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What are these paper rectangles you speak of?
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Who thought these new ad banners were a good idea?


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OMG Rush xD

Well someone had to say it.

I'm not sure if this is exactly how this move is supposed to be utilized - like I don't know if it can be your allies' failures or it can only be your own - but I'll allow it 'cause it's fun.

All according to plan. >: 3

Also, according to the move description, it's up to you to decide what opportunity Skobeloff has created.

Liking Skobeloff so far. He really is living up to be a trickster xD

I'm glad you think so.

Skobeloff looked on in fascination as Garrock began fussing over Shieldwing despite saying that he didn't care if they were injured. The sight brought to mind a word the fox-like fairies that taught him how to be a Trickster used to describe someone who externally appeared harsh and irritable but on the inside was much more caring than they appeared. 'Soon-deer' they called it... Or perhaps it was 'sunder-ray'... Skobeloff actually had a somewhat difficult time remembering anything about his fairy mentors other than the lessons in trickery they taught him.

One of those lessons had been brought to the forefront of Skobeloff's thinking as he noticed that the crystalline sand had changed color where Shieldwing had crash landed. Moving to examine the sand, Skobeloff realized that the gemstones that made up this sand possessed magical properties that would be quite beneficial to them. It was just as his teachers always said. 'Failure now can mean success latter.' And with the help of Shieldwing's failure at landing now, Skobeloff had found something that would increase their chances of successfully completing the mission later.

Nothing escapes my omniscient gaze!
- If the leader has no darkness marked, add 1.
- If the leader has three or more darkness marked, subtract 1.

Out of curiosity, how exactly darkness affect someone's ability to successfully navigate the wilderness?

"Guys! This is my home! Welcome, welcome! Sorry, there isn't any red carpet to roll out for you," Skobeloff heard Stargaze say as she touched down on her home island.

"I'm not bothered. Carpets have never really felt all that pleasant under my feet anyway." Skobeloff said before looking over at the hermit shrail that had begun snapping at them. "Well that's a curious looking Beast."

"Oh! Watch out for that one. Once it's claws catches you, it won't let go!" Stargaze warned.

"Duly noted." Skobeloff confirmed before snickering lightly as Shieldwing crash landed in front of the hermit shrail and Fellwing snarked about Shieldwing's boast.

"Your home is beautiful, Stargaze." Fellwing then said. "But do tell, is there... anything else than the crabs here we should be wary of?"

"I have this weird hunch that you might already know the answer to that question, Fellwing." Skobeloff commented to the Seer.
Aaaand now I'm off to a great start.

Shieldwing: Gets on Garrock's good side by being the funniest epic fail compilation he's seen in weeks.
You waste no time, my dude xD

There's no sense in time wasting when there are grumps you could be japing.

So welcome to the first meeting of Protect Stargaze at All Costs Club, I am the club president and on today's agenda-

Skobeloff: Gets on Garrock's good side by soloing the adventure.

Stargaze: Gets on Garrock's good side by being the most precious little cinnamon roll in existence.

Skobeloff landed the same way he had spent the journey to the nameless, sinking island: In complete silence and with an inscrutable smile on his face, his eyes rarely straying from the clutch's bearded guide. Ever since he'd learned of their task and had met their leader for the duration of the assignment, the wheels in the young Trickster's head had been turning non-stop. Their business on this island wasn't the only mission that Skobeloff had today. He'd received an obligation from his superiors in Myndoth. An obligation to use his skills as a Trickster to swindle a secret away from someone to add to the House of Secrets' vast hoard of hidden knowledge. And with how Garrock had been acting towards the clutch so far, Skobeloff was already scheming up ways to trick a tidbit out of that bearded boor.


"Alrighty then, three orders o' bugbear style fried snake comin' right up!" Brutrumukk declared as he took out his mess kit and readied the cooking pan before turning to Jub. "Booyagh, I'll be needin' yer 'elp to make enough fer three. Light the fire an' be ready to do whatever else I tell ya to do." With that said, Brutrumukk pulled out his handaxe and went to work on the dead constrictor.

The bugbear started by beheading the snake and storing its head inside a blood-stained sack that hung from the left hand side of his belt. Then he used his handaxe to shave away the scales to reveal the meat underneath. Brutrumukk then hacked off enough meat to feed himself plus two other people, placed it all in the cooking pan, held the cooking pan over the fire, and began the process of cooking.

Fair enough.
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