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Just punch the children. Problem solved.
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I don't jusr want Star Wars. I want this:…
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I ain't the sharpest tool in the sheeed...
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So I have been on the Guild for a long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG time. I first joined the OldGuild around, my best guess would be 2012? I've been active in the Star Wars scene on the Guild since then, there have been very few games based around that genre that I haven't at least nosed my way in on. My very first game was a Star Wars game and that's what actually really got me into the Star Wars Franchise.

It's weird to think but I am such a major Star Wars nerd these days, yet before I was on the Guild I wasn't. I got into a Star Wars RP, got onto the Wikia, and then away I went into a spiral of nerd-om that I currently live within.

I run a Star Wars based Meme Page on Facebook (Migs Mayfield - Core), and live my best life right now.

Active Roleplays:

One Universe: Unlimited - A Marvel/DC Comics Roleplay by @Master Bruce

Roleplays I miss:

Ultimate One Universe by @Master Bruce
No Turning Back by Me.
Star Wars: Galaxies at War by Me.
Absolute Comics by a load of people.

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Man at this rate we're all gonna have to get together to stop Latveria.



Thor sighed as he resigned himself to go find his axe, while he told himself he had warned the trolls. There had been no choice.

Once the Trolls had been dealt with, Screwbeard had been more than willing to co-operate. Melting down the weapons the trolls had been using them, cleaning and purifying the metal. This had been the relatively simple part of the job. Thor had his connections on Midgard, and he always kept on the look out for anything that could possibly be Asgardian in nature, he had already helped operatives of a group who called themselves a shield to break apart the berserker staff. A weapon left behind centuries ago.

Now with the help of his allies, he found himself in the forests of the nation that called itself Canada. He looked up as he heard two ravens fly overhead. He quickly looked away from them. If Odin wanted to waste time and keep an eye on him, that was his own waste of time. Thor wasn't a threat, he didn't seek to overthrow and rule Asgard. All he wanted to do was help people, and he'd do everything in his power to make sure he could do so as well as possible. The weapon was being forged, yet Screwbeard was no sorcerer and nor was Thor. In days past Midgard possessed its own Sorcerers though Thor wasn't entirely sure where any of them were these days, he had done a 'google' and found several though they all turned out to be charlatans.

So now he sought a different kind of sorcerer. He had heard the tales when he still traversed the nine realms, the dark elf sorceress who had once lain with Malkeith the Accursed. He had betrayed her and murdered her entire village and people. After she attempted to kill him, he cast her out. Malekith found it crueller to banish her to where she could never return than to allow her to reunite with her people in the afterlife.


Selvig nodded along. "I took the liberty of pulling some files once I saw the news-" He indicated to the mess of papers surrounding him. "-just in case you came looking for my help." Thor smiled at his friend as Erik worked his way into the centre of the papers. "From what I can tell our Draugr friend from Oslo was from a particularly nasty group of Norsemen. They routinely went a-Viking but killed indiscriminately. Other Norse, men, women, children. Unlike other Norse Clans there seemed to be no form of system of honour, other than strength-"

Thor ground his teeth together. "I know the type well."

The village burned. Bodies littered the ground, covered in a smoky haze. The smell of death, piss and sweat radiated from every darkened corner. In the centre of the village, the biggest fire of all roared, almost as violently as the attackers had claimed the village. Bodies of the fallen raiders were lifted and thrown onto the fire to burn as a massive communal funeral pyre. The bodies of the fallen villagers? The men and women who fought back? They were left where they fell. The raiders had come through the fog of the sea, they had been unprepared.

They had heard tales of whitemen, but had never seen heard tales of them being this far north, or capable of attacks so brutal. All the men had been killed, not just the warriors. Even the elders, and boys who had come off age. All the woman, who hadn't fought back had been rounded up near the funeral pyre. The raiders had taken the most attractive of the woman by force, their protests and screams the only thing that could be heard over the roaring fires. The rest who had already been used, and those who could do nothing but watch, whimpered and sobbed huddled together. Surrounded by guards who leered at them, occasionally drawing a blade near them. Cutting cheeks, or using them to remove clothing.

In the longhouse all the food in the village littered the tables, men stumbled around and cheered. Women from the village served the men their food, alcohol and other needs. Those that didn't had their throats cut, and were put back outside with the others. The Jarl sat on the chair at the end of the longhouse, he had brought it with him from his homeland as he surveyed his raiders as they all partook in the bounty this land had brought them. It would be a good land to conquer, the people were fighters but their techniques for making armour and weapons seemed almost primitive. They were not true warriors. He dropped the mug of ale he had been drinking, while the others drank the piss poor stuff the natives made he was drinking the ale they had brought from the homeland. His hand outstretched, a local girl quickly filled it with another tankard.

As she was close to him he moved his hand to his knife, working its way up the side of her dress splitting the seam, barely cutting into her skin. She screamed as it dropped to the floor. Laughing he kicked her as she walked back away from him, trying to cover herself. He didn't see what became of her as his right hand man approached.

"My Jarl. The men have finished gathering everything of value in the boats."

