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Current I just can't. This is too much. Berserk was so influential on so many things that I love. Goodbye, Miura. You'll be missed by many.
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Migraines ew
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Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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Well I just got my mitts on the Links Awakening remake. Excus eme while I disappear for a weak while I relive my childhood
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Migraine killed me today. Posts tomorrow.


Hello! Welcome to my little bio.

Not much to say, really. Just a horror game protag that likes writing and playing vidya games when I'm not being chased by the cosmic forces of darkness. (I'm a security guard that works night shifts usually).

Have some dancing medjed.

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Nids End

The alcohol was…odd. Not bad, but it was certainly not like the alcohol served in albion. It had a strong floral and slightly…grainy taste to it as though there were little bits of something inside of it. Whatever it was made from was certainly strong and highly concentrated too. She could already feel herself getting a slight buzz from it.

“...I’m fine, Lady Luna. Something about this place just…is uneasy.”

“Ahaha, that’s some pretty strong stuff human. Made with stuff from the forest’s fairy gardens you know. Surprised you’re not just knocked out from smelling it.” The elf laughed. “Well, if you can hold your drink maybe this will be a fortuitous meeting after all.” He’d glance back over to the fight before waving over another elf who gladly poured another mug for Luna.

Lady Sarah had deflected the blow from the Fomorian, seeming none to bothered by her foes impressive strength as she’d unstrap the shield from her back, impaling its pointed end right into the Fomorian’s foot.

He howled in pain as his leg was now firmly locked to the ground, the hefty shield impaling him into the ground. The elf leaped to the top of the shield with impeccable balance, using it as a stepping stone to leap even higher. For a few seconds, Luna’s eyes would lose sight of the elf as the next few actions happened so fast she could not follow but the result was plainly visible. Long slashes were cut into the fomorians neck, though avoiding any fatal blows. The elf herself ended up with her feet on either side of his cyclopean eye, one hand holding onto the side of the creatures head, ripping a handful of flesh from its body as her blade was poised to strike him right in his eye.

“Yield! I Yield!”

“...heh.” The elf, hopping off her foe, landing next to the shield and with a crack, pulling it from the fomorians foot. “You fought well, though your large size is the only ability you have.” The elf would say, the fomorian falling to his knee and gingerly touching his foot.

“You…are not any elf I’ve seen.” The fomorian grunted in reply. “Bwahaha, that was a fun match! I shall keep my promise and tell you what I know of this land.”

“Thank you, stranger.” She’d toss the large man a few thick cloths and some bandages. “Patch yourself up. I’ve a guest.” She’d turn her head towards Luna, briefly eyeing Sucaria but otherwise saying nothing to the servant.

“Hmm…you know, you look somewhat like her. Long blond hair, an incredibly handsome and knightly disposition but your eye color is wrong and your not perpetually scowling.” She’d laugh. “You can call me Sarah.” She’d hold out a hand to Luna. “Just Sarah. Family name isn’t important.”

“That was a fine fight, Sarah! I’m still impressed by your foot work.”

“Aha, well, I had a good teacher.” She’d grin. “Must have been a strange sight seeing a bunch of elves from boats singing, drinking, and having a bit of a fight party by the shore eh?”

Hjrelskins Fall
@Crimson Paladin

“I was thinking the same.” Elnith nodded. “Have you ever fought Unseelie before, Ethelred? I don’t mean the little pixies that cause mischief either.” She’d ask, sighing as she’d adjust glance towards the forest, narrowing her eyes slightly. “I’ve only fought a few myself, I’m much better suited to fighting Fomorians.”

“I’ve fought one!” Lugh eagerly interjected, following after Elnith. “Sorcha took me hunting once and we ran into it. Big. Really big! It had disguised itself as a tree!”

“If we go into that forest, Ethelred…for all we know we could be surrounded the moment we step in there.” Elnith smiled. “Not that I intend to back down.” And with a firm nod, she’d start walking towards the forest.

