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Location: Deep Blue Seaside - Kanzuki Beach Estate
Level: 1
Experience: 3/10
Word Count: <750

When Rubick arrived, he was greeted with the sight of a crowd. Everything from large reptile people to human and elven warriors were present, and even a little 3-headed dog came up to him. Rubick chuckled, enjoying the attention, and was about to ramble about the importance of him being a Grand Magus when little Cerberus ran off to the next new interesting thing happening. Rubick put his arms at his hips and scoffed, offended that he was no longer the center of attention. This mood only lasted for a moment, when the current events also attracted his curiosity.

Walking over to the commotion, Rubick watched the fight with only a slight interest. It was a fistfight; it wasn't exactly Rubick's main interest. He could view any of those at any time. Instead, the business with the Koopa troop was far more interesting to him. Whatever they were attaching to their bodies, it made them glow as these new attachments seemed to fuse with their body. Now THIS was more to Rubick's tastes. Something new and unknown happening right before his eyes. From the few observations Rubick could make, it seemed that what they were attaching was of a different reality from where these folk were from, and yet these parts were somehow compatible with their bodies, or they could make them compatible. Either way, it was simply fascinating. Walking up to the Koopa troop, Rubick began to question them, "Well well well, I've never seen anything quite like this before. What in this world did you do, and how exactly did you do that?"
Erisse's proposal to Michael

Erisse, after some thought and more eavesdropping, decided to go to the bar, buying two strawberry milkshakes with hot fudge and an ice cream float and after taking a seat beside Michael, slid the second milkshake over to him, then said her piece.

“You look down in the dumps, conquering hero,” Erisse said in a light tone, intending to joke but not mock. “Seriously, though; you and your friend fought well.”

Best not to give away how much she knew, how much she had been eavesdropping on, and instead open up with a series of compliments.

Michael looked over to this new girl that had decided to sit next to him, raising an eyebrow. He had no idea who she was, though he assumed she was one of the people who had been watching the spectacle he and Andras made. He then turned his head to face the other direction, as if looking for anyone else she might have been talking to. Of course, there wasn’t. Michael knew full well of that fact; it was just a sarcastic gesture. Turning back to Erisse, he folded his hands together and replied, “Well, thanks. So, what brings you to my little corner of the table?”

Erisse decided to imitate the stories she had read and watched, before saying, “I noticed that you and your… friend don’t seem to be enjoying your victories much, if I may be so bold. And also that you’re worried about her, but might not want to show it to her. Am I just guessing, and if so, am I wrong?”

“Figured all that out on your own, did you?” Michael asked sarcastically. Sighing, he continued, “Well, you’re not wrong. My ‘friend’, as you so eloquently put it, isn’t exactly doing too well. And of course I worry about her; it’s what friends do. But I also know and trust that she can fend for herself. After all, she’s Andras, the Demon Lady.”

“Do you know where she got that name?” Erisse asked next in a smooth tone as she waited for Michael to accept the milkshake. Then she sighed and said, “I’m old enough to know how some relationships work; doesn’t hurt that I read advice columns in my spare time. I think that both you and she - She more than she lets on - are dealing with… Things you don’t want to say yet, things unspoken.”

She then smiled faintly and said, “Forgive me for prying, but I think I can help, depending on what exactly you want to do for ‘Andras’.”

And with that, she casually conjured up, from pure Mana, a ruby. A mundane, nonmagical ruby, but a ruby nonetheless. Then she made it vanish right in front of Michael’s eyes and then pulled out a rose; a hint at what she thought Michael’s feelings were like.

Michael stared at the milkshake. While he was not above indulging himself with one every now and again, he had no idea what might’ve gone into this one before it was handed to him. For all he knew, it could’ve been drugged to make his performance worsen before his next match. So, he pushed it slightly away as he listened on to Erisse. Then came the rose.

Michael’s eyes widened as he blushed, then his face contorted with anger. Raising his hand toward the flower, he discreetly drew a fine thin line of ink around the rose stem, directly above where Erisse’s fingertips held it. It would be undetectable if you were not paying attention to it. He then flicked the rose off to the side, which proceeded to snap off like a brittle twig right at the line where he drew it, and it fell to the ground. As if on cue, a person then walked by, crushing the flower underfoot as he passed by.