"And have they had their fill?" He swirled the liquid around his tankard before taking a swig of the tepid liquid.


"Very well. Have the men return to the boats, we sail for home. We shall use the riches from his haul to build a fleet big enough to bring our people here, to conquer the new world."

"And what of the woman?"

"You say the men have had their fill?" The man nodded. "Then send them to join their men in the afterlife." A grin spread across the mans face.

"Aye, Jarl Jaekelsson."
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177A Bleecker Street // NYC

”Perhaps we can figure out an alternative solution.” Stephen smiled at his friend, always trying to find the diplomatic solution, the middle ground, the solution that everybody could agree too.

Son of a bitch.

That was why she included Longwei. She learnt of Chinas interest in Yao and used that, his connection with Longwei and his renown for finding middle ground. Stephen had come into this meeting expecting a game of checkers, and yet she had come prepared for a game of chess.

Stephen smiled politely as Eri got up, bowed and then left the room. Longwei lingered as the door slowly closed behind the sorceress. Stephens' smile dropped. “What the hell was all that about Longwei?”

Wong, now the meeting had officially had ended and was no longer obliged to hold his tongue hissed a warning. ”Stephen!”

Longwei smiled and raised his hand to Wong. “No, it’s quite alright. Let him speak his mind now the politics are done.”

Stephen nodded. “I’ll admit to not following politics as well as I should have over the years, but how on Earth did it come to Japan and China teaming up to get what they wanted? Surely you could have approached me yourself?”

There was a groan of frustration out of Wong. ”This is what you get for not reading the briefing packets I made for you-”

”The politics of our communities do not always follow the Geo-politics of the world at large. China and Japan have enjoyed a relatively co-operative union since the revolution. Beforehand there were large swathes of magi community living in the open, Mao Zedong didn’t like anything he couldn’t control and moved to wipe them out. Yao used this as a way to remove political rivals and solidify his own power within China. Japans Magi Community is still home to many chinese refugees, many more travelled through Japan since it was far more stable and accepting of Magi than any of Chinas other neighbours.”

In the corner of the room Wong nodded along. “My family came through Japan to the US. Even I feel a debt of gratitude.”

Stephen sighed. “Even when magic is involved you can’t escape the world of politics.”

“Politics is universal.”

”So where do we go from here?”

It was Longweis turn to sigh, his gaze lost into the distance. ”That is up to you, afterall you are the Sorcerer Supreme-” He raised his hand before Stephen could interrupt. ”-However, you have agreed to the terms. Mistress Yoshida will expect you to honour them, failure to do so could result in creating division between Sanctuaries, which could result in their failing.”

”If you were so against the terms, why did you suggest them? Unlimited access to Yao, in private, at any time requested by any member of the Japanese Sanctuary- Stephen looked over to Wong. ”That was his wording?” Wong nodded.

”While I may privately agree with you, that allowing anyone to see and interact with Yao is dangerous, let alone Miss Yoshida, publically I need to do what is in the best interest of the members of my community. I wasn’t exaggerating when I say that many want to see him stand trial, but first a debt must be paid to our friends the Japanese. Silence fell.

”Not just to the Japanese.”

Stephen and Longwei turned to Wong as he spoke.

”Yoshida Eri is also gathering a large following in the United States, and has many political allies here. She is campaigning for a peaceful integration of the Magi and Non-Magi communities-” Wong looked directly at Stephen. ”-She is after your job Stephen.”

Stephen couldn’t help but let out a laugh. ”Well that part I knew, she’s conniving and she’s ambitious. Of Course she’d want to be at the top of the food chain.”

Momofuku Ko // 8 Extra Pl // New York

Dining at its finest. Glasses clinked among the low din of the busy restaurant. Guests had to wait atleast fifteen days to make a reservation, and even then they were lucky to get anything more than a tasting table. Let alone get it for any less than two-hundred and eighty dollars per head. For the experienced however, it was mere childsplay to get past the fool at the door. The security had been vigilant but was no more difficult to deal with. Walking to the middle of the room several eyes passed over him, just another waiter, a lowly member of staff nothing to be concerned with. Walking right up to a table the old hag who was sat at the table went to speak.

Without so much as any hesitation he jumped up onto the table, plates and glasses clanked and shattered as he unceremoniously kicked them off. Those at the table leapt back and a chorus of ”I say- What in the name- Never have I- and What does he think he’s doing” filled the air. He pulled a long thin wooden looking object out of his pocket. Raising it to his throat the tip of the wand illuminated with a blue light. His voice boomed throughout the restaurant. ”LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!” Raising his free hand into the air he spun around so everyone could get a good look at him.

“I hope you are all enjoying the expensive food, and even more expensive wine-” He winked in the direction of a rather large man whose face had become about as red as the glass of wine in front of him. “-I am here to provide tonights entertainment. Who would like to see a magic trick?”

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Mao Mao: has a situation
Sep: here's a meme.

It was topical
Lol, there was a huge leak in my house. Hopefully, I can get done with my post.

I'm hoping for a tidy finish tomorrow/friday to let me crack on with Strange, so I can then crack on with Thor.
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"What does an Asgardian know of justice?"