The thick forest and canopy cast a long shadow over the ground and the travelers, the shade from the trees keeping the forest much cooler than one would expect for this region of Albion. For the first leg of their search, nothing much was to be found. A few fomorians lurking in the forest, but such things were nothing new. Lugh could easily pick them out from a fair distance away.

As the day dragged on, it looked as though it might be a fruitless search…up until the pair would hear it first. A shout for help. Should they choose to follow it, the trio would come upon quite a sight. Small, green skinned creatures that looked more plant than anything living. Their body was almost entirely smooth and green, small little goblin looking things with overly large hands and three fingers, entirely black eyes and flowers growing from their heads.

They almost could have been mistaken for a small cluster of plants if not for the fact that were busy tormenting an unfortunate traveler from the looks of things. They were muttering something about playing a game and calling the traveler no fun.

They wouldn’t have long to decide what to do here. These things would be pretty simple minded, but viscous from what the three would recall from having seen them around a bit. Something akin to a common Unseelie pest.

Airedale Forests

“Eh? Are you mocking me? Listen here you little-eeep!” The tentacle, was not amused by being attacked. The sword hurtled through the air, embedding itself into the mages creation with a dull thud, cutting deep and clean into it. In response, the tendril did not simply drop the mage. Instead, it would choose to do something else entirely.

It leaned back, and launched the girl right at Elias.

“-eeeep, catch me catch meeee!”

It would follow this action up by slamming its bulk down on the both of them.


“Will you!?” The goddess hopped rather close, shoving her face incredibly close to Fio’s. “Ahem…sorry…I’d ask you to stay and show me more dreams, but someone told me kidnapping people is bad and I shouldn’t do it any more.” She’d pout a little at that, shaking her head and turning a bit more serious.

“But okay. I can help! It’ll be an interesting dream to see, eheh. I always wondered what a fomorian dreamed about…” The goddess seemed excited at the prospect if nothing else. “Next time you’re in a dream then, just draw this summon sigil. Or just dream me into existence next to you. There might be two of me then! That'd be fun, ehehe.” An intricate pattern drew itself on the floor under Ithica. A simple straight line, rounded at the end. Under it, was a stylized version of a rabbit curling around it, and at the top, a more monstrous looking one seemingly biting into the rounded end. Strangely, two small, jagged prongs shot off near the top of the pillar almost as if something was missing from this.

“Oh, and remember! This is a dream! You can do whatever you want here. Dance! Sing! Get married to a queen! Slay dragons! Slay evil kings! Adventure! You just…have to ask and I can make you a lovely dream as long as you want. Oh right, the exit.” Ithica smiled. “I can always give you a spook to wake you up if you need it.”

She seemed a bit too eager for that suggestion.

“If you wanna be boring though, here.” Water swirled around her, it slowly solidifying into a grand archway made of white stone. “Just walk through there. Really though, I can’t keep you here at all…so just remember, if you really need to wake up just…will yourself too like any lucid dream.”
12.000 hours


“You…gweh…was I got? I was got wasn’t i…” The demon still struggled weakly as Leoniya held it down, impaled on the spike on her wrench as she’d try and grow more tendrils, only managing to make a somewhat grotesque looking mass from her tail that squirmed and wiggled lamely as Katherine began approaching. “Aww, guess I’ll be going to sleep now, huh? Hey hey, human that was fun! Maybe we could do it again sometime-ow! Hey I already surrendered what was the punch for-!”

The demons body began turning translucent, causing her to panic and angrily struggle more after being bonked right on the head.

“Hey!Hey! What are you-mwehp-!” A brief shout later, and the demons entire body vanished. The orb Katherine had been given lit up, arcane runes and symbols being engraved on its surface as it clicked and whirred somewhere inside of it. And just like that, the demon was done and sealed.

Leoniya got to her feet, hefting the wrench over her shoulder.

