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"What the fuck was that?" Klein yelled as Amulak fall onto his chest. If it wasn't of his strength, Amulak and Klein might as well counting the number on the scoreboard by now. His fingers dig deeper into the cavern's walls, anchored him in place. But, just as about the couple are back on their track to escape the lava rushing behind, Klein could felt something pulling him and Amulak down.

"Hey..." Klein asked the necromancer before groaning, his finger digs deeper into the wall while his feet planted on a suitable footings to provide an even foundation. "Can you cut whatever on your legs? And don't blown my leg of if you are thinking about it." If Amulak does it quick enough, he and Klein can continue their escape. But if things don't come to fruition, Klein will just have to cut his loss and let Amulak go to the dark room for 24 hours. It might damaged their relationship a little bit, but Klein thinks both of them understand what the pros would do in this situation.

Cut the loss and move on.

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"Uhuh... Sure" Klein nodded to the group while his attention was drawn toward the lava on the ground. For some reason, he felt like the next thing that popped out would be a rubber duck. The same yellow one that is now prohibited due to its nigh-indestructible properties and was once mass popularized in the 1980s can only now be found, displaying in the museum after a bulletproof glass. Klein doesn't know why he would think about the rubble duck, maybe because he felt like it.

Still, with the same position they had agreed and practiced upon, Klein walked behind the group as they slowly move up the tunnel. His health bar is thick enough to guarantee ample protection from whatever about to come out. Maybe they are about to be attack by a mob of rubber ducks, who knows

HP 1000/1000 SP 300/300 MP 0/0Shield 0

"OMG. They are sucking my breast." Klein shouted, completely and utterly devastated from the dry mouth feeling around his chest. The way their tongue circle around his nipple, flicking his chest hair, and leaving the lewd noises with their sucking. It was all too much for him. So, the giant just burst into tears, shouting "NONONONONONO" before smashing everything in his sights. He shattered the floor beneath. His fist made the cave floors cleave in with vertical strikes. Still, the dry mouth sucking never stops. Every time he extends his arms above his head, a spirit just attached itself to his armpit.

Why was such curse thing allowed to exist?

Klein asked himself as tears continue to flow along with his nose and down to his chin. The yelling of "NO NO NO" slowly turn into a "no more." The aggressive attacks that caved in the floor and shattered boulders slowly turn into a circular movement of creating as much wind as possible, just in an attempt to push the gyaki away.

"Brb." Klein said to the group after ensuring the vicinity was clear before proceeding to check himself thoroughly. He knew that the sensations back there were only psychological, unreal sensations created by a machine to deceive his brain. But, he just needs to check for any strange markings on his body. God knows what that last gyaki does to his armpit. The thought alone was enough to give him goosebumps.

Why? Just why?
My vote goes to Reapt. Really like the rthyhm.
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The MoleRat

Voting Session!

Awaken by the chill breeze that brushed through his ears, Ra wake up from his slumber. And while the day has start with a hazy mist in the far corner, Ra was not in any mood to strike a convo today. His sleep was the not good. He woke up at least 3 times over the duration of his sleep, either in fear of an attack, or just because of the unevenness of the ground that kept him changing his posture every ten minutes or so.

And with a little wince, Ra twisted himself, hearing the moaning of his skeletal as he got himself out of bed. He didn't know how long they could have last in the wild. Maybe three days? A week? A month? But one thing for sure, he probably won't move if he kept sleeping like this.

Didn't we just found some rock by the river yesterday? Ra thinks to himself before waking up Slakk, only meeting with a weak resistance and a near-death "Iknowiknowiknow" complain. If anything, they could start there. There are only two or at most three sides they need to worry about if they decided to hug the river. Besides, the ground over there should be much easier to dig compare to here. Maybe they can set up a fishing dam or something near the river.

It took about half an hour for the majorities of the goblins to wake up from the sleep, save for those who were on guard yesterday. And with the decreasing food, clean water, and just a good sleeping spots for these old bones, Ra decided to start up their debate from yesterday.

"Look, I think we need to move to yesterday's spot. The near river one." He said, addressing the supposed leaders of each faction. Behind him on his right, Palek was picking his nose. Just by looking at his shoulder movement, Ra could tell what this idiot is doing behind his back. The barbar must be picking his nose. Half of his index finger must have entered his left nostril. Wait, he is gonna eat it.