“Listen here. I don’t know what you’re trying, but this isn’t some fairy tale where the guy always gets the girl,” Michael growled. “Andras and I…” He was going to argue further, but hesitated for a brief moment before deciding that it was a bad idea. Any argument would’ve only sounded hollow after that. “Forget it. Just say what you really came here for before my mood worsens further.”

“I’m a… Let’s just say I’m a combination of a journalist, historian, recorder and professional matchmaker plus mentor,” Erisse said. “My family has been tasked by our God to ensure that the guy does get the girl, or the guy gets the other guy or the girl gets the other girl. And one of my Blessings is transforming the hopes and dreams of a person I talked to, who desires something enough and is willing to put in the time, into a magical item, a capital-r Relic, which can provide a boost to their goals.”

She sighed, “Thirty minutes of talking about one’s hopes and dreams and you can get a way to fulfill them, free of the usual charges. All I ask in return is that you allow me to record the story, whatever its outcome is. Oh, and keep your eye out for my brother, Kyros, if you ever hear about someone with that name…”

Michael raised an eyebrow at Erisse’s proposal. A Relic that would give him a powerup? It sounded too good to be true. Of course, that also made Erisse highly suspicious in his eyes. The ruby and rose trick didn’t particularly impress Michael; he could create his own constructs with his own Blessing. However, a commotion from the arena caught his attention. One of the contenders had been sent flying by the other, smashing a table in the process. From the stunned silence of the crowd, Michael could guess that this was not a normal occurrence, which immediately put Michael on edge.

Turning his attention back to Erisse, he asked, “This ‘Relic’ of yours… it won’t have any side effects or anything? Frankly, I don’t believe in this ‘Fairy Godmother’ stuff that you’re trying to be, but it seems I may have to sign a deal with the devil, and if the price is really what you say it is, then I suppose I’m willing to take a chance.”

Erisse smiled and said, “No side effects; don’t worry! And thank you, Mr…”

“Michael,” Michael introduced himself. “What’s your name?” he asked, extending his hand.

“Erisse,” the lady said as she shook his hand, “Erisse Augusta. Nice to meet you.”

Location: Deep Blue Seaside - Limsa Lominscuttle Town
Level: 1
Experience: 2/10
Word Count: 190
@Archmage MC

Rubick's search was quickly interrupted when a pair of robots walked up to him, one of whom began to speak to him. It was quite rare for robots to be initiating conversations with him. Rubick hoped he hadn't caused enough trouble in town again to warrant disciplinary action from the local guards again. Judging from their stark contrast in appearance from said guards, however, it seemed unlikely. "Ah, hellooo~! I am Rubick, the Grrrrand Magus," Rubick introduced himself cheerfully and with a flourish, rolling the r's on 'Grand' to emphasize his title. "But you may simply call me 'Rubick'. I'm currently on the search for the Seekers of Light. You wouldn't happen to know where..." He trailed off as his mind finally began to fit the pieces between one of the descriptions of said Seekers of Light and the blue-and-white robot in front of him. Say... you wouldn't happen to be one of them, would you?" Rubick mentally celebrated his current streak of good fortune. It had just been favorable event after favorable event lately, and it seemed his life was going to get more exciting from here on out.
Rubick the Grand Magus

Location: Deep Blue Seaside - Limsa Lominscuttle Town
Level: 1
Experience: 1/10
Word Count: 605

Truly, life had seen fit to provide Rubick with nothing but endless amusement. He had thought that nothing would be able to top the Defense of the Ancients, and he had mournful thoughts about what he would do once that event ended. After all, it wasn't every day that a great battle would draw in so many beings of all sorts of different origins and species. The day Galeem descended onto his world and brought him to this one was the best day of his life, perhaps even topping the day he earned his title of Grand Magus. He soon found himself in a town filled with a mishmash of various landmarks that clashed with each other's aesthetics. This led Rubick to theorize that he was no longer of his own world, and in fact had been brought to a world that was composed of many other worlds being merged together. Whatever had taken Rubick from his world and place him here was intent on doing something extraordinary, and Rubick wanted to see it all.

