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Imagine posting about politics on a roleplaying site.
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So I have been on the Guild for a long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG time. I first joined the OldGuild around, my best guess would be 2012? I've been active in the Star Wars scene on the Guild since then, there have been very few games based around that genre that I haven't at least nosed my way in on. My very first game was a Star Wars game and that's what actually really got me into the Star Wars Franchise.

It's weird to think but I am such a major Star Wars nerd these days, yet before I was on the Guild I wasn't. I got into a Star Wars RP, got onto the Wikia, and then away I went into a spiral of nerd-om that I currently live within.

Active Roleplays:

Young Justice Renegades: A Team Worth Dying For by @Hillan

Roleplays I miss:

Ultimate One Universe by @Master Bruce
No Turning Back by Me.
Star Wars: Galaxies at War by Me.
Absolute Comics by a load of people.

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I have something I want to work on App wise but I'm going to sit on it as I don't have the time. How does everything think this is going? I know the pace has slowed but I think we're at quite a healthy place right now.

Steve sat back down as Thor continued to speak, and he just... laughed. A good hearty chuckle. He hit the palm of his hand down on the table as he did so. Wiping his face clear he waved his hand towards Thor. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I realise this isn't a joking matter. Let me just recap before we continue." Steve sat up straight and looked at Thor directly in the eyes. "You drop in out of nowhere, go to a bar. Say you're here to take charge of Earth. Then you come to speak to me, basically say we're worthless and waiting to be ruled by yourself. Tell me if we don't bow to you then your father is going to come and force us to submit, then you complain about my lack of hospitality?"

This was nearing the point of failed diplomacy. When the name Thor had actually been dropped Steve had been hopeful, in all the myth and legends that he had the archivists dig while Thor was on his journey to the Helicarrier had painted Thor in a very positive light. A friend to humanity, an ally. If he was who he claimed to be his demeanour was leaving a lot to be desired.

"You know I wanted to believe you were one of the good ones, instead, you come and threaten our freedom and our very lives. To be completely honest you don't sound like the kind of King, or God, we want trying to rule our world. Why is it that you're here, really? Is it just to come and threaten us into submission? If you're a being of reason, you should understand how unreasonable your request is. If you want to protect this planet, how about we talk about that, instead? Why are you here?"

Steve had originally hoped to have Diana come in and talk some sense into him, he technically shouldn't have been using her as an asset with her... colourful relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D but when it came down to talking about gods he was way out of his depth, he still went to church on a Sunday if he could make it and nothing in the bible seemed to match the picture Thor was trying to paint. Now? He couldn't risk putting her in the same room it would likely just escalate things further and he was trying to avoid a fight.
@Zoey Boey Happy Birthday!!
<Snipped quote by Sep>

Pfft, the party missed you.

Does your recent post signal that you're back in? Or should we still consider you in low activity for the time being?

Post a week if I can manage it. Beyond that I won't appear much.
It's no John Table calibre post but I'm happy with it.

Banner grimaced. It was like the Hulk was crawling underneath his skin, just dying to dig his way out. He had never realised how uncomfortable the change was, it was usually a flash of discomfort and pain but then it was passed as he was consumed and transformed. Receding into... nothingness. The back of Hulks mind? He wasn't really sure where his consciousness went when he changed.

This, however, was like someone took a hot iron and put it into his brain while insects crawled all over his body and underneath his skin. He couldn't give in though, not yet. Peter and Jen still needed Bruce Banner more than the Hulk. He was sure Hulks time would come, whether he liked it or not. "Yes Spider-Man, try to get up high. We want a -ugh- clear a path as possible to the tower. The longer we can avoid a fight the longer I can stay myself and try to figure this thing out logically."

There was a booming just up ahead, it was rhythmic. That's when he realised that it was footsteps. A large silhouette appeared through the green fog that covered everything in sight. A low chuckle echoed eerily, one that Banner recognised all too well. "Blonsky

"We've been waiting for you Bruce. He said you'd come-" The figure appeared through the fog. "-and here you are. Just couldn't resist playing the hero again." He eyed the suited Spider-man and She-Hulk up before focusing his attention back to Banner. "And with friends! Perhaps after I've beaten you to pulp the little Spider can give me some alone time with this girlfriend of yours." He gave a ghoulish wink towards She-Hulk.