Yep... What a bunch of bollocks.

"Look, we need a better ground than this." Ra pointed at the unevenness of the ground, the formation of tree roots, dead branches, bird feces, droppings, and elephant footprints on the ground. "We need water. We need an easier, more defendable location." He stopped, trying to read the expression of each leader. Their emotions are unclear, especially from the druid. She and her dogs are the stronger here. The militarists are a tad easier, but a smudge easy won't give Ra the support he needed.

"And this... This won't cut it for us. So, we vouched for resettlement near the River. There are boulders near there that we can make a defense. Not a proper wall but should be something..." The group was still young, and perhaps the optimism from finding his own clan has made Ra weak, but that doesn't mean he put his group's survival beneath the clan. All he gave them was his standing. Now it's their turn.

Post eta in 12 hours. If you guys don't leave the rp, I won't as well.

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"Lmao, ez" Klein said with a huge grin. The path to here was too easy when he is level 35 and not a level 13 noob. Plus, there should be some loot waiting to be distributed. The thought of being less naked with only his feet covered make him a happy man today. That and the probability of maxing out this class.

"I also vote for the steep cavern, like it would provide the easiest access for the snake no?"

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"Sure, let's speedrun this." Klein said with enthusiasm in his voice without giving much thought about his future foes. The current team was able to handle anything thrown at their way. Besides, his newly acquired passive should somewhat help him against the poison. He wasn't too sure about the hypnotize part, how it suppose to work on a player character. Would he be rip away from his control and be command by an AI during the hypnotize phase? Or would it be more like a black screen, where he saw himself from a third point of view?

But, as Ames had suggested, there are no such things as overpreparation. Perhaps the market will have something he needed?

"READY WHENEVER YOU ARE." He shouted from atop of his lungs before sprinting toward the marketplace.

The MoleRat

"Do you know any of them?" Ra asked, pointing his pickaxe toward one of the goblins. She wear a wolf pelt on her head, and wolf fangs as jewerly. Her eyes shine like emerald in the dark cave, a dark green that pierce the void. The wolf packs surrounded her consists of the largest wolves Ra had ever seen, and yet they comply to her whim as if they were dogs from the beginning.

With a mouthful of smashed berries, Pakrez doesn't even need to look up to see who Ra was pointing at. Years of working together under the mine create some stupid things called "coooperation."

"Twig... She like wolves. Treated them as her own. Kinda like some druid some sort." He paused, grumbled as he picked a hair of something from his mouth, unmistakenly from those dogs. "Herd that she raised them wolves from her blood. Explained why she doesn't have a mate yet and those dogs so damn smart."

"How about them?" Ra asked, pointed at the loudmouth who just announced everything she planned to the whole clan, if this whole bunch of ragtag can be even call as "clan".

"OOOh. OOh.I know I know." Said the squeaker of the trio.

And with a smile so wide that it almost cut his head in half, Ra patted the girl that seated next to his rock, who seems to be so enthusiastic in answering something so insignificant.

"Sure, your turn, little one."

"First of all, Me not small." She puffed, "second. the loud mouth you just pointed at is my model."

"Oh, is that so?" Parkez chimes in, interested at this so called "model" that suddenly sprung up in the convo.

"Yah, she is pretty..." Slakk paused,scratching at her bald spot near the crown, a sign of her embarrasment. For some reason, the girl was born with this hair that is mostly straight until it curled near the end. The elders joke that she has "worms hair" and apparently she was being picked upon by her peers for that. In an attempt to fit in, she would plucked her hair from its root as the new hair would become straight if you pluck the worms hair out. Well, there is a reason she joined mine. And she used wear a wool headgear, or a miner cap on her head. Sadly, both of those were gone on their escape.

"iwanttolearntobelikeprettylikeher." The mosquito answered

Spotting the unease in her voice, Ra tried to divert his attention to other gobbo, asking about their informations. For the first time, Pakrez did not know everything despite his reputation as an evesdropper, and Slakk shakes her head so many time that she decided to fall asleep during the day.

"Welp, look like we down to two." Ra said before picking up his pickaxe and started to search around for a cave before disappearing into the woods, leaving Pakrez and sleeping Slakk behind.

"You coming?" The voice asked, and Pakrez simply followed, letting Slakk behind, deep in her own bubble.

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