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Participated in my first table top RPG session.
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Fandom RPs overtook the Guild like five years ago. Non-Fandom RPs are just hard to get people for. Population decreased, exacerbating the issue.
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Hey, man. Did you touch my drum set?
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There is no Star Trek TV after DS9/Voyager. Quit lyin', girl.
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No one knows what the fuck they're doing. Especially on this site.


Unless you want to offer RP, I don't care, you're better off not sending it my way.

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Hihi! I have a simple question!

I know its a marvel rp, but if I wanted to make an OC using heavy influence from a DC character, would that be allowed? The full disclosure is I wanna make a character based off Raven from DC. Just, probably gonna tie her into a bit more dark magic/demonic heritage stuffs. So likely related to stuff such as Darkhold and such as Scarlet Witch is, just that heritage might Actually have a demon-dad.

Could also be fun to play with there already being a Dr. Strange ^^

I do also have two backup ideas, in the way of an AI in a nanomachine-built body that is designed specifically to kill mutants (Her whole arc would be learning to be a person and maybe even switching to the Mutant side! But rn she'd be an Orchis unit. Probably specifically controlled by Hydra-elememts).

OR I do have a Spider-Girl oc. Which basically is just my twist on Spider-Man but I like writing girls so sue me.

I'd prefer the Raven idea but I could do any of these!

No bother! Sorry for the miss. The Raven inspired OC seems to be the best fit to me.
If this is still active, I've been working on a character concept that I'd be happy to submit for review in the near future.

Still active, opening post inbound tonight or tomorrow. Submit away.
I don't feel weird when I play Madden, or a Batman game. If I thought twice about emotionally investing in a male character, I'd miss a lot of good fiction.

I'm not sure I care who's playing what female or male. I THINK someone I've RPed with for years is male, they've played a female, but it's never come up over years and I honestly don't care. It's IC. This is my level of care: after literal years, I still don't care if it's a guy or girl.

Whatever, man.

Romance, even, I don't know that I care. It's IC, and I'm not really looking for attachment outside of that, so why would it matter?

I wonder if you can't just chalk the look you got up to toxic male masculinity and move on. I'm sure there are people here who'd probably lean closer to your friend's response, but probably not worth the potential conflict for them to comment. There will always be those people.

Name: Thomas “Tommy” Shepherd
Alias: Speed
Age: 18
Place of Birth: Springfield New Jersey

Powers: Tommy is a speedster. This means that he can run at speeds that a normal human would never achieve. His top speed is unknown, but he is fast enough to break the soundbarrier and run over water. His body is made in a way that allows him to endure frictions that would flail anyone else alive and bones that are made not to shatter in a collision at high speed. That doesn't mean he is invulnerable; a bullet at any speed could kill him.

Besides running fast, Tommy also functions incredibly fast. He can do things at speed nobody else can and has a brain to match them. His brain is made to function at incredible speeds that allow him to catch all the details during a run. This also means he can read a book in mere seconds and remember everything he has read.

A major setback to his powers is that all this has left Tommy with a skewed perception of time. What might be minutes for somebody is hours for him and it is both incredibly frustrating and lonely for him.

History: The Avengers Vision and Scarlet Witch once had twin children. Billy and Tommy Maximoff. This was an extraordinary occurrence, considering Vision is a synthetic being and Scarlet Witch is a chaos magician. The family lived happily during a time known as the House of M. Unfortunately for the couple, the children were undone when Scarlet Witch muttered No More Mutants. However, the souls of the children would be reborn as new people.

Tommy was born to Frank and Mary Shepherd in New Jersey. His parents divorced when he was barely four years old. Tommy lived mostly with his father after his mother rejected him, believing him not to be her son due to the fact that he barely resembled his parents with his striking white hair and green eyes. Tommy spent most of his childhood getting into trouble; he could barely sit still for longer than five minutes and was often bullied for this and his unnatural hair color. Frank got a girlfriend who was anti-mutant and felt Tommy was one and they often fought. Frank often took her side and disapproved of all Tommy's accomplishments or lack thereof.

He often got into trouble, and was in and out of juvenile hall for various things. His powers manifested when he was thirteen year old. He was in school when it happened and lost control over his powers instantly, blowing up the math class. Tommy was sent to a superjuvenile hall because of his record as troublemaker and the fact that he was a mutant.