Bruce stepped forward, turning to Peter as he did so. "Get out of here, I'll deal with this." He tossed his bag of equipment to Peter. "Take this, find whatever causing this and shut it down." His skin started to turn green as he turned back to Jennifer. "Get him there. You're doing to need him."

His armour flared, the gamma inhibitors flaring green as his outer clothes ripped away. He doubled over, convulsing as he grew taller, broader, stronger. Until he stood transformed.

"Come at me Banner"

Hulk slammed his fists on the ground, a shake that would be felt outside and far beyond the dome as he roared towards Blonsky.
"No Banner! ONLY HULK!"

It's a short post but I just need to get some minor details out, working on a collab right now anyway.

If anyone wants to come chat with some mad production peeps just hmu.

Sad I missed the party.

Anders stood on the main deck watching the address revealing that they had found the true inheritors of Delta-4. There were mixed feelings going among the people within Lorne Space, he could see it in the faces of his crew. As the Prometheus left with the artefact he was now faced with the issue of morale rather than an alien artefact of unknown origin. "Aide." The nearest Aide turned its head towards him, the visual receptor turning blue to indicate he had the A.Is attention. "Cancel all shifts following the current one for 24 hours. Relay information back to the board that I am implementing a 24-hour compassionate break to allow people time to contact their families, celebrate or merely process these developments. All automated processes shall continue. "

Aide merely nodded his head, before turning back to his station. Not moving as he went to work.

Habitat 2-A // The Ring

Beer flowed freely from the taps as people chanted and cheered, drinks were spilt and tipped. In one corner an Old Woman sat with her peers, each of them talking as quietly as they could amongst themselves. While the young celebrated that the labour of their elders was done, there was fear among their predecessors. While some were destined to travel, and desired nothing more. There were those that found that this was their home, the Ring was as much a labour of love as any of the infrastructure down on Delta-4, or elsewhere int he system. What would happen to all their hard work?

Steve didn't even flinch as the Demi-God transformed in front of him, rose up a axe and slammed it down on the ground. It made more of a dent than he thought it would but didn't break through the cage. "You were not misled, you just didn't listen. Earth is not one people, there is no King of Earth, there are Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, Chancellors, Chief Executives, First Ministers... at no point in history Earth has been united as one front."

Steve stood up, signalling 'Okay' to one of the cameras. "You come claiming peace, to be a force for good and yet you come demanding that we kneel in servitude and that it is for our benefit. Then you go on to say how your father will merely conquer us if we don't fall in line. We've already staved off one alien invasion."

Steve sighed. "You claim to say you want what's best for us, say you understand us but even a thousand years ago Earth was a divided planet with hundreds if not thousands of religions. We even have a hero who comes from an Island forged by the Greek Gods." Steve worked his way towards the door, turning back face Thor. "If you truly come in peace, this is your last chance to stand down and talk to us, or go back where you came from. If you're here to conquer. We'll treat you as such."

It was a tense flight back to the Helicarrier from San Francisco, as soon as they touched down a couple of agents led 'Thor' through the hallways to a room that was suspended midair, massive shock absorbers attached. Not that Thor would notice it but the cage was reinforced with whatever vibranium S.HI.E.L.D had managed to acquire in the first five years of Hulk being a menace to society. Steve wasn't terribly fond of Furys concept of now 'owning' the Hulk. He valued Banners input as a friend and an ally, and he couldn't argue that the Hulk seemed to obtain his own special kind of results.

Steve was just glad that in his trip to track down the extra-dimensional entity, that Banner hadn't destroyed a large portion of a city. Steve was stood up when Thor entered the room, as the self-claimed demigod moved into the most logical seat available Steve turned around and walked towards his own chair, grabbing it by the back he spun it around and sat on it backwards facing Thor across the table. "So. I hear you want to be the King of Earth. What's that about?"
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