Marshal law in Markarth, land confiscations and heavy taxation in Falkreath, heavy militarization in Dawnstar, tariffs on incoming goods in Riften, and the list continues.

Rumors circulate across Tamriel of the alleged tyranny of the new High King, particularly in regards to the acclaimed injustices against non-Nords. Skyrim’s neighbors are taking interest in this, Cyrodil and Morrowind particularly as well as certain parties in High Rock and Hammerfell. Indeed spies, operatives, and even assassins are finding their way over the hardened borders into Skyrim for various reasons.

But foreign interlopers are not the only concern for Ulfric Stormcloak. An underground resistance is forming against his his harsh rule, all it needs is a spark.


What kind of High King would Ulfric Stormcloak make? A stoic nationalist that puts his country and people first? A cold hearted tyrant cracking the whip and ruling via suppression? I’ve entertained the various possibilities often and have for some time been considering an RP based upon a “post game” scenario in which Ulfric Stormcloak rules as High King and has an established presence as monarch, supported by his ultranationalistic court and following.

As the OP and below material conveys he has taken the role of a tyrant. (Mind you this is opping from my own head canon and established position.) Skyrim has effectively become a militarized father knows best state, so to speak. In this RP players will find themselves hurled into the events of a second uprising in Skyrim as foreign operatives, renegades, and refugees join forces to bring down the Bear of Markarth and topple his regime.

Alternatively if one wished to side with the Stormcloaks and help to preserve Ulfric’s rule you are welcome to do so. See more below regarding characters.


So, character creation will be rather “loose” so to speak. There will be a provided character sheet template (still under construction) and players are free to get as creative as they wish up to an extent. Any of the ten races of Tamriel are available as are character origins. By “origins” I mean birthplace, homeland, loyalties and etcetera.

The only real restriction I have is that characters cannot start off affiliates with any Skyrim guilds/factions.
For example one can be a member of Morang Tong or the Arcane University in Cyrodil at the RP start but not a member of the Thieves Guild or College of Winterhold. Skyrim factions can be joined later though.
Players of course can also role as natives to Skyrim, Nord or not.

I am still working on initial events to begin the RP and for now am focused on gathering a group. Please ask any questions you may have and feel free to discuss.

A discord server will be created soon once we have a sizable group.
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