“Fuuu…That was tiring. What was a high demon doing here of all places?” Lenoya frowned, glancing over to Katherine. “Oh well, we can figure that out later! Otlichnaya rabota! You did well, Katherine!” Leonoya pulled the Firbolg into a hug, shoving the other maids face right against her chest and started patting her head. “I shall put in a good word for you with Myrilla, though I believe she’s still going to give you an earful for you butt slapping earlier. Seriously, what were you thinking! You’re lucky she didn’t behead you then and there, ahaha!” She’d turn to the other maids. “The rest of you secure the area! We’ll use this as a staging ground for the cleanup operation. Do we have any information on the other maids sent?”

@Click This@AzureKnight

“Uhm…they…they were fighting…by the old theater I think…” The girl seemed to try and press herself closer to Polina. “But…they were fighting this really scary looking horned, furry demon. I…heard screams…mom and I ran while they…” The girl shuddered, shaking her head and holding her head in her hands. “…” A sniffle, followed by more sobbing.

The old theater. They saw it on their jump down. The place was still standing, surprisingly, but it had been crawling with demons. It wasn’t far from where they were. That just left the issue of the demons that were still glaring at them, judging what the maids' intentions were and the girl that Polina was carrying. They couldn’t very well leave her here, but they also couldn’t really carry her with them, could they? And the demons needed to be cleaned up, too.

Once they had made their decisions, it simply came time to decide how to approach the theater. As they approached, it became clear that this place had seen the worst of the fighting...fighting that was still going on, from the sounds of it. Numerous corpses of demons lay on the ground, some of those large gorilla like furnaces, some of those huntsmen and a number of hell hounds and a few parts and pieces of other things.

The theater itself hadn't fared much better. One side had collapsed entirely. The entrance was still intact, and from the inside they could hear the sounds of fierce resistance going on. heavy metal booms and the howls of demons along with only a singular voice shouting in defiance. A number of other demons were quickly swarming the place too, as if lured by something.

They may not have long to come up with a plan if they wanted to save whoever was left.

Finn approached the tunnel leading away, carefully listening for anything that was coming this way, and something was indeed coming. Before he could get too close, he could hear it. The sounds of two people talking, clearly female just out of sight, judging from the sound of it they were slowly coming this way, their voices echoing off the walls, clearly not expecting any human to have made it to this place.

“Haa…that’s another dead.”

“...what do we do, Sella?”

“...I don’t know, Melleph. As long as the Broodmother doesn’t leave, we can’t leave, but as long as we stay here…”

“...maybe we could ask the humans for help?”

“Stop with that idea already, Mell.” The one named Sella snapped. “They’ll kill us if they even make it here.”

“But what about our sisters? If we don’t bring them back, if we don’t…Sella, wait…!” They were quickly heading this way, and Soyala smirked, positioning herself on one side of the cavern and readying her spear. She’d look over to Finn.

“Well, this should make our job easier.” Soyala said with a smirk. “We’ll remove this problem. Permanently.”

@Click This

Jolca would give Lissa some rough directions to where she thought the Necromancer was, though also cautioned her that the person in question didn’t like visitors and set up magical wards around her home, preventing most people from getting into it without some know-how on their part. Jolca thus, handed her a small handcrafted charm that should as she said, repel any sort of illusions or at least make them more perceptible to the average human.

So Lissa would head into the same forest Novak would have walked into, not too terribly long before. Oddly, despite the Yaga’s words of warning about both the wardings and the Krysa patrol, she saw nothing immediately save for some old tracks that looked like a man and some small animal, but they were quickly being buried by the gently falling snow.

The only other thing of note, was a lone Krysa in the distance, seemingly marking a nearby tree with some simple carving before running off.

@Crusader Lord

“Hmph. Boringly quiet. Was hoping one of those rat bastards would look at me funny.” Jivka replied to the Mothraki. “Well, feel free to stay as long as ya want. I’m not going anywhere…well, maybe not unless one of those rats piss me off. Might do something and get dragged off to prison if I do…haaa… ”

Jivka walked over to the table, putting up her feet as she’d lazily look over to Nylah.