Superjuvie was not a good time for Tommy. There was a lack of adherence to basic human rights. Tommy's parents never came for him, even though they were informed, leaving Tommy bitter and angry with parental figures. Scientists took an interest in a speedster with an ability to blow things up and Tommy was poked and prodded like an animal as they tried to turn him into a weapon.

Eventually, he was able to escape Superjuvie, and found refuge on Krakoa.

Story Arcs: TBD



Illyana Rasputin 26 Years Old Russian/American/Krakoan Great Captain of Krakoa New Mutants


Illyana Rasputin’s story is a strange one for new young mutants to hear for the first time. From doe eyed sibling of an X-Men to the tormented and desperate child kidnapped to a hell dimension by a demonic sorcerer. From victim to survivor to member of the New Mutants, finding a new family. From veteran of the New Mutants to X-Men facing off against the Avengers, to a host of the Phoenix Force.

Raised on a collective farm in Siberia as a bright-eyed Russian girl with a loving family. She knew what her brother was, at least on some level. Living without him was harder, what with the big empty spot in the family’s life, but they got by. Getting kidnapped by an X-Men villain at age seven was anything but pleasant, but it did mean she could stay at New York with the X-Men for a while afterwards.

Illyana winds up kidnapped by a predatory demonic sorcerer named Belasco in the usual collateral that seems to go with being close with the X-Men. Yet this wasn’t some usual random death from a blow meant for your X-Men loved one; this kidnapping was very, very personal. In Illyana, Belasco had found the perfect resource to reclaim the favor of his dark “Old Gods.” He called her pure and perfect and unspoiled.

Illyana survived because of friendship, and teachings of those precious few allies she had during her time in Limbo as Belasco’s consort. She met others trapped in the hellscape of Limbo, alternate reality versions of Storm and Shadowdcat. While they were unable to defeat Belasco together, over their years together Storm would reveal Belasco’s obsession: Illyana had a greater natural affinity for magical energies than most other people.

Steal Illyana young, and he could turn her into an asset and tool. Shadowcat would see that Illyana was physically prepared, training her over time in every form of combat she knew, and some she had learned in the death pits of Limbo itself. After some time the trio decided to try their luck again with an assault on Belasco. The sorcerer saw it coming, and the result was brutal: Storm was apparently killed, and Shadowcut was twisted into a semi-feral pet of the demonic sorcerer. Belasco’s possession finally took full force of her life. What came next, what it turned Illyana into, is hard for the young woman to talk about sometimes.

There was the obvious abuse of a creature like Belasco. Abuse from demons who saw the young human girl as some sort of rival; beat her, torture her, and use their demonic power to regenerate her back to new so they could do it all over again. They broke her body, Belasco broke her mind. He would teach her so much, his attention intense, but coming and going, never consistent.

She hated him and loved him and wanted to please him and knew she should kill him. That bled into her feelings about herself. Illyana felt consumed by guilt and shame. The only hope, the only glimmer of light at all, came in the activation of her mutant power. With the ability to teleport, Illyana was able to sneak away, to sneak back, all without Belasco’s knowing. Outside of his sight she used the time to teach herself Storm’s form of natural magic energies, instead of the mostly dark or chaos magic energies Belasco typically stressed.

While unable to replicate Storm’s magic, Illyana unlocked her own version of magical manifestation when she first called upon the Soulsword. Magik used the weapon and her various magical and martial training to kill Shadowcat, freeing her soul from Belasco’s corruption, and bring Belasco to defeat and begging for her to end him, to unleash the power of what would be his Darkchilde. Though half-demonic in appearance herself at this point, Illyana decided the wiser course was to let him leave, to kick him from Limbo, and return to her life.

Belasco’s power over her was no more. She wouldn’t concern herself with killing him and was unafraid of the next time they would meet—knowing full well they would meet again. Illyana returned to the X-Men, her best guess was age 15, she’d been lost in the hell of Limbo so long. Yet the time differences between Limbo and other dimensions means while Illyana had aged years, it had barely been a few minutes at the X-Mansion.

