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Current "I have crossed an ocean of eternity in my search to find you. But like the waters of the ocean, as the sands in the hourglass, you still somehow continue to slip through my fingers..."
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New friends? New writing partners? I hope so!


I am Sar! I've been writing and role-playing for over 20 years and have made so many wonderful friends in all that time. Yet, as the tides ebb and flow, I have said as many goodbyes to friends as I have said hellos.

I've been on the search for new forums to meet friends and writing partners. I am mostly on mobile, so formatting and such is shaky at best. I am fine with epic, sweeping posts, as well as smaller posts when my partner is online for some back and forth. I'm rarely shy about anything in writing, and if I am, it's usually because I haven't had the right partner to help me expand that writing skill.

Thanks for checking me out, I will write more here soon when I get some more traction around here!

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It has been a while since I was able to be part of a forum group. Kiiiiiiiinda hoping maybe I could ask to play the daughter?

It had been a couple weeks since the journey had begun. Apart from a disconcerting run-in with the Shadows, the trip had been relatively quiet thus far. The caravan was peaceful, and the figure sitting by the dying fire kept watch over what stirred both without, and within the protective circle of the wagons.

Taking a rare moment to relax, Eoin slipped a hand beneath their hood and loosened the ties of the mask, pulling it away. Face still completely hidden in the abyssal shadow of their hood, a gloved hand procured a slim, hollow tube from the folds of the cloak, along with a small pouch. Fetching some dried leaves from the pouch and tamping it into the shallow bowl at the end, they then returned the pouch to a pocket unseen.

A wave of their gloved hand and spectral fingers fetched a glowing coal from the fire, bringing it near, but hesitating before the dying light would shine on the visage beneath the hood. No one was around... Everyone slept. Ice cold eyes stared at the starving embers as the kiseru lit and the coal was flung back into the fire, the stem of the kiseru vanishing into the abyss of the hood a moment and fragrant smoke curled upwards after a sighing exhale. The pain was easing after a few heartbeats. The contents of the kiseru were enjoyed peacefully, until the wind stirred around them, the whispers becoming agitated.

Eoin barely had time to react as the tent flap opened and their traveling partner exited. The gloved hand quickly snatching the mask and slipping it into place as he approached. "What brings you out early, companion? Your watch doesn't begin for another hour." Their voice sounding as though it emanated just behind their partner's ear.


Thank you for reading my drabble. This character is very unique and special to me. It is a character that represents a lot of firsts for me in roleplaying and writing, and as such, I am looking to expound on their concept and breathe more life into who and what they are.

Eoin fits well into a low-to-high fantasy setting. Given they were initially created for the Pathfinder ttrpg, their skill-set is better suited to that sort of setting. I can place them most anywhere with a bit of doing.

I have two very important pieces of information I must share with you, however. I am looking for a male character to play opposite Eoin. I have nothing against females, but the couple of times I have played opposite females with this character, things were expected of Eoin that they could not provide and there was friction. I would like to try playing them opposite a male this time around. I don't care what species either, just that the character is a male.

The second bit of info is regarding romance. I am a sucker for romance. I want Eoin to experience romance, but in a non-traditional way because they are a non-traditional character. I can discuss these reasons more in depth if one shows interest, but I will say that I am looking for something more on an emotional connection than just smut. If you want to write with this character for the sake of a titillating sex scene, there will be friction as I mentioned previously. There is a reason Eoin is referred to in non-binary they/them pronouns.

As for ideas, I have a few concepts. Eoin is a magic user, so if the idea of an enemies-to-lovers idea appeals to you, them playing opposite a witch hunter type character could be fun! Or perhaps your muse could have known Eoin when they were younger and went by a different name before they became what you see now. Still further, perhaps your character hires Eoin to journey with them for protection or what have you. Or simply, your muse wants adventure and finds the masked harlequin colored individual fascinating enough to follow. I am open to many ideas and look forward to hearing from you!

The hold of this ship reeks of bilge and rot. The swells that lift and lower the ship make the iron bars of the brig groan against their fastenings, interrupted only by the dull clinking of the iron chains that secure my manacles to the wall. It's dark. Since the lantern consumed its fuel, it has been for...days? Weeks? Months? I can't tell time anymore in the all-consuming darkness.