“If you’re lookin’ for something to do, we could go mug those rats. Jolca keeps trying to talk me down but we’re not gonna get anywhere just from sitting here.”

“...well, I’d rather not end up on the wrong end of a Krysan arrow.” Eirhild replied. “I know they didn’t give us the warmest welcome, but maybe we could learn their side of the story?”

“Heh, good luck getting them to talk.” Jivka laughed.

“Yeah? You just gonna sit on yer arse and do nothing then?”

“Yes, because I like being able to do that when I’m not hunting.”

“...well, Nylah, what do you wanna do?” EIrhild would turn and look towards the Mothraki.

@crimson Paladin

The inside of the cabin was silent for a few seconds after Novak had spoken, but it wouldn’t take long before he could hear movement from within. A quiet hum was heard briefly coming from the door before it would slowly creak open. A pair of bright green eyes stared at him from the small slit in the door, and a few locks of chestnut colored hair could be seen hanging from the persons head though it was difficult to tell too much else as they were intentionally hiding themselves behind the door.

“ did you find this place? I had wards setup to confuse people.” Ayumi yipped happily, seemingly pleased with herself about something as the person continued. “...I want nothing. You should leave before you lead them to me. I want no part of this conflict.” Finished saying her piece the woman would quickly and quietly pull the door too…but not before Ayumi managed to scamper her way inside.

“H-hey! You…whatever you are, get out of here!”

The door would be left open as the person would head back inside, attempting to find the little fox that had scurried inside. At least now he’d get a good look at the person in question. A yaga of somewhat difficult to tell age, sporting long hair and vibrant green eyes. She was dressed in a fairly simple attire, though it seemed a bit foreign to the area and what Yaga would usually be seen wearing.

“You come get your pet rat!”

@Cu Chulainn

Raelzeth looked up at Gideon, tilting her head to the side before realizing something, then shaking her head.

“...cant…speak…urgh-well…” She pointed towards her throat as a strained voice came out. She’d shake her head again. “I was just…thinking how I’d gloat about it to him.” She’d manage to get out despite her weakened vocal cords and obviously now hoarse voice.

“Ah? What’s all this then? Raelzeth? Ah, Gideon you’re back and…what in the sages wisdom is this?” He’d say upon seeing the beast, eyes widening just slightly as he’d eagerly walk over, laying a hand on the creatures hide. “Ain’t never seen something like this…it was alive? This is some of the highest quality iron I’ve seen!” He glanced over to Raelzeth and Gideon. “What do you want for it? I can’t just let you hand this over empty handed.”

Location: Human Village
@Psyker Landshark@Asuras@VitaVitaAR@Click This

“...I don’t trust them. What kinda people even travel these days? Maybe if there was another village close by, but we haven’t heard anything from the other places in what feels like months.” One of the men rebuffed the group, the appearance of Akyasha and Dragan making them feel just a bit uncomfortable from the looks of things.

“Beastmen? Are you certain?” The one that seemed to be more receptive to them silenced the other man with a glare. “They’ve been attacking so frequently lately, barely five lantern-lightings ago did they attack last.”

“Do we sound the alarm?”

“If we do and they aren’t attacking anything nearby will definitely hear it.”

“We’ve no reason to trust you, but you’ve also no reason to lie.” He’d say, shaking his head. “We live in strange times, since the last age and the sun fell. I won’t question it. If you’ve got your reasons then we won’t get in your way.” He’d reach for the bell, pulling on it loudly and cleanly, a resonant, melodic clang echoing through the village. The other men quickly gathered their things, running deeper into the village.

“You’re welcome to stay at my place to wait them out.” The man said, just as the sound of several more bells rang through the small village. The gorebat tha Akyasha had left behind, landed on Giselle’s head, uncaring for the humans' rather startled reaction upon seeing it.

It seemed to be trying to pull Giselle towards the direction of the forest.

