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Current Haven’t updated this in about a year, better think of something clever to put- Oh goddamnit!
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Haven’t updated this in about a year, better think of something clever to put- Oh goddamnit!
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I just realized. I never grew up, I just assimilated into the next generation.
2 yrs ago
I just realized. I never grew up, I just assimilated into the next generation.
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Hi, how you doing?
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So, I just realized this exists... After about an year... Right time to fill this out.

So hi, I’m Shiyonichi and as you can tell from my user name meaning death four one, in Japanese. I am...

An Edgy Weeaboo!

So yeah, I am basically human garbage.

I may or may not disappear on you during role plays. From either being dead, trying save the world, trying to destory the world, or a sudden case of being dead inside.

My favorite animals are dogs, I like red velvet cake, and I am obsessed with the katana.

If you need to contact me off forum I have a discord. Though I’m not straight up give it to you, because I’m human garbage.

Though here’s a hint: The first part is the most over used horror cliche of the last decade and the last part is a place with pretty damn good meatballs.

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“Held back?” Hachiyama asked and Kai responded back. “Well, yeah. Guessing that’s your leader there, since he’s the only unique suit out of all ya and he can’t be the other merc. His Gunpla’s different and his piloting skill is just a whole lot worse than what I saw. You’d have to be a complete dumbass to mistaken the two. Your team uses the mostly the same Gunpla, it’s uncommon, ya know why? Because while it helps with consistency, it doesn’t allow the individuals on the team to grow on their own and weakens the team overall. The only team that uses the same Gunpla, is teams like SDR who are basically like one person in three bodies.”

The Gunpla fighter lectured as the GN Vulcans simply disappeared before it even hit the XCEED, due to it’s special field and the damage on the hand of the Gunpla simply regenerated using it’s Nanomachines, though it didn’t heal any of it’s other battle damage as it could only heal from damage inflicted during the battle and not before it.

“Kai, your full name ... is Kai Asakura right? As in the Asakura dojo right?” Hachiyama asked, to which Kai responded in a bit of irritation, which answered Hachiyama’s question. “In the Gunpla arena, I’m simply Kai, nothing more.” Though Kai simply listen to what Hachiyama had to say as the other Gunpla fighter activated Trans-Am attempting to slice him from behind, only for Kai to quickly turn around and block it with a raging orange beam saber from the arm of his Gunpla even with Trans-Am it wasn’t enough to overpower the cloaked Gunpla.

“While I do admit ya have the spirit of a samurai, loyalty isn’t just about following your leader around, true loyalty is about having the strength to challenge them and set the back on the right path as much as having the strength to achieve their desires.” Particles started to weave around the XCEED as the hood of it’s cloak was pushed back as a tassel of energy extended from the back of his head and the orange beam blade grew in intensity and color turning a bright blue as the strength of the XCEED suddenly increased drastically and with a swing of it’s arm, it blew away the Crimson GN-X.

“Allow me to show ya the next level.” Kai challenged Hachiyama. The inner frame of the Turn-XCEED started to glow a bright Azure and the Cracks along it’s body gave out the same shine. “When Gunpla and fighter come together, they unleash a new power.” Particles danced along the surface of the Turn-XCEED at blinding speeds, making it seem as if it was surrounded by lightning. “This power is known as... Assimilation!”

The Turn-XCEED revealed it’s other arm, it was mismatched and bulbous. The front of the arm opened up with five pseudo fingers as the center of the now open arm started charging particles, focusing it’s power into the ‘palm.’ The XCEED unleashed a powerful stream of azure energy, which streaked across the battlefield like a shooting star, completely decimated anything in it’s wake as it flew towards Hachiyama.
“Don’t worry about it, this XCEED Gundam is not for show.” Kai responded confidently, but didn’t explain further exactly why he was so confident about his damaged Gunpla, it’s actions would speak louder than his word. Instead he silently agreed to Naoki’s gambit.