The X-Men had trouble accepting her tale. Her parents turned their back on her, mocked her. She was determined to continue, reaching out to the normal universe version of Ororo and Kitty. Both would help guide her, Xavier suggested she join the New Mutants. In the New Mutants, Illyana found friends and family. Over time she would prove her skill and worth, she would gain a new friendship with Cyclops. Anything that had to do with tactics or strategy was fair game any time they got to talking.

She would spend time with the X-Men, she would spend brief time fighting Avengers and hosting the Phoenix Force. Magik would prove herself against the best, and she would do it time and time again, that she was a top-tier heavy among the mutant population, and beyond. She followed the other New Mutants to Krakoa, where things seemed to be different. Now the New Mutants were the young adults training the new generation, instead of the new generation of mutants.

P O W E R S / A B I L I T I E S


Teleportation - Magik can teleport herself and others via circles of light dubbed stepping discs; though this is apparently an innate mutant power, her demonic corruption has seemingly inextricably tied the discs to limbo, so that they also appear there randomly without Magik summoning them, and so that the discs always travel via limbo. Possibly because limbo’s nexus status makes it close to all places and times, Magik can teleport across interstellar distances or transtemporally, and home in on specific people without knowing their exact location.


Sorcery - Magik is the Sorceress Supreme of her Limbo dimension. The extent of her powers there are all-powerful and the demons of Limbo did not dare challenge her. Magik had access to Belasco's store of mystical knowledge. Magik's sorcery was a unique mix of black magic, that she learned from Belasco, and white magic, taught by an alternative-reality Ororo Munroe. She was considered as a possible Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, and as an adult has trained with Doctor Strange. Due to her magical prowess Magik also possesses exceptional psionic shields able to thwart Earth’s most powerful telepaths.

Armed/Unarmed Combat - Illyana is a skilled swordswoman and created the Soulsword from her own lifeforce when she was trapped in the immortal demonic sorcerer Belasco's limbo dimension. It begins as a simple sword but evolves with use, both in appearance and power. The Soulsword can disrupt most spells or slay magical beings, but which can pass through normal people without harming them. When using the Soulsword, or using her magic, Illyana’s body becomes covered in a mysterious mystic armor known as Eldritch armor. The longer and more intense the combat, the more of her body will be covered in the armor. A lifetime fighting demons in Limbo, along with extensive combat training from various sources, has made Illyana one of mutantkind's foremost combatants.


Oh Great Captain, my Captain - Former X-Men. Great Captain of Krakoa. As the New Mutants lose one of their own, it's clear dynamics are changing, and Magik finds herself at the center of it. Outside their door of ALPHA house in the Akademos Habitat, but just barely, the other problems begin to hit them as the enormous question of who teaches the mutant young on Krakoa, and what is the purpose of their education begin to present themselves.

Swords? I heard something about swords? - Illyana finds herself sucked into the drama of magic and swords in Otherworld. Well, a different kind of magic and swords than she's used to dealing with. To no one's surprise, Illyana finds herself right at home kicking and stabbing things.

Looks fun, I'll give this a go. Gonna go with an original character, at least for now.



Feel free to also play Lydia if you want the option of both.

After more thought, I'm going to make Lydia Creel. I can already think of a few reasons she'd want to and/or could end up on the island. I think with this cast and setting, she would be a more interesting character to play

She might not have the X-gene (Her power is more Alien/Magical in nature) but it is linked to Loki (He created the potion that gave her father his powers), and it would also draw comparisons to Rogue's power

The issue is there, outside certain circumstances, non-mutants aren't allowed on the island. So you could still play them, they just won't be on mutants-centric events/stories.
I'm very interested, but debating whether to use an older Molly Hayes (from Runaways), or a legacy OC I've grown attached to, Lydia Creel (daughter of Absorbing Man and Titania)

Molly has Super Strength but on the lower end of it so maybe Comics Jessica Jones level.

Lydia can copy powers (basically, the properties of people, so anything that's nature but not nurture, wholly external, or truly unique. So she can't copy being The Chosen One or Worthy of Mjolnir or anything) The copied powers are heavily nerfed but she can stack them

No issue with either of those. My only advice is: make a mutant (if not going with Molly), too, just in case the game gets Krakoa-centric early.
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