Location: Human Village

Akyasha swiftly left the group, heading towards where her gorebat was leading her much to the startled humans who seemed to be growing more wary that this group of travelers were all both well dressed as well as somewhat large in number than what they were used to seeing. Still, she’d run down what served as the main street, running past some startled villagers who had as of yet been alerted to the newcomers as well as past the old buildings that served as the peoples homes.

As Akyasha approached, she couldn’t yet hear the sound of fighting, but she could see both the water as well as the human in question.

A strong, somewhat severe looking woman was going around dressed in a thick dress, apron, and gauntlets with long, slightly messy blond hair and a well maintained chestplate. She was walking calmly not far from the river, a silver lantern hanging from her hip that seemed to cast light much further than one would think from the small amount of light it contained.

Akyasha would find this light uncomfortable as she approached.

Had her gorebats gotten things wrong? There was definitely a woman here, a ways off from the village near the water but there were no undead just yet. Thankfully, she had more than her eyes to see here. She was no necromancer, but as a cleric of Ichor she could definitely feel the familiar sense that every undead gave off for a vampire…and it was coming from the river.

Beyond what the human could likely see immediately, Akyasha could see drowned corpses slowly climbing onto the shore, not quite having made it all the way out of the water yet.

Pirates End
@crimson Paladin

“Says the one who hardly paid her any mind during your first unlife.” The maid replied curtly, the ship creaking as a rough sea breeze battered its frame. “But you’re in luck. The Violet Witch has no desire to go against Ichor. If anything, you should be on your knees groveling your pathetic thank yous for her infinite mercy.” Despite the maids harsh words, she’d pull a vial of sanguine colored fluid from her dress, tossing it in Argus' direction.

A vial of blood.

“A vial. My own, if you're curious. It should get you back on your feet, for now.” The maid walked past, away from the desk and out towards the black skies, towards the battered coast below. “You can see for yourself, or are your eyes worse than mine? Everyone lost in that war. Vampires. The Paladins. The earth, gods, devils…all fell, and all we can do is just…survive.” Her mouth curled into a frown, hands balling into a fist, speaking just low enough that Argus could not hear her entirely above the wind and creaking of the ship.

She turned her gaze towards Argus.

“What we want from you is simple. We would like you to…claim an artifact that has recently come into possession of your vampiric brethren and acquire it for us. I can not say much other than it is a blade of great power. Its blade mimics the waves of the oceans and if used correctly can be used to both take life from a divine being…and return it to one. It has lost most of its power, but it still has its uses. I could take it myself…but my lady has instructed discretion and hopes that we could have a…continued relationship, Captain Fellborn. Should you accept, we will support you in what ways that we can, and as a show of good faith I will assist you in escorting you to a village not terribly far from here where you will no doubt meet your brethren.”
Nyoko and Kaeru

@Raineh Daze@Zeroth

"Jeez, someone's overly excited." Kaeru giggled, watching Kyozan rip and tear like some sort of bloodthirsty demon...which well, was pretty much exactly what he was, wasn't he? Might as well help them out a bit. They could handle this without much trouble, and there was a pretty good chance the grudges here weren't anything special. They ultimately decided not to go too far into the park just yet, just far enough ahead of the other two to slow the stem of grudges a bit further on while Mika and Kyozan cleaned up the ones nearest to the parks exit.

"Alright, Nyoko. Start time?"

A brief nod form the Nekomata, and Nyoko started her usual dance. A slow, methodical dance to open with. Step to the left, step to the right, raise a hand, draw a sigil in the air as mystical fire slowly danced around her as she too danced. A step backwards, a slow spin and raise her hands and an elegant hop. Spectral hands rose from the ground, grabbing the nearby grudges from below and slowing movements as they tried to pass making them far easier targets for Kyozan.

Amidst the chaos, Kyozan would find a pair of spectral, skeletal hands briefly, just ever so briefly, grab his ankles while he was moving. A totally innocent cat was finishing her first dance as the grudges would briefly be slowed and held to make them easier targets.

