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Thursday, June 16th 20XX

The festival was in full swing were one to make their way down the main road, and into the square. Pop up stalls and street performances littered the roads, with visitors from far and wide coming to see them. One could peruse the local specialties such as crystal apples a popular festival confectionary made from unique blue crystals similar to sugar, coating an apple, the very popular sweet cream and fruit sweetloaf sandwiches, or try something out in the provinces of the country like the rainbow pie, originating from a region with rich and sweet fruits prepared carefully to preserve their wide variety of colours. Surely, sweets were not the only food on offer here? True, there was also the boar sausage on a stick, fried herb and butter bread (or garlic bread), and of course, cheese covered sweet potatoes.

This was however a festival, meaning there would be more than just good food. There were street performers, such as singers, magicians using their talents to entertain crowds, plays re-enacting Arcture's most popular stories including that of the festival's namesake, sword dancers, and even dancers from Gran Harenae of the exotic sort. More than street performers were some other events and areas, like the petting zoo full of some wonderful and adorable local wildlife, like a small dog with what appeared to be stubby legs, a giant tail, and rabbit ears, or a somewhat unique looking sheep the size of a cat with tiny curled horns and enough wool to appear as a ball. Apparently they were popular pets. Other events included raffles and giveaways, showcases of rare items, storytelling using a magical projector, and contests for artistic skills of various kinds.

There was truly, no shortage of things to do here. Stores that were open as per normal would of course, remain open. Book stores, weapon stores, clothing stores, stores selling little trinkets, bags, and fine jewellery, and so on and so forth.

Of course, as the announcer had said before, if one wished to watch the contestants today they would have to go out the front gates, and upon doing so would be greeted by large crowds around numerous raised platforms where people were doing battle. Contestants had two chances to make it into the next stage of the tournament. They all were required to win two bouts with randomly picked opponents, but the moment they lost two they would be eliminated in the preliminaries, so they were allowed leeway to lose once, but once more and they were out. The crowds were mainly here to see the popular contenders, ones people already knew about, which consisted a lot of the students from Garadin or Alladore, and so onlookers would be concentrated to only those stages for now.
Saito Souji

Aluvera - Lake on the Outskirts


By the time the two were running from the lakeside, disappearing beyond the trees, Saito had in his hands large stacks of fish, all held by the tail. Some of which had been pierced in a place, as Saito had pierced them with his blade to end their struggling. It was an impressive haul, even ignoring the the bountiful quantity that had laid untouched. Still, it did not seem they should be returning here anytime soon. If the rules of this world were turning for the realistic, then other monsters may be attracted to the possibility of easy food very soon.

"I'm sure this is more than enough. I hope you won't make a habit of this either", he remarked towards Sefira, as the two trotted down the way they came.

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Arcture - Royal Palace Gwenovyra Ardens - The Long Hall

Thursday, June 16th 20XX

The Royal Palace of Arcture, also known as Gwenovyra Ardens, stands atop the hill in Arcture. The perfect place for royalty to look over their population. It's massive walls hold not only the palace and the palace grounds, but also various small estates owned by affluent members of the Order of Knights, who normally use these estates when they are on business within Arcture. The gardens of the grounds as one might find is flourishing, constantly guarded and maintained by mages who wield their magicks to keep some of the queen's favourite flora in bloom throughout all the seasons.

Today the crowds of Arcture shuffle onto the palace grounds, and then into the Long Hall, for which the famous tournament was known for. Those walking up to the palace through the city would note that it appeared as if festivities were about to enter full swing. A certain atmosphere of anticipation bubbling underneath all of the seemingly busy citizenry. As one may find a spot in the Long Hall they would look upon a gathering of knights and royalty stood atop a stage set in the centre. It was close enough that the large double doors behind it would not be blocked.

Among the people on stage were also what one might assume be staff, there were some others who were familiar too based on their uniforms, such as a large bearded man dressed in the Adventurer's Guild uniform, albeit a bit more regal than usual, and another who seemed to be present was... Kreydon Ashcroft. He was accompanied by a young lady with short hair. One could assume she was his wife, but their interactions seemed to suggest otherwise.