“Crazier than I thought.” Kai commented as both Naoki and Charmine were sent flying and out of reach, but the surprise wasn’t over as they were missing one mercenary and that mercenary’s replacement would be a certain Red GN-X. As it dashed towards Kai the battle worn Gundam would wave it’s right hand out as the top of the armor would slide forwards to make a finger protector for the Gunpla as it’s hand glowed with energy and particles, before reaching forwards... and catching the GN Buster sword as a testament to the sheer strength of the Gunpla even in it’s current state, as it stopped the charge of the Red Unit with one hand. After all, this unit was made by Souji Kiryu, prodigy in Gunpla building called the second coming of Iori Sei. “Oi, The other mercenary is at another team, they switched them out on our end. The merc they switched out is the oldman, be careful.” Kai informed the rest of his crew. Before turning his attention to Hachiyama.

“Well, good to seeya.” Kai greeted Hachiyama. “That was a good attack.” It sounded sarcastic considering how easily it was stopped, but Kai was legitimate in his complement and wasn’t actually belittling the red GN-X pilot. “Though I got to ask ya, why do ya let yourself be held back?” The Gunpla fighter questioned. “I will say ya have quite a bit of potential, but you’re not being allowed to express that potential to the furthest, are ya? If ya did, you’d probably be more dangerous than that moron over there.” That moron being Seo, Kai didn’t need to fight him to see that he wasn’t anything special, just looking at how he controlled his funnels he could tell that. While he was definitely not expecting to see funnel control on the level of his old team leader, it was still below his standards and he’d expected Loudmouth to have barely any trouble against him.

“And Ya probably could have hit me with this.” The fingers of the XCEED tightened around the GN Buster Sword, which started to form cracks on the surface of the weapon under the pressure of the XCEED’s hand.
<Snipped quote by Renny>

Yeah that was basically the vibe I was going for. Strong new comers who are around the same 'potential' as the group.

Does this make team Alexander the Rocks Crew? Being an overpowered team that broke apart before the story.
I think you can undo it if it’s right after but not after you refresh the page.

Don’t worry the like has been received.

Nope, apparently I can't.
I accidentally pressed laugh on Crimson’s post and I can’t take it back... I’m not laughing at Naoki’s thoughts that Kai would actually be defeated at this point in the story.
Fun fact, the reason why the Turn-XCEED is covered in Nanoskin is an call back to Turn-A Gundam. Originally the Turn-X’s design was too complex to draw for the show, so a scrapped idea to get around the problem was to cover it in Nanoskin for most of the show.

You can also think of it as a Exia Repair reference, if you’re a filthy casual.

It’s also a Omnimon Zwart D reference.
“Thunderbolt Sector...?” Kai looked at the objective... and knew nothing about the setting they were thrown into, so the Gundam noob took out his phone and looked up “thunderbolt sector gundam.” “Oh, it’s a debris field with a bunch of lightning.” Kai rubbed the back of his neck. “Oi, kid.” Kai called out to Tomiyoka.

“The field is gonna be a debris field, agility is more important than raw speed. You’re probably going to have to switch to AMBAC controls, instead of relying your transformation. When you’re controlling a Gunpla with a Humanoid form, don’t think to control it’s limbs by moving your controller. It’s all about instinct. Well, I should stop there, it’s not something that can be taught explaining it in detail would be detrimental.” Kai simply stopped his advice. Like he said, controlling a Gunpla fundamentally came down to instinct, he couldn’t really teach that, he could only push him to the right answer.

Kai had no real problem, well he was disappointed that he wouldn’t really be able to fight Hachiyama, while he felt taking out a worthy opponent like he did back in the old tournament was dissatisfying, he wasn’t one to put it above the rest of the team. He needed to do what he needed to do, after all he had a score to settle and he needed to win here.

Kai reached inside his back for the case that he kept the Benkei. It was time to fight... only he didn’t manage to wrap his fingers around the Zaku, rather he pulled out a lacquer box. “Huh... Do ya want to fight to partner?” Kai told muttered to himself. There was a thousand reasons why Kai shouldn’t use what was in the box and only one reason to use it, but that one reason overpowered the others. The Gunpla Fighter removed the ropes binding the box and unsealed his broken blade. “Alright partner, just this once.” Kai got to the Gunpla table, holding the lacquer box.

“Kai Asakura... Turn-XCEED Gundam, launching to the fray!”

