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Current Fucklifefucklifefucklife I fucing need a break
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Toxic masculinity is killing scientific rationalism. It is eroding the public faith in it. Just as the fringes of a rising police state have eroded and continue to erode the public faith in government
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Even though I strive and fast, the beauty gained will never last.
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Come to the Convent of "See You When? Tea!'


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Hi. I'm Sapphic Nunnery. But you can call me Sappy if you want. I am.

21/Scorpio/??? (genderutterlyconfusedplsdontaskty)

And I am not the best writer. And I don't always reply as much as some people on here. But I do try to keep a nice rhythm. Even in my irregularity. Some days I'm full of responses other times one response takes days. But I do my best. Take it or leave it.

Anyway I have a rather odd request here. Because I would like to play a few scenes/stories/whatever involving me playing various characters of a semi-hive-minded race. This race lives in separate autonomous collectives, each with their own goals, agendas, and philosophies, throughout the galaxy where they serve the Wisdom of the Universal Light. Or not. There are some "Bad" collectives.

And I was hoping that my partners would be playing individual humans or pairs of humans who have contact with different manifestations of the extraterrestrial, and sort of extra dimensional beings.

And it is at this point that I must tell you that the race whom I wish to portray are the Greys. Grey Aliens. Visitors from Zeta Reticuli. The ones so common to UFO lore. The one's Mass Effect used to inspire the Salarians. The one's said to have abducted people and messed with cows and frolicked in the fields with the Faerie races as our stoned ancestors looked on...
@Sapphic Nunnery Hi there, no it has not started yet.
I'll be getting the ooc and stuff up and running when one or two more people have shown an interest in the idea. Then the rp itself will start maybe a week after, allowing for everyone to make characters and getting to know the premise better.

I'm guessing you are interested in the idea, so, anything I can elaborate :) ?

Will this be in an overall sci-fantasy galaxy/universe? Or is the magic on planet more akin to superstition? Or is it more akin to an untapped science (how else would they describe it in this case?) to the rest of the galaxy/universe? Basically what I'm leading up to is will/can our characters be magically inclined before crashing? And in what ways? Like are space mages a thing? Or is it more like biotics from Mass Effect?
Is this already started?
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