The large man of the Adventurer's Guild took his fist to his mouth and coughed, before standing up onto stage. He raised both his large arms to capture the audience's attention, and with a booming voice aided by magic,

"Welcome one and all to the Tournament of the Long Hall! I, Marcus Enghart, am your host for this year's most exciting event! This tournament borne from one of our most hot-blooded and popular knight stories has come a long way, from the earliest melee tournaments, to the full-fledged festival it is today! Showcasing the realm's very best in an annual high prestige tournament! And this year it takes yet another step forward! Not only will we see the best of the realm, but we shall also bear witness to the future best! That's right! You've all heard the news by now I'm sure! This year we shall also be running the Students Division!"

There was a murmur of excitement. This, compounded with the talk of Silver Gate and it's presence has caused some stir of excitement. Will they get to see some techniques and fighters from the other world? Such a prospect was exciting for many of the regular folk here who despite living moments away from the portal, may never be allowed to walk through.

"Is that some excitement I hear?! Of course it is! The talents of Garadin, Alladore, and even Silver Gate are a sight to behold! And we would like more people to see it! Over the next week, amidst the excitement of the festival we shall see both the best! And the best of tomorrow! A double danger combination! There will be no shortage of action this year! Preliminaries will start later today just outside the gates on the Elbern Plains, and will be ongoing until the evening or until all participants have been decided! These preliminary rounds are also for public viewing, so I invite all to come by and take a look! With the conclusion of this announcement we shall be going into the opening ceremony, and then this festival shall go into full swing!" There was a loud cheer and even some people throwing up some confetti. Some examination would show some guardsmen begrudgingly holding baskets of it.

"With some words from our King Markovic Reyvonsky Arcture II, we shall be under way", the large man stepped aside to show an almost equally large man, identifiably of royalty with his regalia and crown. He had a short, straight beard, and such stern eyes one could feel his piercing gaze from the other end of the hall.

"Like our knights of eld, and the knight who defended this very spot, I would hope all fight with honor, dignity, and a competitive spirit. My people of Arcture, let this week be that of celebration for our glory, and our strength".

The hall reverbated with the cheers of all who were in attendance, and the confetti was in full swing. The king was already walking away as people celebrated, and some even endeavored to leave early for some of the popular stores and stalls. The festival had begun.
Saito Souji

Aluvera - Lake on the Outskirts


Assuming the blinding tactic worked he already had it in his mind they weren't here to fight a large monster.

"Gather up what fish you can and dash. If it starts seeing again I'll hold it back", he responded, lowering his blade. He began wiping away some of the slime mixed with straight up lake water, then quickly turned to the area around them, just laden with fish from the earlier display.

"Even if we only take back no more than several fish it'll still be more than enough for a meal", of course... More would be nice, they'd only have to preserve them, assuming this was no longer a game at least. He set about grabbing whatever fish he could, mainly the biggest ones, and the ones that squirmed he would pierce with his katana to still them before retrieving them. It seems whatever spell the young lady cast, it struck quite deep. There were some... Impressively large fish here, ones that would only be found rather deep.
Arcture - Adventurer's Guild Hall

Tuesday, June 14th 20XX

"Of course not, what am I-", the hunter-like man doubled back realizing what he had heard was not what he expected to hear. He almost flinched as he looked back in surprise.

"Say what? Ya gotta be jokin', not only do ya claim to know some, but yer also willin' to teach it?", he put his hand upon his hat and tilted it in thought as he stood up straight.

"Well, unless yer pullin' me leg, no reason ta say no. Name's Volardo, not about to pass on a chance ta expand my skills. Fine, if ya ain't playin', grab that paper and take it to the desk", the request was simple enough. Far as this young man was concerned, it'd be on the Strigidae if he was just playing. There was not a single bit of religious implement on the young boy, and generally anyone who trained with the Indrae would have at least something. Still, considering the clothes of the others who he was with, perhaps they were the "otherworlders" he'd been hearing so much about lately... And that this Strigidae had visited that world too.
Arcture - Adventurer's Guild Hall

Tuesday, June 14th 20XX

For those who were currently here to sign up for the tournament, the process was rather simple. They would be given a form to fill out. The information they would need to submit would include name, their school if they were in the students division, where they came from, the kinds of skills and weapons they use, or magic. There was a footnote by that last one that it was for the sake of the announcers and that this information would not be shared with participants. After that, there were background checks to be done by inspectors, which really was one of the City Guard officers.