@Raineh Daze

"No? Hmm...then at least let me keep you company later?" Rather disappointing she was turned down, and she was growing a bit concerned that the Elf, Lilia had grown silent, her expression changing from excited to one that was very even. Did she offend her in some way? She may need to make a tactical exit with her own special pocket sand, but it was soon proven, that she had no need to.

"Eh?" Cecil couldn't help but to let out a little chuckle at the blush slowly overcoming Lilia's cheeks. Well then. Seems someone here was an inexperienced elf. Cecillia placed the wineglass she had on a nearby tray, flashing Lilia the most charming smile she could. "Well then, my fair lady Lilia," Cecil held a hand out for Lilia to take. "If you will let me have the honor of this dance, then shall we get started?" Before the elf could protest, Cecil took her hand, the charming smile fading and replaced with her usual roguish demeanor as she'd pull the elf onto the floor.

@Crimson Paladin@Psyker Landshark

"Ah yes, of course, I would never leave the posting assigned to me." Felix rebutted, making a dismissive motion as he spoke. "Where else would I have done it? In the middle of the duties assigned to me in the protection of said royals." Felix's mouth turned upwards into an uneasy smile as he'd recognize Renar's smarmy, shit eating grin from anywhere. "It happened not too long ago. A small incident when one of the royal family was traveling. A troll just so happened to cross our path. I'm not surprised you didn't hear about it, I asked father to keep it discreet at behest of said royal." Felix smirked.

"Or what, do you not believe me, brother? I have no reason to lie, and accusing a crown knight such as myself of lying and spouting false stories is quite an accusation."

12.000 hours


Katherine’s doll appeared behind Rat, immediately swinging forth with its halberd, catching the demons maw mid swing and stopping it mostly in its tracks long enough for Leoniya to grab something from her belt. Spinning on her feet, she’d toss it into the air, a oblong, roughly oval shaped object. She immediately swung her wrench at it, catching it on the flat end of it as she’d slam both the object and the wrench into the creatures maw.

Grabbing the doll, Leoniya followed through by slamming her foot into the demons head, sending her stumbling off the tank and to the ground, followed by the rat woman, leaping down on top of the demon and impaling her with the spike on the end of her wrench.

“Katherine! Now!”

The demon tried clawing at the weapon that was holding her down, growling ferally at the rat woman as she’d struggle to wiggle out from under her. The last uninjured tendril would swing around, making to knock Leoniya off…only for an explosion from something embedded in the creatures soft flesh to immediately explode, blasting the thing completely apart and giving Katherine enough time to seal the demon.

@Click This@AzureKnight

The girl didn’t struggle, or do anything really. Didn’t make any attempts at moving, speaking, or even acknowledging what was happening around her. The fact it made carrying her easier, was barely even a small blessing.

Polina’s bullets ripped through the demons flesh, impacting their relatively weak and not very well put together joints, ripping off chunks of flesh and briefly stopping its movements as it’d stumble to the ground, spilling its blood as it’d try and get back to its feet, its body shuddering and painfully snapping as its flesh and sinew would try and return to form.

The bullets Lucrecia loosed towards the hellhounds struck true. Thankfully, if the Hellhounds themselves did not have such regenerative abilities and with the well placed shots the demons fell to the ground, lifeless as their humanoid handlers would hiss angrily in a manner that seemed to suggest they didn’t quite like the hounds dying. They would back off from the maids lightly, seemingly considering the fact that the maids clearly were more formidable foes then they thought.

“...ah…” It was in this brief lull that the little girl would make a quiet sound somewhere between a sob and a shout. “Are…you with the other maids?” She’d squeak out.
Nids End

“...mhm, I am.” Sucaria replied plainly. Something about this place just made her…heart feel heavy. Feel ill. It had nothing to do with the elves, moreso the land itself it felt like.

“No? We hardly leave the forest, so that’s to be expected! Anyways, come on, take a seat, have a drink.” The elf would shove a mug into Luna’s hand. “Aye, this is more of a sport. The big guy over there challenged us to a duel. Said if we win he’d show us around a bit and tell us about this sorry piece of land we find ourselves in.”