He quickly learned that he did not command his full repertoire of spells he had back in his own world, but he did still have one spell he could use, and that was more than enough for now. Besides, in this world, there was so much to learn and experience. There were many residents here who offered so much to play around with. The Azur Navy shipgirls were fun to toy with, as were other various fighters living here. The purple-haired half-genie girl was of particular interest, but after seeing what she had to offer, he quickly grew bored and left her alone. What really caught his attention, though, was the Arcanist Guild. Eager for a chance to learn some new spells, Rubick made his way in and explored, only to find that it mostly held basic commodities fit for budding "Arcanists". Most of the staff and occupants didn't even seem to be that magically gifted. Disappointed but not discouraged, Rubick signed up to join the guild anyway. After all, learning new ways to perform magicks other worlds, even if only basic techniques, sounded like a fun way to pass the time in this Limsa Lominscuttle Town. Rubick quickly rose through the ranks, as to be expected with his abilities.

Eventually, however, boredom began to take hold again. There were only so many potions he could brew and summoning techniques the guild had to offer, most of which he had already forgotten out of lack of interest. Sighing, Rubick grabbed a potion off one of the brewing stands he had been using and shoved it into a pocket before going out for a walk. His walk soon turned into a skip, and he began to him as he twirled his staff in one hand. As he passed a small crowd, he opened his ears to their gossip. Perhaps there would be something interesting the locals were talking about, after all. And as if by fate, there was a rumor that caught his attention. The "Seekers of Light", they were called. A group that was making a name for itself in Limsa Lominscuttle Town, having already performed some remarkable feats. He listened on, trying to catch a description of any of its members. Once he was certain he had gotten all the information he could, he set off, continuing his walk while keeping an eye out for these "Seekers of Light". He figured it was about time to leave the town anyway, and if he could find this group, then it was likely that he wouldn't get bored on their journey.

Yeah I wasn't sure what power level was acceptable for items, so I decided to play it safe. Otherwise, I probably would've given him things like a Blink Dagger and/or Force Staff.
And it is done!

I have a tentative interest in this. May or may not make a CS.

Also, I see a few familiar faces in here. You may or may not remember me.

Location: Midnight Tournament

Michael watched as Vera stormed off in a rage. Whatever had happened between Alexandria and Vera, it wasn't pleasant. Jeez, what a c- Michael thought to himself before the sudden increase in cheers and jeers from the audience caught his attention. Making his way through the crowd, he was just in time to see one of the contestants, that guy that tried to get Andras kicked out of the tournament, german suplex a literal cow girl into the ground. He was mildly impressed by the feat, but not as much as the girl shrugging off the blow and retaliating by swinging poor Parker around like a ragdoll. Parker evidently knew his way around a fight, but Mina's raw power was more than he could handle. It was a shame too. Michael wanted to have a bout with him, but it seemed it wasn't meant to happen today.

Michael's mind was getting a little jumbled, deliberating his options for what to do with both his curiosity of Alex's past and how to handle the rest of his opponents in the Midnight Tournament. He decided to go find Alex first. Andras did take a bit of a beating in her match against Vera, and he wanted to make sure she was ok. Even if she wasn't, one of his first aid Symbolisms was sure to help fix her up.

Location: Midnight Tournament

Michael was a bit unnerved at Vera's gaze, but he tried not to let that show in his face. Besides, he was too determined in his quest for answers to be discouraged by that alone. "I've known Alex for some time now, not too long after she woke up from her coma," Michael replied. "I was there when she began physical therapy, and when she began to explore the depths of her powers." As he began to slowly pace back and forth, he continued, "What I never got to learn was what happened to her. Why she was in a coma to begin with. Why no one visited her during her stay in the hospital. At first, I just chalked it up to her simply having no friends. But when I questioned her about it, she tended to go sullen and silent, sometimes even have a panic attack, and I decided not to bring up the subject around her again."

He stopped pacing and turned back to Vera. "And now, you have arrived. Someone who knows of Alex's past, and can hopefully give me the answers I'm looking for. What happened to Alex? What happened between the two of you? And why did you never visit her?" Michael asked.
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