The hatch above the hold, outside my bars opens, and I use a little strength to move enough to see above. A sliver of moonlight shines through and a strong breeze momentarily refreshes the air down here. Nighttime...clouds now blocking the moonlight...the air smells different, charged with electricity. I am startled when the iron bars creak open and a boot shoves me roughly away from my vantage point. A bowl of mealy gruel and other half chewed scraps of the crew's dinner are dropped near me along with a cup of stale water.

"Storm's coming, captain...?" I croak out, voice hoarse with disuse. I earn a kick for my trouble and the looming threat of the use of an iron bit if I don't keep quiet. The captain stared contemptuously at me for a moment before retreating back up and out of the hold. My creaking voice murmuring up after him in a curse. "Storm is coming, captain..."

Thank you for reading my little drabble! If I have piqued your interest at all, perhaps you might expound on the story with me once you check out the concept. Also let it be know that while I wrote this in first person, I almost exclusively rp in third person.

So I love a good culture shock story, and that is what this tale will contain. In the original idea, my character is a Norse woman, taken captive in a raid, where the ship she is on wrecks off the coast of Japan during a time when the borders to the country are still closed to outsiders. (I don't know how they'll have gotten THAT lost, but I still think the idea is fun.) When they do, there will be an interesting process of learning our character's cultures, languages as she and the crew are taken in by a samurai, a daimyo, or even the Emperor/Shogun if you want.

I am not opposed to shaking things up, though. Don't want to be Samurai? That's fine, pick another culture and let's see what we come up with! Do you want to play the Norse captive? Sure! I don't mind playing the samurai, though I do still wish to play a female character opposite a male.

Though this tale is considered historical, I am NOT looking for accuracy. I want this to be fun, not a history lesson. I am a sucker for romance, and would hope this would be a thing in the tale, though we can discuss comfort levels when we talk about characters. If this idea interests you at all, drop me a line!

Hit or miss
Hello, thanks for checking this out! A little about me and then I'll delve into my passion project.

I'm Sar, been role-playing and writing for over 20 years, mostly-lit as much of my writing takes place on my phone, which is also why formatting is almost non-existent for me! Multi-para preferred, though I do enjoy shorter posts for back-and-forth sessions if my partner is online. I don't mind writing with folk younger than 18, but many of my own personal ideas tend to be geared towards more mature audiences just due to the heaviness of the content and the need for experience in responding to it.

I'm open to most everything, from the sweetest vanilla moments, to the darkest and spiciest fantasies, and lots of flavors in between. No real triggers, but I have a couple things that I consider almost entirely unnecessary in written work except in select situations. I'll happily discuss things OOC. I enjoy communication with my partner and am always open to expanding ideas and incorporating my partner's concepts into my tales.

On to the passion!


He is a man who owns the room the instant he sets foot within the space. Heads bow, eyes avert, giving deference either due to the crown he wears, or the fear he instills. His eyes shimmer as they take the measure of the occupants, his smile warm and welcoming, though his teeth gleam too brightly behind his lips. His hand, though extended in greeting, will forever feel like iron shackles upon touch. He is a prince among men, a warrior among the common....and a predator among the flock.

Spoken in fear and reverence, he is Vlad Tepes.

What am I looking for, you may ask? I have a rather extensive plot planned for this character, and want to explore the relationship between Vlad and his significant other, BEFORE he became the eponymous Dracula.

This story WILL deal with some darker themes and heavier subject material and while it will stay within the rules of the site, emotionally and mentally it may not be suitable for all writers. While I strive to be sensitive to others, I do not wish to deviate too much from what I initially planned. Please be over 18 when requesting this tale.

Also, of note, while traditionally I have wanted Vlad's SO to be female, I am very much open exploring a MxM relationship as well. The story will begin in the 1400's but I am NOT looking for detailed historical accuracy. I am hoping for a long term partner to bring this from the 1400's to present day.

Thanks for reading! Please PM me if you are interested.
Hello! I'm still new to the site, just joined a few days ago and been lurking around trying to figure this all out.

Purple is an excellent color choice, by the way.

I am actually interested in A Blood Red Rose, Blood War, and the Mysterious New Slave plots of you are still looking for partners for those.
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