Thor mentally chastised himself as he let go of the trolls wrist, now grabbing his axe with his two hands he lunged in a stab as the central troll pushed forward. The sharpened pommel caught the troll in the throat, blood spurted out catching Thor in the face. Pulling the weapon out to the side, the troll's head flopped lazily. Followed by the rest of his body.

Panic struck the faces of the remaining three.

Thor spat blood as he picked himself up off the ground, while two of the trolls had assailed him the third had thrown a boulder hitting him square in the face. Standing up, and steadying himself he looked around for his foes who appeared to be climbing their way out in leaps and bounds. "I say thee nay-" He threw Jarnbjorn at the nearest troll, it missed and lodged itself into the nearby wall. Swearing at himself he jumped up, working his way to grab the axe. Meanwhile, Trolls threw stones down at him as they continued to climb and get away.

Finally reaching the axe, Thor secured it on his back as he pushed his way up higher and higher. When he reached the top he saw the three Trolls running, pulling Jarnbjorn from his back he tossed it, it spun in the air in a curve. Striking one of the trolls in the back, he fell. Digging deep Thor pushed himself onwards, clouds rushed and billowed chasing after him as he ran for his axe. The other trolls didn't even turn for the third, huffing and panting as they continued to sprint away from the chasing Asgardian. Pulling his weapon from a trolls corpse Thor leapt up into the air, axe over his head he brought it down to the ground. Lightning struck it and lanced out from the ground, knocking one of the running trolls of his feet.

Thor ran straight passed him, he was down and thus no longer a threat. It wouldn't be honourable to add further injury, he would return for him shortly.

There was a rumbling ahead as a cloud of dust, snow and ice exploded. A ship emerged from the ice, the troll jumping onboard. Hail began to pour from the heavens above, the ship raised into the air. An Asgardian Skiff. It raised in the air before it spun and headed for the down troll, swinging his axe he missed, turning to try and head back fo the fallen troll who was unsteadily raising himself to his feet. Thor aimed for the skiff, throwing his axe, and spinning through the air. Missing the skiff entirely the axe spun off into the distance. Thor groaned in frustration as the troll aboard the skiff leaned down, clasping his hand round the arm of the troll on the ground. The two laughed as the skiff raised itself higher into the air, and up into the clouds. Thunder tolled and boomed, Thors eyes flashed blue as lightning crossed the sky in sheets and waves. After several moments passed a smoking chunk of debris fell from the clouds.

Thor sighed as he resigned himself to go find his axe, while he told himself he had warned the trolls. There had been no choice.


Thor sighed as he stood up, looming over the mortal woman. "I did not mean to be so harsh, I just-"

"I understand." They lingered for a moment staring at each other before she cleared her throat. "I should, I'll go. I'll meet you out at the S.H.I.E.L.D site when you're ready?"

Thor nodded, neglecting to watch as she turned and walked away.

Tønsberg had a long-standing history with Asgard and the other eight realms upon the world tree. It had been host to invasion from Ice Giants, Trolls, Dark Elves and all manners of beings from the nine realms. Thor had called it home on many an occasion and now in the new age of heroes, it celebrated its history and connection to the Asgardian plane. What little it knew anyway. Still, new archaeological digs guided by Thor had led to new historical discoveries. While he did not primarily reside in Norway, he tended to go wherever the need took him, the city had claimed him as its own personal hero.

Walking through the streets he paused to allow several passing tourists to photograph him, he signed posters and boxes of toys. The mortals loved their material possessions, and their 'selfies'. It was always good to be fond of oneself however so he tended not to judge. There had been a time when he had been incredibly vain and arrogant. His father still was.

Excusing himself he finally made way to the research institute, passing through the doors and security with ease. After all, Thor was a familiar face here, nodding and smiling at friends and allies as he walked through the corridors he finally passed through the door that lead to Doctor Erik Selvig. Who as always was surrounded by artefacts, books, scrolls and screens. Upon hearing the door he looked up, practically jumping when he realised who it was. "Thor! I didn't expect you back so soon!"

The two approached one another, clasped hands and then pulled each other into a one-armed embrace. Releasing each other Thor smiled down at his friend. "Aye. My plan to get ahead of this year's droughts has been... delayed by events in Oslo."

Erik indicated to a nearby seat, Thor made his way and sat in it. He could feel it struggle below his weight, but it held true. "I saw that on the news. Terrible business, at least ten dead I hear."

Thor nodded. "It has been an age since I have faced a Draugr, and yet the leader spoke of another coming. One who I have faced before. I was hoping you had something more, if it is a villain I have faced before. I would like to know their name."

Selvig nodded along. "I took the liberty of pulling some files once I saw the news-" He indicated to the mess of papers surrounding him. "-just in case you came looking for my help." Thor smiled at his friend as Erik worked his way into the centre of the papers. "From what I can tell our Draugr friend from Oslo was from a particularly nasty group of Norsemen. They routinely went a-Viking but killed indiscriminately. Other Norse, men, women, children. Unlike other Norse Clans there seemed to be no form of system of honour, other than strength-"

Thor ground his teeth together. "I know the type well."
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