Lady Sarah and the Cyclopeon fomorian continued their battle in the background. As her blade struck through his knee armor and flesh, he’d let out a grunt of pain, but would soon retaliate with a strike of his own. Before the blade could sever bone and tendon, he’d lash out with his leg, kicking up sandy beach and dirt towards the elf.

She’d respond in turn, leaping just far enough away to avoid getting kicked as the fomorian followed it up with a second kick, from his other leg, this strike catching the elf squarely in the body, barely having time to deflect or avoid the blow.

“Lady Sarah could probably tell you more than I could.” He’d continue. “But she’s lookin for someone. An old friend. Can’t tell you her name, you’d best ask her about it, but we know she’s here somewhere, just dunno where.”

Hjrelskins Fall
@Crimson Paladin

“I’m talking to you, aren’t I?” The girl replied with a cheeky giggle. “Uhm…Sorcha, though? Isn’t she that lady they’re saying is just usurping power from Harzel? If you’re here to help though, uhm…” She quickly glanced around the street, and there was the sound of someone running inside the house and muffled shouts. “Uhm! Night! Forest! People are going missing due to a singing-”

“Get away from the window girl!”


Before she could say anything else, the man that Ethelred had first been speaking too pulled the woman away from the window, slamming the shutters shut behind the two as they would disappear back into the house. Still, he was able to get some information about what was happening here. Singing, night, and people going missing.

It wouldn’t be much longer before Lugh and Elnith returned.

“Ethelred, Ethelred.” Lugh approached. “They didn’t tell much. They said something about unseelie luring people into the forest.”

“Mhm, it seems as though something is at least.” Elnith responded. “How do you want to handle this? We could wait and see if something shows up tonight, but…if its unseelie enchanting people we may not be entirely immune to its effects either…”

Airedale Forests

“Eh? You understood that?” The revelation that the man in front of him was not just a simple musclehead, caused the human to interrupt her own chanting and spell, immediately losing control of it as she’d let out a small shout as the area over the circle and the small area around it began to shimmer and shift as reality bent.

And shimmering into existence.

Was what could be described as a giant, squid like tentacle.

“Gweh why is it always a sea creature!” The mage shouted, before said tentacle would whip around, grabbing the mage and holding her upside down. It didn’t immediately seem threatening otherwise, just holding her there as she dropped her staff and struggled to get the thing to drop her. Seemed like this might not be anything new.

“...hey. Hey. Hey listen. Sword guy? Help? I don’t fancy hanging here. Just…cut it. Might get violent if you do though, but you look big, strong, and totally intelligent so you can definitely handle it if it does. I got money if it also motivates you.”

As if to emphasize this, the tentacle shook her slightly, a few gold coins falling from her pockets.


“Goddess…?” The woman tilted her head. “...its been a long…time…since someone’s called me that…” She shook her head, smiling sleepily as she’d stand up as Fio made an assertion about her not being able to sing. She then, proceeded to well, making large, leaping steps over to Fio, ears atop her head flopping lightly each little bounce she made until she was standing fairly close to the mage.

“This is a dream, you know.” She began, emphasizing her next words by two starry furred bunnies popping into existence at her feet. “You can do anything you want here. Sing. Dance. Create. Make.” She glanced towards the ground, ears drooping rather animatedly. “...its been a long time since…I’ve seen any…” Just as quickly as they drooped though, they would quickly perk back up as the goddess looked at Fio. “You’re not stupid though, just adventurous. Otherwise…we wouldn’t have met, right? And uhm...sorry for calling out to you...I was just...lonely...”

She blinked.

“Oh…right, my name. I’m…Ithica. I was…a goddess once, I think. My memory isn’t so good these days…Oh, and uhm…if you want to leave…I can…sister told me I’m supposed to always tell people how to leave first. But uhm…if you want, I can…maybe show you more of that ones dream, later…”
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