After which, they would be told that the ceremony to mark the beginning of the tournament and festival was going to be held at the Palace in the hall that this tournament was named after. Not everyone is required to be present for this, as there would be a separate ceremony later to show off all of the contestants as well as announcing the bracket placements down at the arena, a structure that could be seen from the guild.

For the time being though, it seemed Otis had gathered a bit of a crew perhaps even unintentionally and looking to a hunt. For his eccentricities he was looking into the corners of the board, and there was one that took interest.

Rampant Wraiths

"Once upon a time there was a young lady who lived in a mansion on the edge of the city. Every day she would come out and pick flowers, seemingly alone. When a traveller would come by, they would be compelled to help her, lured by her sweet and innocent appearance, and the scent of flowers, and after that she would invite them in for tea. The traveller would be grateful for her hospitality, but find themselves lacking in energy, and asking to stay the night. It is unknown what happens there, but the traveller would emerge the next day, pale, and on inspection it appears they had become the living dead... Or so the urban myth goes.

The house that this little urban legend takes place has an actual Lesser Wraith in there right now, and I'd like you to go and excise it if one of you adventurer's would be a kind dear. It's very hard to keep the mystery of this story alive if an actual ghost is there, misconstrued for the story's real monster. The fear of things not being as they seem."

Yours truly
Ms Maggey

"Ah, taken an interest in that have ye lad?", if Otis was indeed poring over this request, he would hear a voice from behind him. Standing behind him was a lean man with wide shoulders, wearing some light gear, which included a short cloak, leather form-fitting armor with a sash and coat tails.

"I see yer a green badge, oh and a Strigidae ta boot, yer don't really see those ev'ryday", the man's hair was well-kept, one could say he was handsome, though he wore a wide-brimmed hat with a feather in it, which Otis might recognize belonged to those who were hunters normally. Strapped on his back was a rifle, and based on the design it was a spell slinging rifle, so it was designed to load up spells in separate cartridges rather than individual bullets.

"I've had some interest in that too, but I don't have the means to handle a wraith. Exorcism stuff's normally handed over to Indrae folk but this one's still sittin' round, means they thought it was a joke or somethin', tell me kid, ya happen to have a way to deal with the undead? May's be a longshot but that's what I'm all about anyway", he inquired.
Saito Souji

Aluvera - Lake on the Outskirts


"Hm, I wasn't sure what I was to expect, bomb fishing is it...?", Saito sighed then shook his head, before walking forward as he had stood a distance behind Sefira. He crouched down to one of the many fish that were now littered around them, some dead, others still flopping for dear life.

"Well, we'll certainly be eating fish for quite some time with this much to go off of. We'll have to preserve some of it too", he continued. From the corner of his eye he spotted movement upon the lake's surface, then slowly stood up again. As whatever beast the explosive magic had awoken emerged from it's depths he simply drew his blade as he looked upon it.

"Sefira, maybe next time you could rethink that strategy. I'm sure there are... More subtle methods that won't upset the wildlife", he quipped, pushing one foot back as he raised his katana, the tip pointing up and towards the beast as he pulled it back.
Saito Souji

Aluvera - Outskirts

He had assumed the young lady Sefira had skills for fishing, and was honestly rather curious why she never brought a fishing rod with her... Doesn't that class require one? Well regardless, his thoughts would mean very little as he followed her towards the lake. As she began to scope out the area, he stood some paces behind her with his arms crossed while keeping alert about anything that might appear. Generally, this region was rather safe, so he wasn't so tense, only glancing around once in awhile. The quiet also allowed him to use his ears, but it seems he would be asked to use his eyes.

"Hm...? I... Well ok, if you say so", he had slight confusion, still seeing no way that Sefira could catch fish, but she seemed to know what she was doing, and so he decided not to question it.

Saito walked closer to the lake, and as per her request he observed the surface of the water, looking for fish. It would take some time, and patience, but the pristine soft ripples of the lake were briefly disturbed, and his eyes trained onto that movement. Following it as best he could, he began to see other movements, and pretty soon he could see there was a small school some length out into the lake.

"I see a school gathering some stone's throw out a little towards the right", he said simply.
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