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That's about what I was thinking for thrills as well. I don't think you guys will be fighting many hordes of ghosts and I'm not married to you getting some brownie points for every named ghost but if things look a little grim or the ghost seems like it really means business then I think I'll throw a point your way. Does that sound kosher?

@Duthguy @Jerkchicken
Alrighty, for time and setting then I'm thinking modern day-ish in Atlantic City. It would be a good fit for the first module and assuming you guys are still jazzed after that I can try to whip something together for the pine barrens or continue some plot hooks from the fist module.

One last question to shoot y'alls way; do you guys want to RP the establishing the franchise (going around to a few locations with a realtor, buying your Ecto-1 equivalent, etc) or do you want just hash that out OOC before hand and jump straight into the meat or it?

You can just separate the ghost die from the pool.


Sounds like a plan! So we'll just roll a separate d6 for the ghost die and consider it a 'ghost' if a 6 is rolled.
@Duthguy I don’t have the book available right now but I think there’s a substitution rule in the GM book about it. If not I’ll come up with my own. I’ll get back to you guys on it.…

Not much just yet but I'll flesh it out a bit more once we've got time, location, and setting settled.

__ years ago a group of paranormal exterminators saved New York City and possibly all of humanity from certain annihilation. Since their second foray into the business of saving the planet, the original Ghostbusters have taken gotten jobs from all across America and even some long distance calls they refuse to take (those phone long distance charges are just too high to justify). With their newfound brand recognition and fame, the OG-GBs were stretched too thin so they began to take on a couple more college interns to ease the load. This small step into expanding the brand eventually lead to the (arguably) lucrative business venture of franchising!

Whether this is a get rich quick scheme to you, a chance to understand the un-understandable, or you just like the idea of having what's essentially a nuclear reactor strapped to your back; you decided to buy into the Ghostbusters franchise and bring your own brand of Ghostbusting to your own front door.
@Jerkchicken I'd say thrills would be alright for a goal. I'll be a little cautious though handing out brownie points for 'cheap' thrills. Basically don't expect to get brownie points everytime you're in danger.

As for setting I was thinking pretty shortly after the movies left off though I also had the idea of the characters trying to revive the brand after the GBs went under. What do you guys think you'd rather do?

I believe all you need is the Training Manual. Operations is more modules that I can run and is more of a GM's guidebook than a player one.

I'll get the OOC up in a little bit here and leave some room for us to fill in the details. Also if you have any ideas for where you guys want to setup shop let me know! I was thinking LA but I want you guys to have a fair say in it as well.
@Duthguy Misspelt your @ in the last post!

In that case let’s get this show on the road! It’s been a hot minute since I ran the adventure, let alone the system, so I’ll go over it a bit tonight and try to get an OOC going tomorrow. Feel free to fill out one of the character sheets from the book and send it into me or I can whip up a CS for ya’ll instead.
I’ve kinda taken a break from the site but I’d still be down to start this up if we can get one or two more people for it.
Not back yet but just wanted to pop in and say I’m glad this is still going strong!
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