The Gunpla that was launched into the battlefield was covered in a nanoskin cloak, as it shifted to avoid the debris, parts of it’s body was revealed. The silver and blue unit had cracks and battle scars lining it’s body on some parts black tape was wrapped around to keep it intact, it didn’t seem combat worthy, but that served as a testament to the build quality that it was still able to move with such agility.

“Sorry about this, boss.” Kai told Naoki, knowing that he probably had no idea that he even had another Gunpla and it seemed to be in bad shape and probably messed with his plans. “I just wanted to use this.” It was a simple reason, he was starting to move forward, he got nostalgic, he wanted to use his partner.

There was no other reason.

Kai cracked his neck, another victory. He didn’t really celebrate or have any real option on this. They were stronger and that was it, no need to think about it more than that. Kai cracked his neck and walked over to the others who were discussing the others. “Oh we’re talking about Hachiyama’s team.” Kai said having completely forgotten Seo’s existence.

The Gunpla fighter looked over the footage taking a look at both the footage of the “mercenaries” that Seo had hired and gave his thoughts. “The masked guy, I’m assuming, he’s good, but it feels more of a big fish in a small pond kinda deal, the guy Loudmouth pissed off is the more dangerous of the two. Pretty sure he actually experienced, think this guy might have been in a higher league like regionals or nationals. It’s not out of the question that Loudmouth might have to look out for a new Gunpla afterwards.” Kai summarized.

“Though I don’t think ya’d have to be too worried about them, like it or not a team fight is a team fight, the weakest member dictates the the strength of the team, not the strongest. They can’t be everywhere at once. If we separate them from the rest then, they don’t matter. There’s only one other person who I can say would give us trouble, the rest of the team shouldn’t be too difficult to defeat.”
So how we all doing?
Once again, Kai didn’t give any thought to his opponents, they were just that another foe he had defeated. They had their reasons to fight and he had his, they clashed and he was stronger, that was all. That was Kai, simply unhesitant. The delinquent diver looked up to the defeated Mobile Armor, his faith in his comrades wasn’t unfounded as both of them defeated the giant opponent. Riku took the spotlight this time, but Kai didn’t really mind. A team was together, it shouldn’t matter if someone else had the spotlight, it shouldn’t have mattered...

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Kai answered back. “Alright, I’ll head back.” The Gunpla fighter waited until the ship lowered back into range and then boosted full speed into their ship’s hanger, he didn’t really feel the need to conserve energy since entering back into the hanger would quickly refil their supplies and particles, as such he prioritize getting back to the ship over conversation.

Kai saw that Blade had switched his Gunpla, Kai saw the new Gunpla and he honestly couldn’t really judge, other than it looked strong and he realized he was about the only member of the recruited team that didn’t have a second Gunpla... Well that wasn’t actually true, he still had his partner but it wasn’t in the best of shapes and since his attempted repairs were crude to say the least. Even if he was confident that he could win with it in it’s current condition, he didn’t want to risk it unless he absolutely had to pull it out.

Kai switched his focus on the battle, he didn’t say a launching call this time as it felt redundant. Another benefit of the Caletvwich, was the fact that the particles helped with flight by manipulating airflow, it was basically a do anything sword, which is why he picked it.

As the Barrage fired towards them Kai dashed away separating from Riku, before tossing a cracker into the path of a shot and under the cover of the smoke he dived into the lake, making it seem that he had been shot down and the wreckage fell into the water. Of course they could check the points to see if he was actually dealt with, but he doubted they would do that in the heat of battle especially with Riku firing back. Kai dropped the Composite Weapon, it was a beam rifle combined with a rocket launcher and a Gatling gun making it an amazing weapon, but the problem was that the weapon was too large and the Benkei had so many weapons that it had to be ditched when going into melee combat. The Gunpla fighter made a note to his comrades. “Dropped my Rifle there, if either of ya want to use it, feel free, it’s kinda wet though.” It was also a mouthful to pronounce.

Kai from under water fired his rocket anchor at the Zaku cannon to drag it back under as a sneak attack, making sure to catch it from the side to limit it’s ability to fight back. The Delinquent Samurai drew his GN Tachi, stabbing rather than slashing to minimize Water resistance aiming to skewer the other Zaku’s cockpit.
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